UG Quiz: How Well Do You Know Drummers of the 90's?

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UG Quiz: How Well Do You Know Drummers of the 90's?
Hey, everyone!

In today's quiz we've got 10 photos of drummers from the 90's for you. Can you name them all?

As always, share your results in the comment section below!

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    Ray Luzier wasn't Korn's drummer in the 90s.
    Wow...just when David Silveria felt like he couldn't have been pissed on enough haha.
    2/10 Then again, this is a guitar website, so I don't feel much shame :')
    3/10... Pretty much a quiz of "Here's a bunch of people you don't know, who are they?" I wouldn't have known the names of half the drummers even if I knew their bands.
    8/10...Although, I don't think Ray Luzier counts since he wasn't Korn's original drummer.
    8/10. However, this score doesnt reflect how many 90s drummers I know. It only shows how good I am at guessing
    heh 5/10 and the only one I knew for sure was Butch Vig. Apparently I don't know drummers
    9/10. Knew pretty much all except Korn since don't listen too them. I listen to a lot of 90's music and I'm a bassist so... 
    Way Cool JR.
    3/10 and those were lucky guesses.  None of the bands from back then kept my attention long enough to remember what the band members looked like, let alone their names.    
    I don't think the guy who singlehandedly ruins the old Korn songs with overbombastic playing should be even mentioned in the same sentence as David Silveria. What a mistake from UG.
    Looks nothing like Dave Grohl.  
    I mean, apparently it does, considering it is dave grohl
    The tattoo really throws you off, at least it did for me, everyone probably knows about it and I'm just an idiot though.
    Well, they should at least try to make It hard. I mean, everyone in this site knows Dave's face.
    This made me think of all the bands I listen to but can't put faces on... Guess i'm more of a record guy
    I got 5/10 although I should have gotten 4. I clicked the guy from The Blur and meant to click the guy from Oasis.
    Dear UG, I can't access your delightful quiz. Nor can I comment any longer.
    The website you texted may have their unit powered off or be out of range. Please try commenting later.
    Are you sure?
    Well, this is a bit embarrassing.. I couldn't comment for few days and now the quiz wasn't showing so I commented a sarcastic comment assuming that it won't show but now it would seem that everything is back on track.
    8/10. Many choices were based on intuition, and for the Smashing Pumpkins drummer, I just looked closely at the photo 
    I missed out Matt. Shit I'm not a big soundgarden fan except for that beautiful larger than life godness voice.
    No idea how I got 8/10... and the only one I should've actually known (Dave Grohl) I got wrong!