UG Quiz: How Well Do You Know Signature Guitars?

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UG Quiz: How Well Do You Know Signature Guitars?

Today, we prepared 10 signature guitars for you. Can you tell whose names they bear?

Share your results in the comments section below!

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    9/10! I got the Gibson gold to wrong xD
    I missed that one too. Did not look like guitars Billy Gibbons played in their music videos. I remember the really odd Explorer that had the wool glued on the outside in the video for 'Legs'
    9/10. Only missed the Les Paul Goldtop because I associate that guitarist with something way more unique than that.
    10/10. They are signature guitars, so there is always a clue. That's why they are called "signature" guitars.
    6/10. Christ, how many people thought Dimebag's guitar was Zappa's?
    These are pretty guessable with a little knowledge of musicians regardless if youve seen the guitar or not, very cool test 9/10 Billy Gibbons guitar got me!
    I'm pretty sure that Zakk Wylde is the only human being who would willingly go outside with that stripey psychedelic mess. (He's still a great guitarist though.)
    I think it looks awesome, I just wouldn't want the association with Zakk Wylde.
    Have you ever played one? It weighs 37 pounds and sounds like garbage. It doesnt even do great pinch harmonics, which I was totally dumbfounded by
    Shame there are no Tom Morello guitars in the quiz. I know them all
    7/10 Im glad I got the ed sheeran one wrong, because I dont give a crap about pop music.
    It's a pretty nice guitar if you ever get a chance to play one; plays and sounds good.The one I played wasn't poorly priced either. $300 Martin ain't bad.
    9/10, but what am I? What am I, UG?! You are supposed to tell me!
    9/10. Got the Steve Harris Bass guitar wrong. I didn't know he had a signature bass guitar.
    6/10. "Friedrich Ulrich Berg von Frankenstein" bit seemed like a bait. Gibbons' guitar reminded me of Bonamassa, I didn't know who Satchel was, and I am pleasantly surprised Ed Sheeran has his own signature.
    This is the first time I got 10/10.  Thought it was a bit easy, the only one I was unsure of was the pin-striped Gibson.  Normally, I'm much more likely to get a 6 or 7/10.
    8/10. Don't know anything about Steel Panther and didn't know Billy Gibbons ever played Les Pauls.
    8/10 Not big on Iron Maiden, and I associate Billy Gibbons with more of an Explorer type of thing. The rest were pretty easy for me.
    5/10 considering the was literally only one person on here who I listen to, not to mention I only really follow Jackson and schecter, and a few obvious I'll take it lol
    9/10 only one I missed was von Frankenstein , never heard of him 
    He's the guitarist for The Misfits and his solo band Doyle. I think the one pictured is the production model, his actual guitar he made himself and weighs a ton.
    8/ soon as I saw singlecut PRS I clicked tremonti. And the iron maiden sig...not my cup 'o tea either.