UG Weekend Bass Riff: Part 11

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Sea Of Lies - Symphony X. Some more prog this week with the Intro to Sea Of Lies by Symphony X. This song is actually tuned down a whole step but isn't needed to practise it. The midi file is in standard so you can play along with it without having to tune down.


The main riff is fairly difficult to play, the main problem area is the 16ths at the end of the 2nd bar. To play this use your little finger to fret the 8th fret and use your ring or middle finger and index to play the pull off and hammer on. Alternatively you can play the 8th fret on the 3rd fret on the G string and play it the same you would for the next four notes which would be Index, Little finger, Ring, Little finger, however this can be a very large stretch so try both ways and see what you feel most comfortable with. (However i think Thomas Miller does play it 3-7-6-7) Once the rest of the band joins in the open A's become 16ths and if you're playing with your fingers this will probably be a bit of workout, if its too fast you could play them as 8ths like they are in the intro. The second time the riff is repeated as a band they leave out the last bar and Romeo starts his tapping part while Miller moves up in crotchets for 2 bars. After this he doubles everything Romeo plays. When you are doing the hammers and pull-offs do it in the same way you did for the intro riff, when you are going between tapping and picking it is probably easier to pick the notes around the 12th fret rather than moving back to the pick-ups. It would really help to learn all the notes first rather than trying to read it off and expect to play it straight away.

Audio & Tab:

150 bpm

    E E S S E S S E E S S   S S E S S E S S S S S S S S ||------------------------|---------------7p6h7---------| ||o-----7p5---8p5-----7p5-|-7p5---8p5---8-------5h8p7h8-| ||o-0-0-----0-----0-0-----|-----0-----0-----------------| ||------------------------|-----------------------------|

 E E S S E S S E E S S   S S E S S E Q  Q -----------------------|---------------------|| -----7p5---8p5-----7p5-|-7p5---5p3---1--1---o|| -0-0-----0-----0-0-----|-----0-----0--------o|| -----------------------|---------------------||

    S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S   S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S ||----------------------------------|-------------------7p6h7----------| ||o---------7p5-----8p5---------7p5-|-7p5-----8p5-----8-------5h8p7h8--| ||o-0-0-0-0-----0-0-----0-0-0-0-----|-----0-0-----0-0------------------| ||----------------------------------|----------------------------------|

1.   S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S   S S S S S S S S Q  Q |---------------------------------|------------------------|| |---------7p5-----8p5---------7p5-|-7p5-----5p3-----1--1--o|| |-0-0-0-0-----0-0-----0-0-0-0-----|-----0-0-----0-0-------o|| |---------------------------------|------------------------||

2.   S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S |---------------------------------| |---------7p5-----8p5-------------| |-0-0-0-0-----0-0-----0-0-0-0-0-0-| |---------------------------------|

  Q  Q  Q  Q    Q  Q  Q  Q |-------------|-------------| |-------------|-------5--7--| |----------7--|-4--5--------| |-6--5--3-----|-------------|

          T                T                  T        T S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S Q -----------------------------------|-6h9p7h9-12p9p7h9-14p9p7p6h7--| ------------------5h8p7h8-12p8p7h8-|------------------------------| -5h8p7h8-12p8p7h8------------------|------------------------------| -----------------------------------|------------------------------|

   T     T          T     T         T    T       T   T    |------6------|  |-----6------|  |----6-----| |---6---|    S  S  S  S  S S  S  S  S  S S S  S S  S S S S S S S S E |-14p12-14p12p10p9-12p10-12p10p9p7-10p9-10p9p7p6-9p7-9p7p6\-|| |-----------------------------------------------------------|| |-----------------------------------------------------------|| |-----------------------------------------------------------|| Click here to get a midi file of the tab above.

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    i have yet to try this, but from the sounds of it i've played dream theater stuff that is harder.
    Ah, Symphony X. The band of the Michaels ; Quite possibly my favorite band, and I never have favorites.
    its not THAT hard... get over it lol... takes practice though and made me sweat... good job w/ this one UG! keep these riffs a commin!
    Originally posted by MajorRager it would be a lot cooler if symphony x didnt suck
    hahaha... true... nice riff!
    lol and excuse the tapping riff thing, I think this is a bass tab o.o But it looks very much like the guitar part and I was happy Sx was finally getting some recognition. Excuse my rambling ^_^'
    Symphony X is the greatest band I have ever heard in my life and it is a very big f*cking shame so many people don't know about them. And that riff is not as hard as it looks. I learned to play it about two weeks. Just try to listen to the song and practice it over and over =) And once you get that riff learn the tapping riff towards the end of the song and the solo before that. Ah screw it, learn the whole damn song!!
    heheheheh finally, people are learnign about Symphony X they have better bass stuff actually, but this is a pretty impressive song.
    what is that. bass is supposed to be a adjoining factor along with the drums to make a percise and rhythmatic approach to a rhythm for a guitor or other various instruments