Wednesday Question: Most Annoying Myths About Guitars and Guitar Players

Which myth or basically a stereotype about people from the guitar realm grinds yer gears the most?

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For this week's traditional Wednesday Question, we'd like to kindly ask you folks to think about all the myths and stereotypes surrounding the realm of guitars and answer this:

What's the most annoying myth or stereotype about guitars and guitar players?

THE RULES - post only one suggestion per comment after checking that your favorite wasn't already nominated (Ctrl+F and all). Multiple nominations of one myth create heavy confusion, since on one hand it's unfair to the given myth to take into consideration only the most upvoted nomination, but seeing that multiple nominations allow one user to give two or more votes to the same thing, it's also unfair to other nominees not to discard it.

Finally, vote up the ideas you support and vote down the ones you dislike. We'll sum up your votes by Friday and bring you another UG top list. Show us what you got now!

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    That they get laid easily
    Seriously, unless you play like John Mayer it's not going to help. Few women are impressed by a guitar player who plays stuff they don't know.
    This so much... As soon as I got somewhat decent and started playing around girls, most of the time they were completely uninterested in what I was playing. They'd ask things like "Could you play any Nelly?" (shows my age) and other pop songs, many of which didn't even have actual guitar parts in it, and country songs and fucking "Simple Man"...
    i'm also sick of people thinking that guitar players have small cocks. mine is average and pretty thick!
    I'm proud of my 12 inch cock. Yes,i'm Rik Mayall reincarnated.
    They should have two Ultimate Guitar sites. One for elementary school children such as yourself, and then the rest of us.
    Preach! They are always into you while you are playing, but the second the show is over, they are gone faster than a beer at a nascar race.
    The myth that we can play everything. Just because we play the guitar doesn't mean we can play any song you ask. "Can you play Stairway to Heaven? -Not really, never learnt it... - OMG how come, it's a classic, hurr durr blah blah blah"
    YES! I always get asked to play stairway to heaven. I haven't learned it cuz I don't like the song, and everyone is always appauled that I don't know how to play it.
    Give me a break, EVERY party with friends, I'm sitting with my buddy jamming. Then someone comes and asks if I could play Stairway, Wonderwall, Wish you were here (I can play this one actually...) or something else. If I was given a penny everytime someone asks for it I'd have a dollar or two (you probably as well, amigo)
    Absolutely! It's like when someone who doesn't play guitar asks to 'have a go'....and then just kinda tries to sing along while just hitting all 6 open strings at then go 'i don't even know what to do' and you smile like it's the first time someone has done that and be like 'haha...that's okay' :|
    Honestly, it would take like a few minutes on the spot (if not less) to learn wonderwall... I mean, it will still give you and your guitar cancer. but cmon man, It's like 2-3 chords.
    That bassists are just failed guitar players.
    "Bass is best if it isn't heard"
    Well, that's basically the same as "less is more", which does apply in certain situations. The point of that saying is that most of the time bass is kind of a "supporting" instrument - it's not supposed to be the main instrument (yes, there are exceptions and it really depends on the music you are playing). It's supposed to make the band sound full and the bassline is also the basis of harmony. As Victor Wooten said, the job of a bassist is to make the song feel good. Most of the time bass should not be the main focus of the song. Yes, there are bassists who can play complex stuff tastefully. But in most music "bass is best if it isn't heard" applies, in a way at least. This doesn't mean the bass should be mixed so low that you can't hear it. It means that the bassist should know his role in the band. The lead part is what should be the main focus, and you should play a bassline that compliments the lead part and doesn't take people's attention away from it. If people are focusing on the bassline instead of the main melody, then you are overplaying. Again, that's just a generalization.
    Can't disagree with any of that. Bass shouldn't be explicitly heard most of the time, but it definitely should contribute. Most of the time, that is. Unusual basslines, bass solos and other times when bass can be heard, can be extremely interesting.
    Yeah. I mean, of course bass should be heard, but it's not something the average listener is usually supposed to pay much attention to - it's there to contribute to the overall sound. So yeah, I guess whether "bass is best if it isn't hear" is an "annoying myth" is all about how you interpret it. I think there is some truth in it, but it should definitely not be taken literally.
    You know how you turn a guitarist into a bassist? You bang his head to the wall, but not too hard so that he doesn't become a drummer Kidding of course. Right on point
    "You must have started playing to pick up chicks!" How about because I have a love for music!?!
    Likewise... chicks like guitar players because they think they're better with their hands.
    The better gear I have, the better I will be
    True that. People need to learn that it's really about the number of flashing lights and VU meters your gear has. /s
    The faster the better. At some point you lose the essence of the song.
    Tell that to Dragonforce, Nile, Behemoth etc etc. I guess they lost the essence, nobody likes them?!??. Its not pop-rock enough for the general public, so theres no essence. I wonder what Emeril Lagasse thinks about the lack of essence.
    Not every time, some rare people are able to keep feelings and that while playing very fast, but very often, it's just an absurdly big amount of shit note in a ridiculously reduced time
