UG Quiz: How Well Do You Know the Meaning Behind Famous Songs?

Test yourself.

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UG Quiz: How Well Do You Know the Meaning Behind Famous Songs?

Hey, everyone!

This time, we prepared 10 relatively famous songs for you. All you have to do is to tell what they are about. Be careful, though, sometimes it's not that easy as it seems. Don't forget to share your results in the comment section below. Enjoy!



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    2/10. Failed, I have. Into exile I must go.
    Dude, don't even worry about it. It's not like half of these are even well known songs. I'm never going to feel bad not knowing a Rammstein or Cannibal Corpse lyric.
    7/10 Not bad. I only just recently learned about the meaning of Wiener Blut. Wilkommen... zu der DUNKELHEEEEIIIIIT!
    The Karma Police one is a bit wrong - The song partly about fate, but the songs lyrics are inspired from a in-joke the band had, that whenever one of the members was being a prick or full of himself, they'd joke "the karma police is going to get you", meaning that the answer "arrogance" is just as valid as fate.
    4/10. not getting karma police when its obvious is stupid, if i had got that one right it would have 5/10.
    6/10... However at least three of those were complete/educated guesses...
    6, the karma police question (i got wrong) was a bastard though, coulda been any of them.
    Although it's not a super all-time most well known song, Like Suicide by Soundgarden is one of my favorite stories. Anyone know it?
    3/10...I haven't heard any Megadeth or Iron Maiden songs EVER, but got those right. It's pretty obvious with Minutes to Midnight and that Tornado of Souls isn't about the other 3.  I am deeply ashamed not knowing what Karma Police is specifically about, I thought it was about flling in love with the wrong person or something like that. It's amongst the songs I play n guitar the most XD...I suck...
    7/10 some songs i have never heard in my life and it was pure luck hahaha
    5/10 - But in my defense I missed the dumb ones. Oasis? Really?
    4/10 Death Metal fan. As I'm sat here listening to Venom scream at me.
    this tells me i am a noise metal fan. In my defence, i actually haven't heard a lot of these songs
    Cherry Vulpine
    "4/10, Death Metal Fan; Lyrics don't matter that much, huh?" Really? So what you're saying is all of Chuck's lyrics on the last three Death albums were pure nonsense? Nice one, UG.