Volker Takes French Rock/Metal Worldwide with New Album 'Dead Doll'

UG exclusive premiere of a new Volker lyric video.

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Volker Takes French Rock/Metal Worldwide with New Album 'Dead Doll'

French rock/metal crossover group Volker recently announced the release of their upcoming melodic assault, "Dead Doll," hitting North American retailers on May 26, 2017 via Overpowered Records / AISA/RED distribution. North American pre-orders for Dead Doll are available now via Amazon in digital and CD formats.

Ultimate Guitar has the exclusive first look at the lyrics video for "Voodoo Baby", the band's first single from "Dead Doll." The track charges forward with a raucous hard rock-meets-punk sound, weaving eerie throwback sci-fi film sounds throughout. "Voodoo Baby" is propelled by frontwoman Jen Nyx's signature horror-driven lyricism.

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In addition to the influences heard on “Voodoo Baby”, Dead Doll blends assorted heavy music styles such as 90’s grunge rock, retro power metal, classic rock and even horror punk to create an accessible, engaging sound. Whether soaring at the top of her impressive range above striking guitar harmonies, or deftly growling amidst pummeling double bass and searing solos, singer Jen Nyx more than proves her equally-diverse skills on Dead Doll. Conjuring visions of the macabre, Nyx leads with a seductive aggression, flanked by seasoned French musicians John Aupeix on drums, Emmanuel Pliszke on bass and lead composer Ulrich Wegrich on guitars.

Stay tuned for more coming soon from Volker!

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    Since when does UG randomly promote unknown bands? Anyway, this was definitely not my cup of tea.
    Definitely not my thing. I really liked the music in the verse, with the spooky-synths going on. Reminded me of the first Marilyn Manson album, or some such. However i heavily disliked the vocals, mostly the shrieky parts. And the chorus-thing is such a tonal shift. All music trying to be appealing seems to do this, total tonal shifts. I don't think it's nice. I think it's jarring, and it sounds desperate for validation. All in all, i kinda like the music, but not the singer - but i definitely think they could do something cool. I like the simple, yet effective approach to songwriting that they seem to be going for, which is probably gonna be hated on here, due to everyone being an instrument-nerd - but i'll still maintain that pretty much all really good songs are somewhat simple. I think they just need the singer to calm her tits abit. She can obviously do different things, but she should serve the song and not vice versa.
    I was kinda expecting the vocals to be in French given the title of the article :| 
    This is why nobody buys CDs anymore. You think anybody wants to spend 20 dollars on a CD when this is the single? This is why we can't have nice things.
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