UG's KerryKing01: Top 5 Up and Coming Metal Bands to Carry the Torch

The 5 young metal bands who are the best candidates for up and coming metal bands to carry the torch.

Ultimate Guitar

Black Veil Brides

Their popularity is not exclusive to Ultimate Guitar you'll be glad to know, with numerous brutal magazines deeming them to be the real torchbearers for the future of metal. Some of these magazines include Maxim, The Advocate, Cosmopolitan and a new underground Scandinavian publication known as Kerrang. With corpse paint that may have the members of Immortal thinking they aren't worth it, Black Veil Brides are a true force to be reckoned with. Rob Halford recently commented on lead singer Andy Ballsacks remarkable vocal abilities, "He's just fabulous! He puts me to shame, even in my prime!"

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Five Finger Death Punch

If you are currently wearing a sweat drenched vest and drinking protein shakes whilst contemplating your favourite pastime of LIFTING WEIGHTS then Five Finger Death Punch are the metal band for you. A recent reviewer beautifully predicted that "They will be as influential to the future of metal as Mahatma Ghandi was to dictatorship." Phil Anselmo recently praised them in an interview with Glamour magazine, "They remind me of Pantera and Metallica so much! They've never sold out and have always remained true to their roots. That's what matters!" You should watch out or you might get knocked out by the punch that this band's brutality packs!

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Sleeping With Sirens

With a unique voice that has been described as "Bruce Dickinson if he was unsure of his manhood," Kellin Quinn is one of metal's most promising new frontwomen and with a formidable boyband to back her pipes, who knows, metal might have a new ruler. Varg Vikernes recently praised them in an interview with Mens Health, "This is the music I work out to on the ground my forefathers fought upon. I don't know what will ignite quicker, my next church or the passion in the hearts of the master race for the great Sleeping With Sirens." Sounds good enough right? Stay untuned for more brutality.

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Linkin Park

Best known for their hits "Lateralus," "A New Level" and "Hammer Smashed Face," Linkin Park have been described as "the new Morbid Angel and the successors of Slayer." (A bit far-fetched for my liking.) The band's poster boy Kim Jong Un chatted to metal magazine Buzzfeed recently, "There's a lot of poser metal out there today but don't worry, we'll root it out and stay trve. My brother's band DragonForce especially have to go. Pacman metal sucks!" Buzzfeed later edited the article in typical fashion saying, "We respect Kim's opinion no matter what, we know his name not his story!"

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Asking Alexandria

Now that they've got rid of the curious looking ginger, perhaps this band's music will finally have some soul! In all seriousness a new release is anticipated in the near future and if it's as good as guitarist Bruce Wayne is making it out to be, maybe metal has a new torchbearer. "Put one bass string on your guitar (It can be a fretless guitar if you know what I mean), chug away, sing about some random ex and there you have it a recipe for the ultimate metal band of our century." This album will be revolutionary in the Tumblr community!

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    "They will be as influential to the future of metal as Mahatma Ghandi was to dictatorship". Gold.
    I lost it at Linkin Park
    Yeah, me too. The very first line did it: "Best known for their hits "Lateralus," "A New Level" and "Hammer Smashed Face," Linkin Park have been described as "the new Morbid Angel and the successors of Slayer.""
    We are doomed. I mean, we are really truly doomed. Thank God this is fake, isn't it? ISN'T IT?
    Nah man.
    Don't know what's less believable, Kim Jong Un being affiliated with Linkin Park or Five finger death shit being on the same level as Pantera
    Aw Fuck! Kerry King 01 is correct! All these bands suck Justin Beiber's nuts. Each Band mentioned is so generic and bland. FFDPussies are the worst ones on the list. They sound like Metallica joined forces with Nickleback with a metal sound.
    I think a bloke who goes out of his way to slate fans of bands on the internet has no right to be questioning whats "worst."
    Every one of those bands mentioned in this article are shit
    No shit, Sherlock! Did you read the article or just see who was on the list?
    Isnt that the same reason everyone else looked at this article?
    When I check out a list I take the time to read why they are on the list aswell. That way I don't leave unnecessary comments like yours.
    Agreed. I mean, some of their songs are alright, but overall, the bands up there are absolute shit.
    i salute the mezzo-dadaist tone of this entrevue, though I do regret that the acerbic tanins are a little strong for my sense of balance. I guess we'll just wait for the next vintage to cross the 21% panel efficiency mark.
    lisaroy150 · Jan 08, 2016 02:08 PM
    Leather Sleeves
    Leather Sleeves · Jan 08, 2016 02:26 PM
    Avenged Sevenfold deserves a spot up here, definitely. They're much better than all the other bands up here. Also, Alter Bridge deserves much more recognition.
    While I agree that A7X deserves a spot, I wouldn't consider Alter Bridge a "torchbearer" or even a good metal band
    To each their own. I honestly love Myles Kennedy's voice and Mark Tremonti's guitar skills. That's why I said that Alter Bridge should be up here. A7X is definitely one of the better bands in modern metal though.