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Welcome to the fourth in our series of profiles of the guitarists of Ultimate-Guitar.com. These are examples of just some of the people who regularly frequent the Riffs & Recordings section of the UG Forums, and open up their musical creations for the rest of the UGers to dissect. These are the people that make UG Forums what they are, so what better way to give you an insight into their music than to showcase their talents! This week Glyn Edwards aka yngwiemalmsteen gives us a quick insight into his musical lifestyle.

Featured Track:

My featured track will be one of my latest incarnations called "Highway Biker" although it was a close call! I've chosen this track as I think it shows how my recordings have evolved since when I first joined the UG forums. If you've never heard the track then you hopefully from the title you'll get the image of, well, a biker, err on a highway!!! Just imagine a hell's angel on a fat Harley Davidson riding across the deserts of America coming into contact with various towns and cities through day and night and that's basically the idea behind the song.

Sound-wise, you'll see that the solo has differing sounds to the main riff etc, this was due to my poor recording set-up and my anger at not getting the same tone as I'd used for the entirety of the song (so I decided to use any ole' heavy tone in the end!), so that aside I love it! It was influenced by my long-haired motorbike-riding tattooed friend who I've known for years (you know who you are!) and his new-love, his bike! It also makes for a good rock theme, which I'm quite partial to create from time to time!


I first picked up the guitar when I was 14 in 1995. A few of my mates from school had them and were just starting out so when they started playing the opening riff from "Enter Sandman" (albeit badly) I wanted to do the same! My first guitar was a Japanese copy of a Fender Strat and it had the highest action known to man (I didn't know that at the time by the way!) I started trying to play away with no guide or anything and frankly without it being in tune either! 3 months later I got a guitar tuner thanks to my Mum, I still don't know why to this day, but it started to sound a lot better after I'd finally tuned up properly!

I don't know what the first riff I ever learned was but it may have been between "Enter Sandman" or "Sad But True," I was crazy for those songs back then! I farted about with the guitar for a bit afterwards trying to learn some lead lines (well lines, I wouldn't call them lead lines more noise lines!) and was getting nowhere. I then got into the Beatles. You know them don't you? Small band, had a few hits in the '60s, you'll know their faces! Anyway, I got a chord book of every single Beatles songs and learned how to play chords. From there I blossomed. I started to get the old theory under my belt and also started playing with a friend who was obsessed by rhythm, just how I was obsessed with lead and what with my new guitar, a whoppingly expensive (joke) Epiphone LP100 I was bound for success!

About 1998 I discovered the world of Joe Satriani and the like at a friends house whose brother had all records of him and Steve Vai etc and I've never been so humbled but motivated in all my life. It was so clear to me that I just had to play guitar as well as they could, be technically proficient. I got into their music big time and still am today although only really Steve Vai. I also got into Yngwie Malmsteen (hence my username when I joined the UG!) and was just disgusted at how clean and precise his licks were! My ideal style would consist of Satriani legato, Malmsteen preciseness and vibrato and Vai creativity, style and feel.

I'm still waiting to play my first gig, yes I've never played live! It's starting to depress me a bit now but the way my life is at the moment I haven't got the time. Once I can drive a car (and own one!) I think I'll start to assemble a super-group and see if I can create some good music. I can't wait!

As for UG I've met some cool people and out of everyone, I've got to know a few people namely Bill (Bill43) who I've done some collaboration work with (he's got the details of which on his UG featured artist article) and is a nice guy indeed! Also I chat to Scott (Slurgi) from time to time who is cool and also Andrew (Andrewbiles) who flattered me no end by tabbing one of my songs! The tab is here, and is for my "Names Bond, James Bond" song. Cheers Andrew!



