UG Weekend Riff: Part 19

Ultimate Guitar

Acoustic Special

  • Oasis - Wonderwall. In 1995, the songwriting of Manchester based singer/songwriter brothers Liam and Noel Ghallagher and their world famous band Oasis took a turn towards the acoustic side of things. Rather than Marshalls and Epiphones (not Gibsons, Noel rarely played the real thing, supposedly due to cost), they opted for acoustics, cellos and a piano that showed the shape of things to come in future albums.

    Here, the chordal guitar riff is the focus. It is made up of 4 chords, all of which feature the third and fourth finger at the third fret on the high B and E strings.

    The rhythm feels more like a snare drum than a guitar rhythm. The first and third quarter note beat of each bar (Marked with a "V" on the tab is a strong downstroke while the rest of the strumming pattern is shown by "V" for a downstroke and "A" for upstrokes.

    You will need your acoustic guitar, Noel used an Epiphone, which should be capo'ed at the second fret to allow for the vocals (Changing the key to A from G). e| -3-------3---3-3-3-3-----3---3-3- | B|:-3-------3---3-3-3-3-----3---3-3- | G| -0-------0---0-0-0-0-----0---0-0- | D| -2-------2---2-2-0-0-----0---0-0- | A|:-2---2-------2-2-2-2-2----------- | E| -0---0-------0-0-3-3-3----------- |

    e| -3-3-3---3---3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3- | B| -3-3-3---3---3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-:| G| -2-2-2---2---0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0- | D| -0-0-0---0---0-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2- | A| ---------------0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-:| E| --------------------------------- |

    Use this link to get a midi for the tab above!

  • Mason Williams - Classical Gas.

    This is more of a classical fingerpicking piece, in case the name didn't give it away! The main riff (or at least the most famous, it did appear in an early episode of the Simpsons!) is a descending lick on the high strings with bass notes on the lower string. Use your thumb for the EAD strings and GBe can be picked with the other fingers however is most comfortable.

    To finish, the seventh bar features more bass notes with two or three note chords on the higher strings that rather than being strummed shoudl be "plucked" with the corect numbers of finger so they rign out simultaneously. Repeat for the last bar, slowing down as you go.

    This sounds better on a classical guitar, but any acoustic should sound fine. AmD e| -8-7-5-----5----- | ---5-----5------- | B| -------8-------7- | -----7-----5----- | G| ----------------- | -------0--------- | D| ----------------- | -0--------------- | A| -0-------0---0--- | -------------0--- | E| ----------------- | ----------------- |

    ED e| -8-7-5-----5----- | -------5--------- | B| -------8-------7- | ---8-----7-----0- | G| ----------------- | -------------0--- | D| ----------------- | -0---0-----02---- | A| -0-------0---0--- | ----------------- | E| ----------------- | ----------------- |

    AmD e| -8-7-5-----5----- | -----8-5-------5- | B| -------8-------7- | ---------8------- | G| ----------------- | ----------------- | D| ----------------- | -0-0-------0----- | A| -0-------0---0--- | ----------------- | E| ----------------- | ----------------- |

    Cadd9FA#Asus4 e| -----------1--------- | ---0-----0-----0-----0--- | B| -----5-----1-----3--- | ---3-----3-----3-----3--- | G| -----5-----2-----3--- | ---2-----2-----2-----2--- | D| -------0-----------0- | ------------------------- | A| ---3-----------1----- | -0-----0-----0-----0----- | E| -3-------1---1------- | ------------------------- | Use this link to get a midi for the tab above!

  • Tenacious D - Wonderboy.

    The story of Wonderboy and the young Nastyman features an acoustic solo that will require superhuman powers to play correctly. The first bar requires staccato picking and little else if you fret with the first finger across the top two strings at the tenth fret. The second bar features a bent note which probably easiest with the third finger from this position. The third and fourth bars are where it gets tricky! Depending on the strength of your pinkie, you may wish to use it in the fast runs but otherwise, shifting around your other three fingers. You only need pick once every three notes in the first bar, but you may find it easier to tremelo pick here.

