UG Weekend Bass Riff: Part 2

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Megadeth - Holy Wars. The Punishment Due is a riff-heavy monster from thrash monsters Megadeth which gave me lots of options of riffs to choose from but I chose probably the heaviest riff in the song, and my personal favourite, played by 2 guitars using power chords and doubled by David Ellefson's bass imitation and Nick Menza's rhythm section. The Riff is a simple power chord progression with some low e-notes for 2 bars then for the next 2 it plays a riff from the intro, a riff combining fast slurs on the a string with pedal sixteenth note low-e notes.


As you can see in the transcription the first half of the riff is a F#-G-E-F#-E-E-F#-G-E-E-G-F#-E-E-F#-G

Simple to play but sometimes irritating to remember whether your on the 2nd or 3rd fret so work on memorizing the riff well and just assign one finger to the 2nd and one to the 3rd fret (I used my middle and ring fingers to execute this part.

The next part combines D to E and G to E slurs with pedalled low e notes and a G-A beat at the end. The hard part about this riff is nailing the sixteenth notes..its hard enough on a guitar so as you can imagine its challenging on bass too. I play the D to E flurry Index to Ring finger then the G to E ring finger to index and the last 2 notes of the 2nd bar I play index to middle finger.

Gear Info:

Ellefson plays Modulus Graphite 4 and 5 string basses strung with D'addario Prism Bass Strings into a Tech 21 Sans Amp PSA-1 running through Peavey cabs.

Audio & Tab:

Tempo = 152

G| ----------------- | ----------------- | D| ----------------- | ----------------- | A| ----------------- | ----------------- | E| -2-3-0-2-0-0-2-3- | -0-0-3-2-0-0-2-3- |

G| --------------------------------- | D| --------------------------------- | A| -5h7--------10h7----------------- | E| -----0-0-0-------0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0- |

G| --------------------------------- | D| --------------------------------- | A| -5h7---------5h7----------------- | E| -----0-0-0-------0-0-0-0-3---5--- | Click here to get a midi file of the tab above.

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    yeah i didnt intend this one for this week, next week is the 3 bar jazz section from paranoid android...the first 2 bars are 7/4 then the 3rd is 4/ wanted a challenge and you got it
    your truth is a LIE!! FYI!!!.. korn doesnt suck u just have no taste in music
    haha very're probably to stupid to downtune so i'm not surprised you can't play the stuff.
    how about some fieldy (korn bassist) next time? i suggest "got the life".
    maybe you could post veried genres... i dont think two consecutive sub genres of metal is good for this column... i hope that this isnt a continuing trend...
    just chill out horazonblade.. it'll get harder and harder.. this is just the part 2riff.. so you shouldnt expect a great challenge
    I love Megadeth but there are better bass lines you could have done: Hanger 18, Peace Sells, Go To Hell, or Trust. But for other bands, Bass Riff some Rage Against the Machine or Chili Peppers, or Metallica's My Friend of Misery, some Tool or some Alice in Chains. I know few people here (Judging by the whole... 1 other comment, and thats just complaining) will apprececiate a good bass tab or at least comment, but I want to say you did a good job on this one, did you use your ear, other tabs, or an official book or something for these?