Unfinished. Part 8

Rosethorns frontman Tommy Frederick attends a Hollywood party.

Ultimate Guitar

The parking valet came down two steps, flashed a professional smile and extended his white gloved right hand. Tommy Frederick stepped out of his red Enzo Ferrari and handed him the keys. Then he helped his ex-wife, Kara, out of the car.

At thirty-seven, she's still any teenager's wet dream, he thought. As her low cut Marchesa gown tightly clung to her goddess-like figure, he could make out that she was not wearing anything underneath, and that slit over her right leg went pretty high above her mid thigh. He sighed and realized that he was getting a hard-on.

He whispered into her ear as they ascended the stairs to the garden where the party was, You know, we didn't have to get divorced just because we were fking other people. It's kinda retarded these days.

She laughed, one of her sweet yet snobbish laughs. Then she adjusted her blonde locks and said, Can you be more of a jerk? We're divorced because you don't want to start a family. I don't need to stay married to you just for your eight-inch dk.

Tommy was about to say something but he found themselves standing in front of Reger Cortez, the host of tonight's party and his wife. Cortez was the owner of a number of art galleries and a lot of A-listers usually attend his parties. Hello Kara, Tommy, he said to them as they shook hands, smooched and exchanged pleasantries. Cortez was a shark of a man, known for his shrewed business tactics in art dealing. But he had always been a charming host.

Tommy looked around. The garden was mostly filled with rather artsy' type celebs, a breed Kara liked to associate herself with. She was an exotic dancer before she started her work in expressionist art. Tommy met her while she was still at a topless place in Vegas, and he admits that he never understood any of her later work. But she soon started to garner positive reviews after two-three exhibitions.

Tommy spotted John Rzeznik of the Goo goo Dolls among the crowd. Ah, at least someone I can talk to, he said to himself and started walking that thay. But what is he doing here anyway? He remembered them opening for Rosethorns back in '93 at a sold out stadium concert in Buffalo. They were a tight band already, and he casually followed their music afterwards. During the studio session of Rosethorn's 1997 album Blue Underground he invited John to play guitar in one of the tracks. And boy, it was

Hey Tommy, how have you been? Tommy suddenly found himself standing in front of a smiling Conchita, his former agent. She was a short and rather, uh, well-endowed woman of forty with a really irritating voice and laugh. And you can't stop her once she starts talking.

Oh, hello Conchita. Tommy maintained a neutral expression as he said this.

Ah, it's so good to see you here after such a long time, she exclaimed. Then she lowered her voice and made a serious face. I saw you coming in with Kara. But I heard you two got divorced.

Tommy smiled a little. Yeah, we're divorced. But we're still humping wild, you know.

She squinted a little and broke into one of her loud freaky laughters. Several guests turned their heads. She said, Of course, honey. Keep up the exercise... heh heh.

Tommy was trying to get past her, saying I'll see you in a while. but she pulled her suit. Tell me, she said, Do you still want to guest star in True Blood'? I was talking to Charlaine, one of their writers, the other day and she said she was thinking something in the lines of a rock star vampire, with live performances and all. One or two episodes maybe, no major plot line.

Tommy raised his eyebrows. He does like to guest star in a few TV dramas every now and then. And he liked this show. A year back, when Conchita was still his agent for acting ventures, he might have mentioned this to her. But he couldn't remember now. Nevertheless, it would indeed be awesome to get such a role. But the question was, why would Conchita do it for him now?

He said, I'm listening.

Conchita laughed again. Of course, I can offer this to Stephen Seaman. But then again, no point. They wouldn't cast him anyway. So I suddenly thought of you.

He could understand she was a little drunk. If he wanted, he could make her talk to this Charlene or something. But he restrained himself. He smiled and replied, No, you know what? i don't think at this point I'm serious about acting. See you later. And he turned the other way.

And right then he bumped into somebody, almost spilling her drink on to her. He found himself standing in front of an extremely good-looking woman, looking rather chic and classy in a short blue dress. He smiled awkwardly.

I'm so sorry, he said, trying to look genuinely apologetic. The woman, who must be in her early thirties according to his assumption, shook her head, smiling. Oh no, don't say that, she said, It's not like you ruined my dress or something.

Tommy shrugged, maintaining his smile. Boy is she a hot thing or what. That's true, he said.

She laughed a little. You're Tommy Frederick. I saw you guys live, like, four times. First was back in '96... I was in high school I guess.

He nodded his head. That's cool. And you are? Did I see you somewhere?

She smiled and shrugged. I don't think so. I work behind the camera. Name's Ruby Sterling. I'm a writer for E! News.

Wow... are you the one who wrote that E! article when my wife filed for divorced? What is it that you said? Ah... There are two types of rock icons. Saints and asses. Unfortunately, like most of them, Frederick belonged to the latter.' He flashed a light-hearted smile.

She laughed. What? But no, I just joined here. Actually I used to work at NBC. Left a few months back.

And thereby delighted me this evening, he thought. He glanced back to find Kara in the crowd. Must be getting men drunk and keeping them busy with crap art stuff conversations.

Ruby Sterling continued, You know what? This is actually a quite interesting coincidence. A former colleague of mine called me last night asking about you.

Oh yeah? Tommy's eyes were still searching for Kara. Ah, there she is. At a corner, holding champagne, laughing and talking to an old bearded guy. But what's he doing?

Ruby answerd, Um, he said he's actually from your old hometown. He runs the local TV channel there. He asked me if we can arrange for a short phone interview with you.

Tommy saw the bearded guy sliding his hand through the slit in Kara's dress. Then he put his other hand on her ass and gave it a light squeeze. Then they started to walk towards the upper stairs.

Fking slut, Tommy thought. He turned towards Ruby and asked her politely, Can we continue this conversation somewhere quiet?


They were out of breath and panting heavily. Both lay there on the bed side by side for a few minutes, silently staring at the ceiling. Then Ruby said, But you still have to do that phone interview thing for my colleague.

He looked at her. Your friend runs a TV channel in Swimmer's Due?

Yeah. He was brilliant, but had authority issues. Suddenly left NBC, went straight to Swimmer's Due to open its own TV station. His name is Dirk.

But why does he want my phone interview? Ask him to call my agents.

She turned towards him. I don't think they will let him asking questions to you. But anyway, he said he just wants your comments on somebody's recent death. He was your original lead guitarist or something.

Holy shit, he wondered. Was George Becker a celebrity or something there? He cleared his throat. Well, that was a long time back. I can barely remember him. I think we only played five or six gigs together. I really don't know what happened to him after we left. I really shouldn't give an interview when I don't know anything about it.

She sighed. Well, then he said that I should tell you about your early songs that were written by him, but you forgot to give him writing credit.

Shit, he thought. Goddamned Pete. That motherfker has already opened up to this guy.

Next morning the first thing Tommy Frederick did was to call Jennier, his P.A. Hey Jen, he said, Can you fix me a first class plane ticket to Dallas today? Preferably afternoon?

He needed to meet this Dirk guy.

(to be continued)

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    Thanks a lot. And I apologize for too many typos in this episode. Had to finish this one in a hurry. Won't happen again.
    LMAO I couldn't help laughing at the start. "He sighed and realized that he was getting a hard-on." True dat.