UG Weekend Riff: Part 20

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Bob Marley - No Woman, No Cry. Bob Marley. A prophet of his time and writer of this absolute classic track from 1970. Although the main chord sequence can be tricky, the disjointed guitar solo that concludes the song is the topic for today's lesson.


The guitar tone here needs a slight bite to it, so set your gain at around 3 or 4. Now break out the wah pedal and, rather than using it to accentuate notes by giving them a sudden harsh quality, slightly push the toe down to vary the tone throughout the solo's numerous transitions. On the first descending slide, for example, you need to pull back to accentuate the slide down, but very slightly! A strat-type guitar with the neck pickup selected is s good choice here.

Apart from the tricky rhythms, you'll want to be aware of the grace notes that can disrupt the rhythm even further. In bar five, the hammer-ons at the eight fret become easier if you barre the 8th fret on the highest two or three strings freeing your ring or pinkie to play the slide from the 11th. The same goes for bar 9.

Finally, in bar 5 (Definately the hardest bar!) beware of the string skippping at the 10th fret. It is viablee to pick these with your second finger if you want to feel really "country" although even this simple hybrid picking will take practice to the inexperienced. Get learning!

Audio & Tab:

Use these links to get a tablature and a midi file for this song.

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    beatle: the midi sucks
    And this is why the weekend riff left. Because of jerks like you who don't care to show a little appreciation. Stay tuned for next week as The Beatles will be the main focus
    Everything works fine for me. Not my favorite song, but I am glad to see Weekend Riff is back. This is what brought me to UG in the first place.
    Matty Ramone: I cant read that tab at all
    on the right-bottom hand corner an icon should appear when you go over it with the mouse. click it and it will zoom in
    the midi sounds a bit campy. good riff and everything, just with that lame backround music with the keyboard. sounds a bit crappy
    bob marley, credited the song to vincent ford, a guy who ran a soup kitchen in kingston.