Wednesday Question: Best Video Game Soundtrack


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Wednesday Question: Best Video Game Soundtrack

For this week's traditional Wednesday Question, we decided to kindly ask you folks to delve into the world of video games and answer this:

What's the best video-game soundtrack ever?


  • Post only one suggestion per comment after checking that your favorite wasn't already nominated (Ctrl+F and all).
  • Multiple nominations of one soundtrack create heavy confusion, since on one hand it's unfair to the given game to take into consideration only the most upvoted nomination, but seeing that multiple nominations allow one user to give two or more votes to the same thing, it's also unfair to other nominees not to discard it.
  • Vote up the ideas you support and vote down the ones you dislike.

We'll sum up your votes by Friday and bring you another traditional UG top list. Show us what you got now!

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    Heroes of Might and Magic III Just masterpiece!!!
    I know the opinions a lot of people hold about the follow-up, but I've still always loved the soundtrack to IV, perhaps even more so than its predecessors
    Super Metroid
    Wow, so far down the list. Hands down the best for me. It's not metal but for atmospheric and tension, this wins.
    Well the songs aren't played in a metal style but the melodies are fuckin heavy and doomy dude, and like you said very atmospheric which builds tension.
    Final Fantasy VII, of course.
    In a similar vain, I think that the Kingdom Hearts OST is beautiful. I've also been listening to it a makes me think of my girlfriend.
    Kingdom Hearts has an amazing soundtrack. I really got into the one from Birth by Sleep. Dearly Beloved has such a nostalgic feel. I really love it
    Such a great soundtrack. For whatever reason Traverse Town is the song that comes back to me the most.
    And even more so than that, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII.
    There were a couple of really amazing tracks in CC like Aerith's church music, but honestly, I think it was pretty weak as far as FF soundtracks go in my opinion.
    Absolutely. It's even better than VIII and IX, which are also incredible. Easily the best OST ever for me.
    Ole' Nessie
    Legend of Zelda
    I'm going to specify further and say Legend of Zelda : Majora's Mask has the best music. This is a hard question though there are so many classic songs form video games!
    Exactly, with a game that has been around this long that has created so many different tracks and variations thereof throughout the years you can't go wrong. Mario is a close second.
    Castlevania Symphony of the Night
    For some reason I truly love the soundtrack for the NES version of "Castlevania" Castlevania [NES]
    Super Mario Bros. True classic by Koji Kondo!..
    Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. Always brings tears to my eyes, when I play it
    Halo 1 and 2, Composed by Marty O'Donnell with Steve Vai shredding leads
    That guitar intro gets me hyped everytime, oohrah.
    same with me still to this day... and the Blow Me Away original for the game by Breaking Benjamin also gives me chills too
    You walk into this room, Cortana says "You might wanna sit this one out". That Blow Me Away riff kicks in, and you immediately are left with no choice but to wipe out all life in that room. Came here to vote Halo 2
    Hotline Miami
    While I like many of the songs off the Hotline Miami 2 soundtrack more, at 3+ hours long they are spread out too thin between the rest.
    The songs by Sun Araw were fantastic! Ended up getting into his weird world of music because of it.
    Haha same! I actually also started playing around with making electronic music on garageband and then logic pro largely because of these tracks. Video game soundtracks don't get enough credit.
    Mass Effect 3 had an amazing soundtrack, my fave of the series, this track in particular was very powerful and blended perfectly with the visuals.
    Quake Soundtrack
    ^ This, I agree that alot of the soundtracks in the comments are amazing, beautiful, etc...but the job of a soundtrack is to immerse you more into the experience, nothing even came close to doing that as Quake 1's soundtrack made by the amazing Trent Reznor himself.
    Fallout It's almost equal to "Fallout 2" OST in terms of quality, but it's just me. Mark Morgan wrote one of the greatest dark ambient albums ever
    This. I think Fallout 4's has something to say too though. (even though the game gets a lot of hate. Still not sure why) That game's soundtrack really captured the vibe of the series while also having a total Boston feel to it as well.
    damn right, my son.. very overlooked soundtrack and this applies to Fallout 2 as well
    Ole' Nessie
    Motherfuckin' DOOM !
    Doom 2016 to be exact. Nothing gets better than this game's soundtrack. Bang bang 💥
