UG Weekend Riff: Part 15

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The Beatles - Blackbird. The Beatles were one of many bands to some out of Northern England in the 60's and 70's and of the lot, they were definately the ones who staryed the furthest afield. In their properus career, they wrote dozens of international hits, and as a guitar piece, McCartney's "Blackbird" stands head and shoulders above all their other work.


Played on solo guitar throughout with a shifting time signature, this is a perfect fingerpicking piece and a nice sing-along as well. It should be common to every guitarist as it is great busking fodder!

You can fret all the two string chords with the first and third fingers, picking the EAD strings with the thumb and the GBe strings with the index, middle and anular fingers respectively. Any acoustic guitar with a bright sound will sound great. Electric guitar, with a clean setting of course, is also an option.

Audio & Tab:

    3/4             4/4 e| ------------- | --------------------------------- | B| -0---1---3--- | 12----12--12-----12----12--12---- | G| ---0---0----- | -----0-------0--------0-------0-- | D| ------------- | --------------------------------- | A| -----0---2--- | 10------10-------10------10------ | E| -3----------- | --------------------------------- |

    3/4             4/4 e| ------------- | --------------------------------- | B|:-0---1---3--- | 12----12--12-----12----12--12---- | G| ---0---0----- | -----0-------0--------0-------0-- | D| ------------- | --------------------------------- | A|:-----0---2--- | 10------10-------10------10------ | E| -3----------- | --------------------------------- |

e| -0---3---2---5--- | -3--3-3--3--3-3-- | B| ----------------- | ----------------- | G| ---0---0---0---0- | ---0---0---0---0- | D| ---------0------- | -2---2---1---1--- | A| -3---4-------6--- | ----------------- | E| ----------------- | ----------------- |

    2/4         4/4 e| -2---3--- | ----------------- | B| --------- | -5--5-5--4--4-4-- | G| ---0---0- | ---0---0---0---0- | D| -0------- | ----------------- | A| -----4--- | -3---3---3---3--- | E| --------- | ----------------- |

e| ----------------- | ----------------- | B| -3--3-3--2--2-2-- | -1--1-1--0--0-0-- | G| ---0---0---0---0- | ---0---0---0---0- | D| ----------------- | -0---0----------- | A| -2---2---0---0--- | ----------------- | E| ----------------- | ---------3---3--- |

e| -0--------------- | ----------------- | B| -----3---2--2-2-- | -1--1-1--0--0-0--:| G| ---0---0---0---0- | ---0---0---0---0- | D| ----------------- | -0---0----------- | A| -3---2---0---0--- | ---------3---3---:| E| ----------------- | ----------------- | Use this link to get a midi for the tab above!

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    nice job agian geldof. the only suggestion i have is that for fingerpicking songs like this to put the name of the chord above the tab. that just helps me to fingerpick and would probably help others as well. nice job though
    how cool are you geldolf i love you man if you had the proper sex organs id make a baby
    frig the chords:p i dont understand them when they are so high up the fret board:p finger picking songs like these are the best:p better to play than riffs and more chance of u getting laid fingerpicking ...more in the future please :p
    nice job. no real need for the chords though, they arent too complicated to figure out and like you said earlier, the names wouldnt help figure out the fingerings much. i guess if you plan to solo over that as a backing track it might help. but whatever
    Geldof the Grey
    last measure, mistake, yes. midi file, right speed isn' it? ah, who cares, for ***'s sake it's gone in the morning!
    blackbird is a great song. we should get more acoustic pieces like this. umm..are we supposed to play itr as fast as the midi file?
    really easy song , but wicked song , next week do a harder one like some satch or gnr or vai etc..
    IllegalPanda: how cool are you geldolf i love you man if you had the proper sex organs id make a baby EWWW..!!!..
    It never made it to #1 on the charts... therefore it couldn't be on ONE.... that's not a hard concept
    It never made it to #1 on the charts... therefore it couldn't be on ONE.... that's not a hard concept
    Pffft... Your Mom's not a hard concept...
    yay its black bird! Some Black Sabbath please man!! Tab Killing Yourself To Live! go go go get to work my friend!
    dude you tabbed it wrong and i know i'm right cause ive met paul mcartney and i have his sheet music so hahahaha
    hey geldof the grey, in the last measure isnt the bass note a G, third fret on the E string?
    its really not that hard lol, all you have to do is slide two fingers up and down the fretboard. Its the kinda song you can sight read. This may be because i learned classical guitar first, and my right hand coordination is far superior to my left hand. So ya good choice though, basic song that sounds good too. KEep up the good work.
    good song choice..quite different from the other weekend riffs..but yeah i agree it would help of the chords were put up above the tab
    Geldof the Grey
    jof1029: I disagree. Would it really help you find the chord x. if I told you it was G? There's no need for it really.
    Ah, here it is! Nice work, I haven't actually heard this song before, but I'll give it a try on my new guitar
    Nice man been waitin for some beatles stuff You should do some hendrix, keep up the great work.
    Geldof, I dont think they get that you don't really use the chord shapes for this song. You stated that you only use the 1st and 3rd fretting fingers...should be enough. I already knew this one but great job with this series. Keep up the good work.
    Joey .G
    I don't play the second little section that way but it still sounds okay but not as good the other way, I think the way I play it where you move up the neck sounds better. But Good Job anyway!
    i play this song so that i have my index (ALMOST) always on the A string (for the first and last few notes it goes on B) and my pinkie always on B- i guess the only thing that i dont agree with (finger position wise) is after the third time signature change (AFTER that bar)
    i am slash!
    the fendernator, your a fool. that midi file is just so you can get the rhythm of the song n how to play it, the actualy songs isn't like that. its on acustic guitar and sounds great.
    MAN!! i listened to MIDI... sounds great but, unfortunately, the playing seems to be a bit too fast for me....
    Awesome song, i had been taught it before, but forgot. It took me about 20 min to learn it again.
    ok, maybe the chord names isnt that great of an idea for this song. its not only for the chord shapes that i like the chord names though, its also so i get an idea of key and the progression. oh well, its not that important, i can figure it out myself if i want it that much.