UG Weekend Bass Riff: Part 7

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Hysteria - Muse. Muse are one of the most exciting new British rock bands of the last few years. Their combination of heavy riffs and mellow piano crossed with fuzzed out bass and great drumming gives them their own unique style. This riff is the main bass riff to their song Hysteria.


This riff looks and sounds difficult but it isn't actually that hard, however it does take a fair bit of practice and stamina to be able to play it all the way through (especially the whole song) The riff is in 16ths so you're going to need to keep plucking the strings the whole way through, one of the things that makes it hard to play is that there's a lot to remember so it would help if you learnt each bar separately and once you can play it perfectly move onto the next bar. Chris plays most of the parts on one string so there are less string changes which makes it easier, although some of the parts are a little awkward. To play this with the right sound you need a big muff distortion pedal, but any distortion pedal would do, if you don't have a distortion pedal the best thing to do would be to turn the gain on your amp up to full, also if possible try and pluck the strings as close to the bridge as you can.

Audio & Tab:

93bpm ||--------------------------------------| ||o-------------------------------------| ||o-0-0-10-0-10h12-0-10-0-7-0-8-8-7-5-7-| ||--------------------------------------|

|--------------------------------------------| |--------------------------------------------| |------------------10--------10-10----10h12--| |-0-0-10-0-10h12-0----0-12-0-------12--------|

|--------------------------------------| |-0-0-10-0-10h12-0-10-0-10p9-0-9p8-0-8p| |--------------------------------------| |--------------------------------------|

|----------------------------------------|| |-7-------------------------------------o|| |---0-10-0-10h12-0-10-0-7-0-8-8-7-5-7---o|| |----------------------------------------||

Click here to get a midi file of the tab above.

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    i just learned this riff a few days ago. its great, but i think there are better versions
    i love de bass for dis song.... its easier to play compared to newborn
    i love muse, would have to say hypermusic is my fave bass line ever by them tho, hysteria is defo the best bass on absolution!
    its a good riff but there is a better version of it than this...