UG Weekend Riff: Part 1

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Hello fellow UGers! Starting from today, we are proud to announce the new section of UG - UG Weekend Riff, which you will be able to find at this place every Saturday. We will publish pieces of popular or just interesting songs, followed with a brief description, a guide on how to play the song, and an audio example. We hope that this will not only kill some time on your weekend, but also help you further improve your guitar skills. Please leave your comments and suggestion below at the comments section.

This weekend we devote to Foo Fighters' "Times Like These" song.


The main riff of this hit from the One By One album is a decidely simple one-note motif. Simple, that is, until you analyse it further. Played over a trio of chords and a bassline made of descending root notes, as is common in many Foo Fighters songs, the riff itself is in 7/4 time. This seems daunting at first, but it is best to think of it as alternating bars of 3/4 and 4/4 time and you may find it easier to listen closely to the drums. The melody is extended in the final bar with a slide to the home position.

Alternate picking is a must and it is best to assign the first, second and third fingers to the 10th, 11th and 12th fret notes respectively in order to move between the strings cleanly. Notice the accents over certain notes and emphasise the picking here.

Guitarsist Dave Grohl and Chris Shiflett both share the guitar parts but it is likely Shiflett plays the main riff in order to free Grohl for the chordal introduction. Both guitarsists use Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifiers on the road. Grohl mainly uses his transparent Dan Armstrong Lucite but both guitarsist use an assortment of Gibson Les Pauls or SGs and Shiflett has been known to use Flying Vs and Firebirds.

Amp Settings:

To recreate the sound, a bridge humbucker will be effective. Use the following amp settings to get the jangly sound:

  • Gain: 8
  • Treble: 7
  • Mid: 5
  • Bass: 3
  • Reverb: 3 (Room)


    145 bpm 7/4

    Audio & Tab:

    145 bpm 7/4                  >                 > e| ------------------------------------------- | B|:------------------------------------------- | G| -------------12-11-------------12-11------- | D| - 0-12-10- 0------- 0-12-10- 0------------- | A|:-------------------------------------12-10- | E| ------------------------------------------- |

                     >                 > e| ------------------------------------------- | B| ------------------------------------------- | G| -------------12-11-------------12-11------- | D| - 0-12-10- 0------- 0-12-10- 0------------- | A| -------------------------------------12-10- | E| ------------------------------------------- |

    Repeats 1 & 2                  >                 > e| ------------------------------------------- | B| -------------------------------------------:| G| -------------12-11-------------12-11------- | D| - 0-12-10- 0------- 0-12-10- 0------------- | A| -------------------------------------12-10-:| E| ------------------------------------------- |

    Repeat 3 4/4                  >                 > e| ------------------------- | ------------------------- | B| ------------------------- | ------------------------- | G| -------------12-11------- | -------12-11------------- | D| - 0-12-10- 0------- 0-12- | -10- 0------------------- | A| ------------------------- | -------------12-10-12- \- | E| ------------------------- | ------------------------- | Click here to get a midi file of the tab below.

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      Geldof the Grey
      The suggestions box is at the head of the Riffs and Recordings forums. Only the best are chosen!
      this seems like a great idea. do you guys plan on doing a Bass one? cause that would be really cool.
      Is there some sort of way we can chose what riff to do? Like in the forums? Or is it just up to Geldof.
      damn i feel stupid, most be the only one that missed the midi file thing in orange letters.....
      awesome feature UG!You guys are one of the BEST sites for tabs around!
      This is tight I'm checking back here every week (oh yeah some led zeppelin next week!)
      wow...sounds midi file sounds fine, but when i play it a second time, sounds more like the worst bass player ever...damn my computer is retarded.
      How is the song in 7/4 time. The drum beat is 4/4.
      I will check these out every Saturday. Possibly the best thing to ever happen to me.
      Geldof the Grey
      ^Take your time Eugeny (It took 5 minutes for it to click that Eugeney was a russian name, and you're the only russian guy I know so...) I'll get two more columns to you within some 24 hours. Maybe less, who knows?
      This is awesome!!! I wonder is they would tab any 80's music? Maybe a GNR piece? That would rock!!
      Geldof the Grey: Guitar Pro 4.0
      Love that program man! Except that currently I only have the demo and I only use it to tune my guitar ;x
      yea thas a great idea, its sweet,lookin forward to some more good riffs
      Geldof the Grey
      unfortunately, I don't have the power to fix it myself but I'm sure Zappp will get around to it at some point.
      are you going to fix the tab on here? i mean sure we can go look it up in the archive but i just think you should fix it so people who dont read the comments dont play it wrong. good work though.
      whoa.. this thing is a really good idea man.. if only this thing was here 2 weeks ago when i started trying to play this song...
      i remember when you started suggesting this, thanks for finally getting it out. this is great and i cant wait for the next riff!
      here try code. see if it works [CODE] e| ----- ----- | B|:----- ----- - | G| -----12-11----- -----12-11----- | D| - 0-12-10- 0----- 0-12-10- 0----- | A|:----- -----12-10 - | E| ----- ----- | [/CODE]
      Good idea .. but the tab isn't right. It sound nothing like the recording, and it doesn't even tab out the whole riff... Here's what it actually is. e| ----- ----- | B|:----- ----- | G| -----12-11----- -----12-11----- | D| - 0-12-10- 0----- 0-12-10- 0----- | A|:----- -----12-10- | E| ----- ----- | I was just playing with the tab up here, and this sound alot more like the song. That just repeats .. good amp setting though. Just funny how the tab is wrong..
      nice one UG i like the idea of amp settings...would like more of those too!!
      [CODE] e| ----- ----- | B|:----- ----- -- - | G| -----12-11----- -----12-11----- | D| - 0-12-10- 0----- 0-12-10- 0----- | A|:----- -----12- 10 - | E| ----- ----- | [/CODE]
      The last one has the fourth last note on the 11th. All the rest are 10. ?