UG Weekend Bass Riff: Part 5

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Original Prankster - The Offspring. Here's a few riffs from Original Prankster by the punk quartet, The Offspring. These riffs are mainly based around A minor except for a few out of key notes to help link the riffs together.


The guitar starts the song off with parts of the main riff and gradually builds it up to the full thing. The bass comes in after 3 bars and 5 eighth note rests with a little E-G-G# fill then it starts playing parts of the main riff along with the guitar. The riff starts A-A-C-A-A then there are two eighth note rests and then he plays a D on the last beat of the bar.

This song can be a little tricky as it uses a lot of syncopation and staccatoed notes. He then plays the little fill again and then plays the next part which is the same as the first part of the riff but in the second bar of it he plays a D and then a C which are both off the beat and staccatoed then he plays another D and a C except this time they're on the beat and on the C he does a little bend which is bent to about a quarter step.

The next part is similar except he plays the first 3 notes as Quarter notes which go A-C-E, the first two notes are staccatoed and on the E he slides up to the note from somewhere around the fifth fret and allows to ring for the full quarter note duration. He then plays an Eb and then does the D-C-D-C part again but without the bend on the last C.

The second time its played it's the same but after the second D which is only an eighth note this time he puts in a little fill which goes E-G-E. The next two bars are the same as the first two and the next 2 bars are the same for the first bar but the second bar is just a whole note rest. The verse is fairly similar to the last riff but the E is played an octave lower and then there are two eighth note rests and then the D-C-D-C part is played again. This gets repeated another two times then the last two bars of the verse are fairly straight forward as they're just eighth notes on G for one bar then on E for one bar. This leads into the pre-chorus which is basically the same as the pre-verse but the last two bars are the same as the last two of the verse.

Gear Info:

In the studio Greg K plays Ibanez basses, and uses a Gallien-Kruger head and a Mesa Boogie Cabinet. He also uses DR .105-.45 gauge strings and plays with a pick.


To play this you're going to want to use a nice fat bassy sound so the levels should be about this, these are only suggested levels and you can play it at whatever you feel is best.

  • Treble: 4
  • Mid: 5
  • Bass: 6
  • Gain: 4

    Audio & Tab:

    Intro 152 bpm   Wx3          H    E E E E |------------|--------------| |------------|--------------| |------------|--------------| |------------|--------0-3-4-|

      E E E E E E E E   H    E E E E   E E E E E E E E   E E E E Q  Q |-----------------|--------------|-----------------|----------------| |-----------------|--------------|-----------------|----------------| |-----3---------5-|--------------|-----3---------5-|---5---3-5--3b--| |-5-5---5-5-------|--------0-3-4-|-5-5---5-5-------|----------------|

    Pre-Verse   q  q   E +E  E E   E E E E Q  Q    q   q   E +E  E E   E E E E E E E E |------------------|---------------|------------------|-----------------| |------------------|---------------|------------------|-----------------| |----3--/7-(7)-6-5-|---5---3-5--3--|----3--/7-(7)-6-5-|---5---3-5-------| |-5----------------|---------------|-5----------------|-----------0-3-0-|

      q  q   E +E  E E   E E E E Q  Q    q  q   E +E  E E   W |------------------|---------------|------------------|------| |------------------|---------------|------------------|------| |----3--/7-(7)-6-5-|---5---3-5--3--|----3--/7-(7)-6-5-|------| |-5----------------|---------------|-5----------------|------|

    Verse   q  q  E E E E   E E E E Q  q   q  q  E E E E   E E E E Q  q |---------------|---------------|---------------|---------------| |---------------|---------------|---------------|---------------| |----3--------5-|---5---3-5--3--|----3--------5-|---5---3-5--3--| |-5-----0-------|---------------|-5-----0-------|---------------|

      q  q  E E E E   E E E E Q  q    E E E E E E E E   E E E E E E E |---------------|---------------|-----------------|-----------------| |---------------|---------------|-----------------|-----------------| |----3--------5-|---5---3-5--3--|-----------------|-7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7-| |-5-----0-------|---------------|-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-|-----------------| Click here to get a midi file of the tab above.

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      WhiteStripes427: hey carl is my name too lmao band sucks
      hey thats great, my names carl aswell, isnt that amazing, oh wait no it isnt, now stop your complaining and be thankful you have these columns back, if you dont like it go suggest something in the suggestion box in R&R
      Bass riffs shouldn't be easy riffs that anyone can play by looking at the tabs... I liked some of the earliy parts, but this one was like "wow... this is pointless."
      This was supposed to show syncopation, considering bass is mainly a rhythm instrument it would help for bassists to be able to play offbeat rhythms, not everyone is as good as you btw. Anyway next time you're getting some slap so stop your ****ing moaning.
      dude Weebl calm down. I'm not that great at bass for starters (lol). Secondly... how do you know I'm getting slap next time? 3rd, don't tell me what to do. 4, dude breathe a little bit seriously. We have the right to reject the bass riff chosen. I never said "FUCK EVERYONE WHO LIKES THIS SONG, THIS IS FUCKING STUPID!!!..". I said, "bass riffs shouldn't be easy riffs that anyone can play by looking at the tabs". You calm down. And stop patrolling this just to shit on people.
      how do i know you're getting slap next time? maybe, just maybe cos i write these now so i think i know what im gonna be writing about. Now if you dont like the riff chosen then fine, i can accept that not everyone is going to like the song, but hearing someone say it is pointless when i spent a while doing this is not something that i appreciate, espicially just because you think its too easy, like i said before go post in the suggestion box in R&R at the moment theres like 3 suggestions for bass which will be done at some point but why complain here when you could just go suggest a riff you want for another week
      uhh, would you prefer songs that no one can play by looking at the tabs? anyways, bad choice for a "punk" bass riff try something by bad brains off the top of my head, daryl has some good'ns. If you want to get good at some off beat/jazzy kinda stuff check out fugazi, they have a great rhythm section and a lot of out of the book sounds and lines for bassists or just musicians for that matter.
      ofsrping always had my respect,they have some very good songs and original riffs and licks and good vocals. This song isn't one of their best but its pretty decent. Goo thread I enjoyed learning this song.