Wednesday Question: Best Hangover Song

What's the perfect soundtrack for a raging hangover? Votes and nominations inside.

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Wednesday Question: Best Hangover Song

For this week's traditional Wednesday Question, we'd like to kindly ask you lovely people to think about the jolly matter of hangovers and answer this:

What's the best hangover song ever?

  • Post only one suggestion per comment after checking that your favorite wasn't already nominated (Ctrl+F and all).
  • Multiple nominations of one song create heavy confusion, since on one hand it's unfair to the given track to take into consideration only the most upvoted nomination, but seeing that multiple nominations allow one user to give two or more votes to the same tune, it's also unfair to other nominees not to discard it.
  • Vote up the ideas you support and vote down the ones you dislike.
We'll sum up your votes by Friday and bring you another traditional UG top list. Show us what you got now!

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    The Offspring - The Worst Hangover Ever
    I thought of this song instantly after reading the title of the original post
    Splinter is one of my favourite albums, I feel sad for those who criticize it, I think it was their best sin ixnay....
    For some reason my hangover always seems to ease down when I'm listening to Oblivion by Mastodon. Not really a "calm" song so to say, yet the kind of soothing vocals and guitar solo always seem to work for me
    Why would it have to be calm? I like my hangover music pretty loud so I don't have to hear anything what's going on outside. I also boost my sub more, because the smooth bass feels good while laying in bed.
    Ole' Nessie
    My go to album is the Deftones B Sides covers album. More mellow than Deftones original albums. That cover of Ordinary Love is so mellow and so unexpected and perfect for a hangover sunday
    Many a time I have driven home on a Sunday morning from my buddy's house out in the middle of nowhere after a long night of drinking at the local bar. Even at 8 am, its always hot and humid, as the sun beats down on the Florida muck and envelops the whole county. After I get a Mountain Dew and a BC powder, I always reach for some Allman Brothers to get me through. Maybe its a southern thing, maybe I'm just a redneck, who knows, but "Blue Sky" always sets the mood right. It's both simple and complex with just the right amount of mellowness and joy to put a smile on your face, no matter how much your head hurts.
    Electric Wizard - Funeralopolis I think those stoner riffs really help
    Queens of the Stone Age - I Was a Teenage Hand Model Maybe the lyrics except for the first line don't really fit a hangover, but the feel of the song just screams "morning after a party" to me
    Nazareth - Hair Of The Dog The reason for why I nominated this one is in the song title.
    This entire album: Devin Townsend Project - Ghost Literally nothing to abrasive to compound that morning after headache, just the gentle, soothing, effervescent tones of a middle aged bald Canadian being chilled as fuck.
    That's more what I listen to when I'm actually sick. Works well with a high too!
    My roomate and I used to ritualistically pound a beer to this song after a night of hell raising. Mexicali Blues - The Greatful Dead
    Also zakk wylde has an album named "Hangover Music volume VI" so pretty much anything off of that. I'm pretty partial to his cover of whiter shade of pale