UG Quiz: How Well Do You Know Guitar Chords?

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UG Quiz: How Well Do You Know Guitar Chords?
Hey, everyone!

In this week's quiz, we'll test your knowledge of chords, basic and advanced. Can you name them all by their fingerings?

Enjoy the quiz and share your results in the comment section below!


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    8/8, a bit disappointed, I was hoping for more complex and interesting chords, and apart from the Fmaj9 (which was placed rather unusually), most of these chords are bog standard...
    I think it could have had 2 more harder ones at the end. In good news, I finally got %100 on a UG quiz!
    I managed to get all of them right as well but I was wondering about that one...  the 9 is referring to the G, but that chord name doesn't mention the E which is also a weird note for a Fmaj chord.  Why not?
    The chord Fmaj9 by definition has an E (or maj7) in it. Fmaj9 is F,A,C,E,G (1,3,5,7,9). If you remove the major 7th then the chord becomes an Fadd9. If a chord name has maj next to it, it means we're automatically including the major 7th plus whatever extension is listed after it. Otherwise it is just written as add. Its the same difference in how we get an F6 instead of an Fmaj13 or an F13.
    5/8.  i'm a drummer
    8/8, Fmaj9 was the only one I needed to think about
    Same here...I kept expecting an odd inversion to show up but except for FMaj9 they all were pretty easy to figure out.
    Same, I had to take two seconds of actually reading the notes rather than recognizing the shape - I'm used to playing it further up the board, kinda like this: I can't really imagine many situations where the position in the quiz would be used, the bass notes would muddy it up too much
    i think most players know more theory than we realize. know the ideas just not the theoretical name 
    4/8 - been playing 10 years and it pains my fingers that i don't know chords half as well as i should  do. One downside to being self taught, I only learn what I choose, even if I know other things are more technically important.
    If everybody who takes this quiz has played guitar for more than 1 year should get 7/8 very simple quiz only had to think about the maj9 chord.
    I got 1/8 and it suggested I audition for guitarist of the Presidents of the United States of America, smart arse fucking quiz...
    hands down without a doubt the best quiz UG has ever put out I would definitely like to see more like this that quiz your actual music knowledge, the black metal band logo one was just dumb 
    8/8 , almost impossible to get any wrong if you just go off the root note, if UG ever decides to do this again more inversions and complex chords should really test some folks.
    8/8 - whilst I didn't know a few from just instantly looking I'm glad I was able to work them out. That'll do donkey
    I'm super angry. For some reason I got 7/8 because when I played that Fmaj9 chord it didn't sound happy at all to me so I assumed it couldn't be that one and then it was!
    It doesn't sound happy because of the major 7th (E) and 9th (G). Both of those are dissonant to the root (inversely they make a minor 2nd and a major 2nd) plus they are a minor 3rd away from each other.