    Speaking of 2016, The Witcher 3!
    Good, but please don't post your nomination as a reply to top comment next time - because it's not fair to the rest of the nominations.
    I logged in just to upvote this to counter the downvote you got. Mick Gordon is one hell of a composer and artist so I 100% agree with you. That soundtrack was amazing and so were the first 2 seasons of Killer Instinct on Xbox One.
    problem is they arent exactly original... they re do midis of bunch of classics. Still amazing tho
    Zelda, particularly Ocarina of Time and Windwaker. A favorite from the series would be the Astral Observatory from Majora's Mask, or the main title from Windwaker.
    Beat me to it. More specifically I've always loved the Gerudo Valley and Dragonroost Island themes.
    Great music in those games! Espesially Gerudo Valley, the boss music and the final boss!
    The music in Grim Fandango is very nice! Jazzy as hell!
    I love this game!! It had amazing OST too. Thanks for all the nostalgia
    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
    Great! But I personally love music for "Morrowind" more: The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind And yes, Jeremy Soule is a great composer!
    Half of the Skyrim soundtrack is just reworked songs from Morrowind anyway. Kinda breaks the original soundtracks rule...
    I prefer Oblivion's soundtrack.
    Agreed - Oblivions soundtrack was this perfect blend that had incredible and memorable melodies, a wide array of sound textures, but was also ambient enough to fall into the background if you were more focused on the game, and on top of that, combined with its length, it never became tiresome in the long run. It's the kind of soundtrack that perfectly enhances the game as the backdrop, but which you can also listen to on its own.
    Command & Conquer: Red Alert Frank Klepacki HELL MARCH!
    Vicryl 2.0
    this soundtrack got me into Rammstein... was looking something similar with the soundtrack and found Rammstein..
    William Sitnin
    Metal Gear Solid series The quality isn't too consistent but some tracks are outstanding. Composers involved: TAPPY, Rika Muranaka, Harry Gregson-Williams, Norihiko Hibino
    I agree. There have been very few sountracks that have given me goosebumps and 'Father and Son' actually induced tears. One of my favorites of all time.
    Red Dead Redemption The part where you enter Mexico and Jose Gonzalez's Far Away starts playing is jaw-dropping.
    Donkey Kong Country 2
    1 & 2 both have such catch groovy tunes. I actually put on a walkthrough on youtube the other day in the background while I cleaned my house just to relive the music
    Final Fantasy X
    The intro song that everyone e once thought was Rammstein is amazing. One of my favourite metal songs lol
    Blitzball theme is so freaking sweet, also I often randomly get Hymn of the Fayth stuck in my head.
    Never sure which FF game is my favorite, but this remains my favorite game OST of all time.
    Prince of Persia (NES) Just great soundtrack for such game!..
    Silent Hill (4)!
    Probably not the best GAME in the franchise, but the OST... Let me tell you. Akira Yamaoka created the most unique music for Silent Hill 1-SHattered Memories. Tonally so different from what you'd expect from a horror score. Why The Room then? Al of his soundtracks I adore, but The Room has a rough edge to it, that no other game in the franchise could capture. Almost grunge at times. Just skip through the Tracks and hear for yourself.
    I remember enjoying this SH quite a bit, despite it not being reviewed very well. Although, I never did finish it (it was a Blockbuster rental for me). I remember a LOT of backtracking though. But still good.
    diablo original tune nobody D:? fucking d3 screw it up nobody remember that amazing guitar and flute midiish
    Great! But if you ask me, I personally love the OST for the 2nd part more) Diablo II
    Completely agree this piece of music feels so relaxing and airy I love it!
    Half-Life 2. The soundtrack greatly enhances already intense and dramatic atmosphere of the game, and because of that it somewhat changed my opinion of electronic music.
    Star Wars-Kinghts of the Old Republic Excellent job.
    William Sitnin
    That's a great one! However, I think the sequel - Knights of the Old Republic 2 The Sith Lords - is even better. Composed by Mark Griskey
    Frank Klepacki - Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 Most iconic one for me. Ultimate soundtrack for destroying enemy bases with nukes and dozens of tanks. Pretty big improvement from RA1 as well if you ask me.
    I always like the soundtrack from Sonic Adventure 2. Jun Senoue is a great composer/ guitarist as well.
    Man, this was the game that got me to realize people made music for things other than just music. I mean, I was about 8, but the point stands.