    For the remaining bars, you need to place your first finger on the B string and second finger on the G. In this position, you can slide and add vibrato easily. In fact, jumping into the double stops from the runs is harder playing them! If you manage to get the end without fluffing, make sure that D chord rings nice and loud! Kyle Gass plays Martin guitars. DBb/D e| -10----10----10----10-12- | -12b13b12-10------------------- | B| ----10----10----10------- | -------------10-10h11-10----11- | G| ------------------------- | -------------------------12---- | D| ------------------------- | ------------------------------- | A| ------------------------- | ------------------------------- | E| ------------------------- | ------------------------------- |

    D e| -15p14p12-15p14p12-15p14p12-15p14p12-15p14p12-15p14p12-15p14p12-15- | B| ------------------------------------------------------------------- | G| ------------------------------------------------------------------- | D| ------------------------------------------------------------------- | A| ------------------------------------------------------------------- | E| ------------------------------------------------------------------- |

    Bb/D e| -17p15p14-12-14-12-10-12-10-8-10-8-6-8-6-8-8s10-8-6-8- | B| ------------------------------------------------------ | G| ------------------------------------------------------ | D| ------------------------------------------------------ | A| ------------------------------------------------------ | E| ------------------------------------------------------ |

    DD/C# e| ----------------- | ------------------ | B| -10v---10\8-8-7-8 | -10v---10\8-8-7-8- | G| -11v---11\9-9-7-9 | -11v---11\9-9-7-9- | D| ----------------- | ------------------ | A| ----------------- | ------------------ | E| ----------------- | ------------------ |

    BmGAD e| --------------------- | ----------------- | -2*----- | B| -7-7\5-5-5-3-3\2-2--- | -0-2-3-5-7-5-3-2- | -3*----- | G| -7-7\6-6-6-4-4\2-2-0- | -0-2-4-6-7-6-4-2- | -2*----- | D| --------------------- | ----------------- | -0*----- | A| --------------------- | ----------------- | -------- | E| --------------------- | ----------------- | -------- | Use this link to get a midi for the tab above!

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      Ummm are you doing drugs over there skasolo. You seem to be because Wonderwall was one of Oasis's biggest hits. Wonderwall is such an amazing song. Along with a bunch of other songs from Oasis. Hopefully their new album will be good next year.
      Edit: But other than that, thaknyou very much for an acoustic package, very well done
      Double Edit: Can you do Hard as Iron - Judas Priest I can't find the tab anywhere and it's one of the favourite Priest songs.
      Geldof, you do a great job on these weekend riffs. The acoustic special was very good. Even though I don't play acoustic, i like to use the acoustic sounds. ANd you are magic man. How do you come up with these awesome tabs?
      im guessing hes too tired, this stuff is time consuming and it must be annoying: stopping spammers, getting yelled at for stupid spelling mistakes, and getting lame suggestions
      Oasis - Wonderwall. In 1995, the songwriting of Manchester based singer/songwriter brothers Liam and Noel Ghallagher Liam didnt write anything it was all Noel
      Geldof the Grey
      It is a lute. But how many of us have a lute hanging aorund!? He plays a Martin when he does it live. insane_clown - Please refrain from all the spamming you seem to be doing.
      nice,but on classical gass,why is the 3rd bar labelled E when its identical to the others which are Am?
      Geldof the Grey
      After careful deliberation, and a genuine degree of analysis over which songs should be included in this antholgy I decided, while Oasis have merit of being one of the best bands in the UK and Wonderwall featuring truely great songwriting talent and an example of the classic Madchester sound, ICP just plain blow.
      this is really good. i hadn't heard classical gas before but now i love it to pieces...such a nice tune
      insane_clown, if you don't like it, leave... pretty good Geldof, nice work!
      who is this insane geldor guy. He does everything on these UG specials. I think he has super powers
      Geldof the Grey
      I'm just a guy. A guy with magical powers like the ability to warn Insane_Clown if he keeps spamming. There's no demand for ICP tabs, and I don't know the band well enough to be able to write a column on them.
      tenacious d is awsum, i know this has nothing to do with anything, but how do i see old ug features
      Hmm, I suppose I should spell "aggressive" correctly when calling others illiterate!
      Aw, shucks. I've been playing the "Wonderboy" solo by using hammer-ons and pull-offs on the fourth bar. And I was so proud when I thought I was playing it correctly. Damn.
      Geldof the Grey
      wonderboy47: your way is not the wrong way! You have to admit, you can't great a very loud sound from an acoustic doing a lot of hammer ons, which is why I advise you tremelo pick... to make it LOUD!
      Bong Water
      gees get over ICP... terrible band perhaps, but each to their own. post it in the forums. this is about this weeks weekend riff. Ace job once again geldof, really played my tune with this weeks riffs =) keep em coming
      haha ICP actually have fans, well i'll be stuffed, on wonderboy, doesnt he play like a mandolin or sumthin
      The D > ICP. KG and JB are brilliant. Good to see them on the weekend riff. Now lets see some stevi ray vaughan!! Another suggestion: Nirvana - Lake of Fire. Real simple and sounds nice, easy solo too.
      The solo is played on a lute in the video clip. It's really damn funny. Are all ICP fans agressive illiterates?