  • Epiphone Lp100
  • Rocktek 40 Watt Practice Amp
  • Zoom 3030 Effects board
  • A plectrum!
  • Leads
  • Power Adaptors (Ok so I haven't got much of a rig!)
I predominately use Cakewalk Plasma Express for any sort of recording and basically just use the line in socket at the back of my base unit. I've dabbled with Fruity Loops and am currently looking to maybe changing to Audacity in the future as it's free! J At a bet I think I'll probably have the smallest rig out of all those who make it to the featured artist page! Boo-hoo!


On my dMusic page I have a few other songs which I hope you enjoy. The latest song on there is called Arp and is basically just a song I built around the opening riff! I liked the delay on it and the sound and took it from there. Another ditty is Names Bond, James Bond, which got a great response when I posted it. It's basically a medley of different themes from the bond films over the years done in my style. See if you can recognise them! Others include Metal For The Masses, my first foray into making a full on hard rock/metal instrumental; The Funkiest Thing, an attempt at creating a unique funk vibe which you can boogie along to if you wish and There's Hope For Us All, a more melodic piece focussing on emotion and feeling (how I felt at the time to be honest).

Hopefully you'll enjoy listening to these tracks and the others on my site and also the songs I post in the future, when I get my ass into gear!


Thanks to Glyn for this week's feature. If you want to see your music featured, remember to pay a visit to the Riffs & Recordings forum. There's a huge amount of talent on show and it's always worth taking the time to listen to and critique a couple of songs, as well as getting feedback on your own work. Until next week, keep those amps on 11.

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    Personally my favourite guitarist I've heard from UG. No problem for tabbing that song, I might try work out one of your funky ones, but they sound hard. Great to see your name up here, congrats.
    As usual, I'm late, but you already know I consider you to be one hell of a musician. Congrats Glyn.
    audacity is good, but it's hard to manually allign tracks due to lack of bars shown - its just a blank track with a soundwave. Also, the effects can easily be overdone. Nice song man...
    Your songs are pretty good, you have some skill there, though I think you are using to much delay, echoes and such, the sound is really messed up, I know many people like it that way, but I dont. Keep on Rockin' anyway!
    Your music kicks some serious ass Glyn, but you already knew that. Congratulations to you my friend.
    Very very sweet, do you gig often?? I really liked the highway biker idea, very good.
    Well done Glyn, your music rocks and you seem like a cool guy. It's also great to see that you can create such great sounds with minimal equipment. It means I can't be using my crappy gear as an excuse for being shit anymore, lol.
    Thats excellent mate! I can definatly hear your influences in there, but not a complete rip off I like the main riff and the solos flow well. Nice to hear the stereo mixing too, good work
    Congrats, I believe you're the first non-mod to appear! I can't say I like Yngwie's playing, although he does have crazy skills.
    Wow I'm on your website and your music is excellent! Very very cool...it's good to hear actual talent and not just an amp turned up to full blast and power chords coming out with full disortion. Keep up the good work.
    Danny7: Wow, its cool to hear a guitarist whos really good, average sort of 'upbringing' in guitar, if you will
    That's the point of these really imo... it's nice to read about your average Joe (in a nice way Glyn ) that's able to put their music across to people through UG
    well, i have to say, so far ive liked betallica's the most... but only because i think this rhythm track isnt that great and im not into the genre... but you still do what youre going for very well.
    Wow, its cool to hear a guitarist whos really good, average sort of 'upbringing' in guitar, if you will, whose rig and story aren't "well then I bought my Gibson Les Paul Jimmi Page custom, which was actually owned by Page himself.. and I played that through my 2,000 Watt amp in my 17 bedroom mansion off the coast of France.." I could so be you in a few years... Me picking up a guitar when I was 14, in 2004... starting playing Metallica...
    My 15 minutes of fame! I'll enjoy it while it lasts Lazy! Thanks to all at UG and also my family, my computer, my guitar, my pick, my hands..... : But seriously, thanks for postin a bio of me! I really appreciate it! Cheers :cheers:
    dude, ur excelent, and i dont wanna rip u off or anything but could u tab out some of ur songs and post um? that would be kick ass