UG Quiz: Crazy Shit That Musicians Got Busted For

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UG Quiz: Crazy Shit That Musicians Got Busted For

A lot of celebrities have done some crazy shit and sometimes even got busted for it. Can you name musicians by their misdemeanors or felonies?

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    This quiz made me realize I am a pretty good guesser
    8/10 I didnt get the the Black Crowes one cause honestly I had no idea who Chris Robinson was; or the GNR one cause it that really sounded like Axl or Adler instead of Izzy, I guess that makes me Dirty Harry.....somehow.....
    I missed the same two. However I am a fan of Chris Robinson. He just doesn't seem like a dick, usually.
    The photo of the car in the pool. That's the rolls royce oasis put in the pool for the "be here now" album cover. I never knew that this was actually an homage to Keith Moon, and was somehow confused when I didn't find the gallaghers in the answers.
    How many right answers did I have? Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I kinda lost track myself...
    8/10. Failed the bathroom question (although the right answer sounded familiar) and question #3.