UG Weekend Bass Riff: Part 10

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YYZ - Rush. For this special weekend riff you are getting a large a part of YYZ by Rush. The section I have chosen starts at about 1:10 on the track and goes onto the guitar solo at 2:20. This section includes all the tricky solo-ey fills, enjoy.


This includes some very tricky rhythms to play, and it doesn't help that its played very fast. A few parts towatch out for would be the bar thats 5 bars from the end. Firstly the notes in brackets are harmonics, and the 9th fret harmonics can also be played at the 4th fret on the same strings, depending on what you find easiest.

The run leading up to that is probably the hardest part to play, the notes at the 5th fret should be played with your first finger then the 7th and the 9th frets should be played with the ring and pinkie respectivly. This frees up your first finger to play the chromatic run, then sliding your ring finger up to the 9th fret then with a big strech play the 12th fret with your pinkie the you can slide from the 9th to 11th fret with your first finger. The slides from the 15th to the 16th to the 14th fret should all be one big legato slide, preferably done with your pinkie to leave your middle andindex finger to play the next notes.

The main other problem area would be all the double stops, if your not playing with a pick then to play it with your fingers simply play the higher note like you would normally then instead of resting on the next string pluck through that string aswell and rest on the one after that, however it may take a bit of practise to get used to it. Since this song is quite fast it will probably help when your learning it to get a metronome and slow it down then when you can play it all at a slower tempo, speed it up till you get to the songs actual speed, this is also true for any other song you may have difficulties with, if you don't have a metronome then buy one, it will help you a great deal with your playing!

Audio & Tab:

Q=144   E. S +E  E H      E E E E S S S S +S  S S S |------------2----|---------2-2---2-(2)-2-----| |-----------------|-------------4---------4---| |-2--4-(4)--------|---2-4-------------------4-| |----------2------|-------2-------------------|

  E. S +E  E S S S S S E.   E E E E S S S S +S  S S S |------------2-2-2-2-2h4--|---------2-2---2-(2)-2-------| |-------------------------|-------------4---------4-----| |-2--4-(4)----------------|---2-4-------------------4---| |----------2--------------|-------2---------------------|

  E. S +E  a E Q  S E.   E  E E E S S S S +S  S S S |----------5s7-5--5h7--|-7\-----7-5-5---5-(5)-5------| |----5-(5)-------------|------5-------7---------7----| |-3--------------------|----3---------------------7\-| |----------------------|-----------------------------|

  E. S E E E  E  E E   S S S S S S S S S S S S +S  S E |--------7-5-/9\-7-5-|-4s5---5--------------------------| |----x-5-------------|-----7---7-6-5---7-4---5-(5)-5----| |-3------------------|---------------7-----7---------7\-| |--------------------|----------------------------------|

  E. S +E  E H      E E E E S S S S +S  S S S |------------2----|---------2-2---2-(2)-2-----| |-----------------|-------------4---------4---| |-2--4-(4)--------|---2-4-------------------4-| |----------2------|-------2-------------------|

  E. S +E  E S S S S S E.   E E E E S S S S +S  S S S |------------2-2-2-2-2h4--|---------2-2---2-(2)-2-----| |-------------------------|-------------4---------4---| |-2--4-(4)----------------|---2-4-------------------4-| |----------2--------------|-------2-------------------|

  E. S +E   E E. S +Q     E E E E S S S S +S  S S S |-------------7--5-(5)--|-------7-5-5---5-(5)-5-----| |----5-(5)-/7-----------|-----5-------7---------7-x-| |-3---------------------|---3-----------------------| |-----------------------|---------------------------|

  E. S +E   E Q  S E.   E E a E E E a E E E |----------/7-5--5h7--|-5-4-4h5-4-----------| |----5-(5)------------|-----------7-5s4-3---| |-3-------------------|-------------------5-| |---------------------|---------------------|

  Q  E E S S S S +S  S E   +E  E E S S S S S S S S S  S |--------2-2---2-(2)-2---|-----------x-2-2---2-2-2-------| |------------4---------4-|-(4)-------------4-------4-----| |-2--4-------------------|-----2-4-------------------(3)-| |------2-----------------|---------2---------------------|

  E.S +E  E E Q  E S S   S  S S  S  E   Q    Q  E. S E E S S S S +S  S S S |---------5s7-5--7|5s7-----11-9----12-(12)--14\|---------2-2---2-(2)-2-2h4| |---5-(5)---------|----/10------11-----12---14\|-------------4------------| |/3---------------|----------------------------|2--2-4--------------------| |-----------------|----------------------------|-------2------------------|

  +E  S S E E S S S S +S  S S S    E. S +E  a E E S S S S S S   Q  Q  H |-(4)---------2-2---2-(2)-2-----|-----------5s7-5-5-5-5h7-5-2-|-5---------| |-----------------4---------4---|-----5-(5)-------------------|-----------| |-----2-2-4-------------------3-|-/3--------------------------|-----------| |-----------2-------------------|-----------------------------|-----------|

 Q E E S S S S +S  S S S  +E  E E E S S S S S S S S  E S S +E  E E. E. S S |------2-2---2-(2)-2-2h4-|(4)-------2-2---2--------|-----------7-5--7--7s8| |----------4-------------|--------------4---4-3-2--|-----5-(5)---------7s8| |2-4---------------------|----2-4-----------------4|/3-3------------------| |----2-------------------|--------2----------------|----------------------|

 E S S S S S S a E S S S S E   Q  E E E E E E   S S S S E E S S S S S S E |5---7-5---5---4s5---5-------|--------2-------|-------------2-2-----------| |--6-----7---7-----7---7-6-5-|----------4-2-4-|-4-4-------------4-4-2-2-4-| |----------------------------|-2--4-----------|-----2-2-4-----------------| |----------------------------|------2---------|-----------2---------------|

  S S S S E S S S S S S S S E   Q  H    S E.   E. S E E E S S S S E |---------------------------7-|-5------------|----------------2-2----| |---------5-----5s7-5-x-------|--------------|--------------------4--| |-3-3-3-3---3-3---------5-5---|---------x-6\-|-2--2-4----------------| |-----------------------------|--------------|--------2-2-2-2--------|

  E. S E E E S S S S E   E. E. a Q  E E E |----------------2-2---|-------5s7--5---7-| |--------------------4-|----5---------7---| |-2--2-4---------------|-3----------------| |--------2-2-2-2-------|------------------|

                                                  |--3--|   S S S S S S a S  S a  E.  S E   a  E     E  E  S  S  S  E  S  E.  E  E |-5-5-----6-7-8s9-12-9s11--------15s16s=|-14-12-11h12s11------------------| |-----7-9------------------14-12--------|----------------14\---<5>-<9>----| |---------------------------------------|----------------------<5>-<9>-7\-| |---------------------------------------|---------------------------------|

  Q  E E S S S E S E   +E  E E E S S S E S S S |--------2-2---2-2---|-----------2-2---2-2-----| |------------4-----4-|-(4)-----------4-----4---| |-2--4---------------|-----2-4---------------3-| |------4-------------|---------2---------------|

  E. E. a E E S S S S S S   Q  H. |-------5s7-5-5-5-5h7-5---|-5--------|| |----5------------------7-|----------|| |-3-----------------------|----------|| |-------------------------|----------|| Click here to get a midi file of the tab above.

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