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Well hopefully there are a few more Ultimate-Guitairsts to come, when people get them in to me ;-) But in the meantime, it's time for another resident moderator to get in on the act. Show your appreciation for Rob, aka Asomodai!

Featured Track:

The track I have chosen has unfortunate legal complications. The track is called "Blackened Remains" and can be downloaded here. It's a song I co-wrote with a band called Irony of Christ that I was in for about 4 months.

This song is death/black/melodic all in one. It has it's highs, it's lows, it's cleans and downright shred-tastic moments. It was written in darkest Oxford when at a practice session with a band called Irony of Christ, where I was the lead guitarist at the time. I have chosen this track as I think it reflects the sort of music I would like to achieve. Heavy, melodic, powerful and technically brilliant songs. The song starts are with a generic In Flames like riff over Opeth barre chords. Then into a smaller generic thrash riff, and back into the first riff with vocals. Then goes into the middle section which is a series of reasonably complicated riffs following chromatic scales. After the folky section there's a clean bit using Opeth influenced chords with a hard to hear bass solo. This then goes straight into my guitar solo. Granted it could have been better, the perfomance was recorded about 2 weeks after completely writing the song and I hadn't really written a definate solo. But I just went through a Blues scale and Fast shredding up to the top of the fingerboard finished with chromatic sweep picking. Which then turns back into the Middle part, and then into a 5/4 generic thrash section. Straight back into the verse of the song. In total there are about 9 riffs which comprise the song.

The track was recorded at the Man on the Moon venue in Cambridge about midway through the tour. Unfortunatly 2 weeks after the tour I was dropped from the band for apparantly not being 'suited'. Which, to be honest, was a little bit harsh. In this band I felt I was in my element.

However I am in an indie rock band as a bassist, which has started to take off recently and after a short exchange of CDs, a Kerrang promotor loves the band and is putting us on a Kerrang Rock night in London ASAP. So watch out guys.


I am probably most famous in Ultimate-Guitar.Com for owning a 36 fret 80s shred guitar. And a 8 string bass (unpaired, which means actually separate strings not paired up like a 12 string acoustic). I am 19 years of age, come from Bristol, United Kingdom and I am a confessed guitar collector. I started playing in July 2000 - it was my 17th birthday and I had been pestering my parents to buy me a guitar and amp for about 12 months, considering I had always wanted to learn.

I chose a vintage Telecaster with a Honher Panther 20 watt amp. My uncle also bought me a Boss ME-30 multi effects pedal. From then on I started to collect, buy, sell various bits of gear. And I have learnt from it. I'm finally content with that I have got.

I take music technology at college and I am now in my second year. I get to do lots of different cool stuff with music, that I hope I can let all the R+R crew hear.

I joined Ultimate-Guitar.Com the same time I started playing guitar back in 2002. For some bizarre reason, I was chosen as a Moderator for the teeming Electric Guitar forum, where I have been probably the most prolific GOTW writer. I created the now defunct 'UGer of the week', and pushed for the 80's Rock, Shred & Progressive forum which I now moderate. I also help *Def* moderate Bass Guitar, and the Classifieds section of UG.

I have to say, I don't know much about theory at all. I never learnt the names of chords or scales. Or even know the notes of a fretboard very well. But I continually believe that anyone can pick up a guitar, no matter how stupid... I am living proof!

I have to thank, my best friend Roman (aka Streamline) for helping me build my custom guitar and offering me brilliant advice. I met him through UG and we have visited eachother on many occasions. And may they keep coming :D Thanks to Drummoando ;) for putting up with listening to my dross music and Beatallica_fan for actually listening to my suggestions.



  • Vintage telecaster with Seymour Duncan hot rails in the bridge and a Roland GK1 midi system paired with a GR70 processor
  • Indie Irj Dragon with Paul Stanley (of Kiss) signature bridge pickup
  • Washburn EC-36, 36 fret shred guitar with Seymour duncan screamin demon
  • Peavey predator 7 string with Dimarzio tone zone in the bridge and Air Norton in the neck
  • Homemade Asocaster, With Washburn wonderbar bridge, Fender lace sensor pickups, Fender USA electronics, jack, tuners
  • Galveston 8 string ((unpaired)) bass guitar
  • Stagg mb350 4 string bass guitar.
  • Laney Va50 All valve 1975 2x12
  • Laney AOR-PRO TUBE LEAD, 50 watt valve head and 4x12 Ibanez cab
  • Laney Dp150 4x10 bass head and cab
  • Boss Me-30 multi
  • Akai Shred o matic
  • Boss Ns-2 noise supressor
  • Boss bf-2 Flanger
  • DOD Yngwie Malmsteen sig pedal
  • Casio ctk630 keyboard
  • A 150 watt Leem PA system with 2x15 cabs


- My old band Irony Of Christ - My current indie rock band The Advocate Generals - Me!


Thanks to Rob for taking the time out from being sacked from his bands to write this article ;-) (Just kidding Robbo, love ya really!). If you want to see more of UG residents' music creations, just visit the Riffs & Recordings forums and join in!

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    Lol ok , since Writing the article i have gotten rid of my indie IRj Dragon and have since purchased a Tokai P bass.
    Holy crap your current band is GOOO..D! Your singer is damn talented and i like you on bass and the guitar rocks too, keep it up and I wish you the best of luck
    lmao... I love how it linked to "Drummoando"s profile Rob, you've confused the system!
    ive also used a 36 pffft screw that i mean you cant even play the frettage in the 30s its too damn small! and one pickup yup its a score allright
    i actually think of you as a gearfreak, someone who spends more time on their gear than actually playing guitar
    an unrelated question, does anybody know how to view old ug features?
    Did you take lessons? Im guessing no since you said you dont know alot of theory. How does that 36 fretter play?
    i dont really know much about the style of music, but it sounded cool to me so nice job. and did you use the 36 fret guitar on this song? if not do you have a song where we can hear it? cause ive seen a pic of it but want to hear how it sounds. nice job on the song though.
    Nice song! I couldn't hear what the bass was really doing, but oh well! At first it sounded like a Linkin Park song, but it really shaped up. The solo doesn't quite fit, but as you said you didn't have enough time to write a good one.