UG Quiz: Ultimate Metallica Quiz

Are you a true Metallica fan? Test yourself.

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UG Quiz: Ultimate Metallica Quiz
We prepared 15 questions about Metallica for you. Can you nail them all?


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    I'd like to see any quiz full of "guess the tabs" questions
    It was fun because that made me pick up the guitar to "hear it"
    I was real happy I could "play" it in my head without actually picking up the guitar. Took me good while (not only because I don't listen to the song a lot) but I did it, and I'm generally super bad at that kind of stuff.
    I was excited in my loins because i gotted 5/15 which means im not fan enough for grunge music like dis.
      [h]Complete the lyric: "Killing ____ with demon swords"[/h] Dave Mustaine xDD
    Tortured prisoners in Guantanamo bay by playing Metallica? How is that a torture?
    Culture shock for the prisoners.  Angry metal music isn't something they normally hear, and is grating to those unaccustomed.  Of all the metal to choose from, they probably could've chosen something harsher than Metallica though.
    Could you guys do an Avenged Sevenfold quiz?
    Have to do bands that people listen to
    After an album like "The Stage" as much as this seems weird for me to write, Avenged Sevenfold deserve some respect. That album is very good.
    Nailed all questions of classic Metallica area.  Struggled with the later era that I don't really care about.
    It's like highschool all over again. I scored 9/15 which is 60%. Yet I get the cruel punishment of listening to LuLu for an hour.
    Got 11/15 while I stopped caring about this band about 10 years ago!   I did not even know what Jeopardy was, I don't care about Lulu, I did not know about Kirk's fugly guitars aaaaand I fucking suck at memorizing lyrics.
    "You're sentenced to 1 hour of Lulu without parole" i've done worse with my time. mkay