UG Quiz: Can You Tell Truth from Fiction?

Test yourself.

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UG Quiz: Can You Tell Truth from Fiction?

We prepared 15 facts from the world of music for you, can you tell which of them are true?

Share your results in the comment section below!


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    My toilet is in drop D tuning
    EVH *says* he never listens to any music that isn't his own, but there's a ton of interviews floating around where people ask him about Taylor Swift et al and he has an encyclopaedic knowledge of their songs and the writers/producers.  Why would someone ignorant of pop music know all that stuff?
    I did 8/15, test says I am an everyday normal guy. The test did 0/1.
    Thanks UG, now I have to carry a tuner with me for the rest of my live and check every fucking toilet-.-
    I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that the Richards one was just a legend. But I could be mistaken.
    I remember hearing the story; then I remember hearing the story was bullshit. But the story about the story being bullshit was bullshit?
    I thought I heard that he told it as a joke and everyone just happened to believe it. 
    I called it months ago that UG was turning into music  buzzfeed. we can still stop this madness.