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Welcome to the third in our series of profiles of the guitarists of Ultimate-Guitar.com. These are examples of just some of the people who regularly frequent the Riffs & Recordings section of the UG Forums, and open up their musical creations for the rest of the UGers to dissect. These are the people that make UG Forums what they are, so what better way to give you an insight into their music than to showcase their talents! This week we get the low-down on Andrew McShan aka FatKidsOnMopeds.

Featured Track:

Ok, I'm going to chose the song that a lot of people like: "Strawberry Shampoop".

I don't believe it to be the best song lyrically or musically, but it's a great song still somehow. I think it's just the passion that I put into it, and how it's funny but sometimes serious too.

I wrote it after I got into a big argument with one of my best friends over something, she got angry and cussed me out... in fact a lot of the phrases I use in the song she actually said, and it's not really an appropriate song for minors! ;) I might have to make a radio friendly version sometime!


Unfortunately my biography isn't as interesting as most are. I picked up my first guitar around the summer of 2001. I got started because my dad is a big classic rock freak and he already had 10 guitars. He's basically the one who got me to start playing. We went out to H & H music and got my first guitar (Sonata, which I still use) and I started learning easy songs like, "Michael Row Your Boat Ashore," you know, camp songs lol.

One day I was in a CD store checking out the latest releases since I felt like listening to some new music, and I saw a Dashboard Confessional CD, "Swiss Army Romance". I thought the cover was cool, so I bought it.

I fell in love with it the second I started listening. I kept thinking, this is what I want to do when I grow up! Play acoustic guitar and write my own songs! Yay! And that I did, I started writing. I found it pretty hard at first. I found UG while looking for tabs to a Dashboard song, and I loved it. I've been here ever since. The first song I ever wrote was called "Sad Song" and I actually entered it in a UG Forum contest a long time ago. It was Bill43, and myself and if I remember correctly, I think I won that... even though Bill's song was still amazing. I thought that was cool, because I truly thought Bill's was better, and I still do.

So I got into a lot more acoustic stuff, like "Remember Maine," "Early November," "Bright Eyes," etc. I got a girlfriend then, it was early 2003. Everything was going great, and she went to a dance to have fun, but I had to stay home because it wasn't at my school. So she comes home around 12 and calls me... "Hey, guess what?". I'm like, Yeah?. She's like "Some guy asked me out and I said YES!", and I start thinking... What the heck? I thought I was your boyfriend? Am I not good enough? I wrote a lot of songs about that.

Some are also about my friends, like one I wrote called, "September Seems So Lonely This Year", about my friend who died last year.

I've played some gigs, all of which haven't been too huge, but someday I'd like to play bigger shows and hopefully get signed. At the start of this year I went with my French teacher to a symposium event where I played a classical French song "Autumn Leaves", basically the same version Simon did, but all Frenched up. I got into the finals, but lost against an amazing violinist. It was still a very cool experience and I intend to do it again this year... and this time I'll win!

The UG forum moderators (mainly Bill aka Bill43, Simon aka Beatallica_fan, Steve aka LazyGuitar, and Doug aka Casualty01) have helped with a lot and inspired me to keep playing and never give up. I've collaborated with Simon and some other people during my time on UG.


Acoustic Guitars:

  • Ibanez J-560BK
  • YS-700S
Electric Guitars:
  • Tom Delonge Strat
  • Epi special II
  • Standard Fender Telecaster


I have all of my songs on SoundClick available at this location. My Dmusic site: esp1.dmusic.com. My collaboration with Simon, "We Live On" can be found on his Dmusic site: beatallica.dmusic.com.

-- Andrew aka FatKidsonMopeds


Thanks to Andrew for this week's feature. If you want to see your music featured, remember to pay a visit to the Riffs & Recordings forum. There's a huge amount of talent on show and it's always worth taking the time to listen to and critique a couple of songs, as well as getting feedback on your own work.

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    lol it's like a hippy convention. Well that or UG's gay pride march I edited it a lil' bit Andrew, but not a lot... took out quite a few 'likes'... :-P Good stuff though, well deserved, you're obviously extremely dedicated to your music which is great to see.
    I have to say though, that little dance story sounds so teen emo it made me giggle a bit
    Beautiful Andrew, you're a wonderful piece of work Us love each other gooood.
    hey andrew! you are the greatest emo guy dood I know you really gotta play some shows in my city (Grapevine) I know alot of people who'd love to see you in person...including me!! lol okay well you better become famous and you know chip me in that pay! lol j/k okay well cya later hun! Bye
    LOL i love that line where you say "on her it smells like shit but on you its the shiznit" or sumtin.
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    Love? Perhaps. Romance? Maybe. Infatuation? Definately. If I had a penny for everytime andrew made me laugh I'd have like 1.50$.. Hey.. Thats alot ok. Thats like a pack of gum. Man do I love gum. Thanks andrew for the good songs.. but mostly the gum.
    I love 'Black Secret' Actually I like all of your stuff. Too bad about you dick being small jk
    lmao, this is my 3rd time listening to strawberry shampoop...haha, good....weird....song...lol
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    And then Mari kicked that dyke in the face and promised she'd love you and never leave you. I love you.