UG Quiz: How Well Do You Know Thrash Metal?

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UG Quiz: How Well Do You Know Thrash Metal?

Hey everyone,

In today's quiz, we've got 10 questions about famous thrash metal bands. Can you nail them all?

Share your resluts in the comment section below!

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    6/10 Not bad for someone who's hardly listened to any thrash beyond the big four!
    I don't listen to thrash at all except one slayer song and vektor's terminal redux. Same score. I'll be honest there were a couple of guesses.
    5/10 I always felt like I was more of a Metallica fan then Thrash metal. And now I got it on paper xD
    10/10. Maybe I just used to be a huge thrash nerd back in my teens, but that quiz was somewhat too easy I believe.
    7/10 got Onslaught and the Mille Petrozza questions wrong. Damn shame as I've seen Kreator
    Hooray, 5/10.  The only ones I got correct were the AC/DC and Metallica questions.
    Onslaught really deserves some recognition tho. The solo's in this song alone are already worth it to check them out.
    6/10 by a rock n roll guy
    Way Cool JR.
    I'm far more of a Rock N Roll, Hair Metal, Hard Rock & Classic Metal fan over a Thrash fan but I still love it the same (at least the classic Thrash).  I'm surprised I got the score I got, I guess they just asked all the right questions.   
    U fockin serious? 10/10, havent seen quiz that easy since loong time. Too much basic informations. 
    8/10. Two I got wrong were guesses and my other choice would have been the correct answer!
    6/10. Sad, because there was a time in my life that Thrash was all I listened to. hahahha
    6/10 and I never listen to thrash. Some stuff I knew, and quite some were random guess to be honest.
    10/10, but I cheated on the Onslaught one because I had no idea.
    C-C Beatroot
    7/10, I can live with that. Never cared much for Metallica so didn't get all of those right...