UG Weekend Riff: Part 9

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Pantera - Fucking Hostile. Well, this was meant to be the Eric Clapton special... but after the general insult the Nu-Metal comments section was, this week you get one of those real metal bands you've been talking about and (after next weeks Stairway solo) a whole series of metal riffs.

Pantera's lovingly titled single from 'Vulgar Display Of Power' is a set of high speed riffs with heavy use of the low strings and an intense whammy bar and wah-wah solo. This riff, the chorus, comes in about 30 seconds after the viscious count-in.


Let everything ring out except the low E hits and the run of 5th fret A which should be palm muted. The difficult part is obviously the fourth bar and the trick is to lay your palm on the bridge to mute the string and then use the fingers to pick the string as quickly as possible. Be ready to jump back in the the 6th bar, and notice that the slides only occur in the first three bars.

Gear Settings:

The tone here is shaped by Dimebag's signature guitar (Washburn DIME333) with the bridge humbucker on and a Randall X2 Warhead amp with these settings:

  • Treble: 8
  • Mid: 2
  • Bass: 8
  • Gain: 8 (Also, use a noise gate!)

    Audio & Tab:

    e| ----------------- | ----------------- | B|:-----------------:| ----------------- | G| ----------------- | ----------------- | D| -7s5------------- | -7s5------------- | A|:-5s3-----5-----x-:| -5s3-----5---6-7- | E| -------0-3-----x- | -------0-3---4-5- |

    e| --------------------------------- | B| --------------------------------- | G| --------------------------------- | D| --------------------------------- | A| --------------------------------- | E| -----5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5--- |

    e| ----------------- | ----------------- | B|:-----------------:| ----------------- | G| ----------------- | ----------------- | D| -7-5------------- | -7s5------------- | A|:-5-3-----5-----x-:| -5s3-----5---6-7- | E| -------0-3-----x- | -------0-3---4-5- | Click here to get a midi file of the tab above.

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      my amp and guitar does not comply with what you suggest. sorry i'll just give up now ;\
      how could u get rid of the eric clapton special for pantera?!?!?!?
      Geldof the Grey
      I'm going to do Craig David whe I figure out how to play it! Can't think of any britney songs worth tabbing...
      nice one,realy satisfies the metalheads among us, maybe some machine head next week and we'd go ***in' crazy.
      Please tab some Extreme songs man.. maybe the Hip Today solo .. it would be brilliant if u did it.. or even some Mr Big songs.. the riff for Addicted To That Rush is amazing!
      I Want Pink Floyd. Perhaps The Riff In "Another Brick In The Wall Part 1"? the riff in that song is awesome.
      ok metallica doesn't suck. they actually came up with some pretty good stuff.
      and to all those people out there complaining about too much metal why don't you just be quiet and keep your comments to yourself
      as long as the metal riffs are NOT metallica i will be happy. well i will be happy either way, free_iraq is just pissing me off because metallica sucks. but hey, it takes all kinds. go geldolf!
      Brink Hyren
      Thanks, it's a little simple, but that never hurt anybody. Can't wait for next week's stairway solo.
      Damn, is here anyone else who is annoyed by these midi files? This effect is so crappy. The last weekend (Slipknot) really sucked big ***ing dick. I love the song but what do you think of using some real distortion. But most of the riffs are basicly good.
      it sound good... on my acoustic Geldof, nice job, as usual...
      i cant stand metal in any kind of form. not that anyone cares, but i just cant tolerate it. but i know that ug is predominantly metal (just look at the rnr forum for originals) so i wont b*tch.
      Bong Water
      geldof ur a gun. anyone who doesnt appreciate the work you put into these columns needs a kick up the arse. your selection of tunes is great, both good for expanding on techniques and style and pulling apart some stuff that previously I hadnt thought of tackling. thanks to this, i now check UG on the weekends as well =) keep up the good work.
      Jesus stop ***ing whining everyone. Good job Geldof, ignore what all these twats are saying, you can't please everyone, but your doing well with pleasing the majority. And about the midi? THATS HOW A FUCKING MIDI SOUNDS!. Just get over it, the midi file is only there to help you with the timing and rythm mostly; not to sound exactly like the song. If you want that listen to the real thing. I can't wait till next weeks Stairway solo.
      was this song in total guitar this mounth mmmmm good tab anyway do we really need the stairway solo when every one allready knows it
      Bong Water
      i dont reckon everyone knows it... just cause you seem to, doesnt mean that everyone does. and from the massive amount of people saying how anxious they are for it, i think a lot of people are gonna benefit from it. what people need to understand with these is that not every guitarist is a master and everyone needs to begin somewhere... in this column, everyone is catered for, with some more technical things, and easier stuff, theres breakdowns for evrybodys level. no, we do need the stairway to heaven solo, as from what ive read, a truckload of people are looking forward to it.
      how bout you give us something that might challenge us, and not this simple as crap, like metal
      Geldof the Grey
      joepage: yes this was in total guitar this month. I threw it up using their tab as I want to do a few metal tabs to shut the little "stop doing 'easy' stuff bitches
      I cant believe we lost a eric clapton special over this crap. But yeah, good tab. horrible song, yet good tab.
      Those of you complaining, shut up, if you want to suggest a riff to cover feel free to do so here geldof doesnt have to do these articles, hes not a mod and has no requirement of him to do so. Even better if your all full of such wonderful ideas why not do the article yourself and give him a week off. All you nobodys who contribute zero to the site can just shut the hell up.
      god damn i left mxtabs because i hated every last one of the noobs on that site. then i come here and find more whining noobs