    Its subjective to whoever is listening to it. Some people crave brutality, some craft melody. There is no right way to do it. A lot of people find 13/64th drop Ab -1-0-1-1-1-1-0-1-1-0-1-0-1-1-0-1- music magical..... somehow. lol
    The myth of metal guitarist to play with no mids in their EQ.
    Completely agree with this one. I've only heard of this myth recently (I've played for about two years) and I tried scooping my mids just out of curiosity. Jesus Christ, it makes Dime's tone sound good. idk what's worse, the stereotype or the fact that some people actually think that sounds good.
    I never dug Dime's tone... I mean he a was a great player, probably on of the best, but that sound is fucking weak, to my taste.
    You must start with an acoustic and shouldn't go straight to electric. I showed them
    urgh so annoying, i still remember when i was a teenager, all those people (that didn't even play a instrument) telling me i should learn acoustic before electric "because it's better". When you ask, no worthy reply, just "it's better" .
    my acoustic kept me from progressing simply because my fingers hurt so bad when i was a teen. could only practice for like 30 min before i lost interest. got an electric shortly after and was astounded at my motivation levels and overall learning strides once my effing fingers didnt hurt so damn bad. So true ^
    Lighter gauge? Electric guitar strings on acoustic? Classical acoustic guitar with nylon strings?
    At that point why not just play an electric?
    Because they will instantly turn up the distortion and other effects, mask all the mistakes with them and think they know how to play.
    Also the myth that you need to be a fucking drug addict to write good rock/metal music
    Musicians who play covers are the least talented.
    A.K.A. "Karaoke" No, bitch. I didn't just download a shitty MIDI file so I could pretend I'm on American Idol. I'm creating music from scratch. Just because it's not the artist you're familiar with, that doesn't make it karaoke.
    Mr. Baloonhands
    "Practice makes perfect" Practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice make perfect. If you don't learn how to practice efficiently and effectively, you're wasting your time.
    Justin Sandercoe actually corrects this to "Practice makes permanent". If you practice a mistake, you'll probably learn the mistake instead of the right way to do things. Sometimes it's good (Misha Mansoor's rhythm picking) but sometimes it's terrible practice (what's the position of your wrist when you fret?).
    Yes exactly! That's what I meant. He explained it better than I could. You can definitely reinforce bad habits and bad technique with bad practice.
    That Jess Greenberg deserves all her youtube views
    How about: People who are degrading other guitarists for using a capo. Like it is a bad thing to do.
    Yeah dude! My voice is a there's quite a few songs that make it a hell of a lot easier for me to sing if i throw the capo on the 2nd fret or something. Same way that if it says 'capo on 2nd' and it's some pop song, it's easier/more comfortable to sing and play it without the capo/in a key that suits my voice etc.
    The longer you play, the better you are. Seriously, a person that spends a limited amount of time trully being productive and working on his weak points will sooner or later easily outplay some guy that just randomly noodles a bit for years and years to go.
    Agreed. Sadly, I'm the one that's randomly noodling, but it doesn't bother me too much. I enjoy youtubing while playing and couldn't care less about putting time to actually practise. I'm much better at bass and am happy to just noodle around on the guitar and occasionally come up with a great riff.
    That Stevie T is funny.
    C'mon, he is funny in a Weird Al sort of way. I use to cringe at his videos, but when I gave his videos a chance, I found myself laughing quite a bit. He's a goof, but he's insanely talented which is what's so funny about it.
    He might have nice techy fingers, but that "allegedly-humour" of his is literally cerebral diarrhea, a stream of smelly gimmicky ticks. Taste differ, no doubt in that, but that's just so close to guano in my perception, I'd never think it could be someone's hot chocolate. Sorry.
    It's logo that makes the tone
    That's kind of true though... I've never heard a heavy band with a Comic Sans logo.
    i was at this show. party cannon is awesome. really hope to make it back to cali next year for the next one
    You have to learn to play left-handed if you are left-handed.
    "Anyone can do that!" - ignorant (metal-disliking) people, pointing out that metal is 'just noise'. I'd like to hand them my guitar and give it their best shot. Come back in 10 years, THEN we'll talk.
    Same goes for other genres in general. I've found that if anyone thinks anything is 'easy'...for example, to anyone ripping on hip-hop or pop-punk or anything..... write an EP in whatever style of music you may think is inferior. It's a brilliant way to open your mind, try new things...and learn about yourself. Honestly. I got two friends to try something along the lines of it. Kicked that ignorance right out of their head!
    That just because a piece of gear is "vintage" it's automatically better.
    If you play guitar then you must know how to play other instruments as well, like piano, because it's all just music!
    Rhythm guitarists can't play as well as lead guitarists
    "Lead Guitar" and "Rhythm Guitar" are two different INSTRUMENTS. "Rock Guitar" is a separate instrument too
    If this comes up I just point out Hetfield, who IMO is a way better player than Hammett.
    Phoning in the question today, huh?
    Wednesday Question REDO--- Band that you HATE that has a song that you LOVE? I'll start us off,Creed-Bullets
    I loath Cheap Trick, but I have to admit (and I can't believe I'm saying this...) I actually kinda like Surrender.
    Yeah I'm not a fan of Cheap Trick either but that's really not a bad song. Kinda cheesy I guess... (My post was a joke but I suppose its really not a bad Wednesday question either.)
    Yeah, a better question would have been to ask for suggestions for next week. I personally still think it would be interesting to see us try and list the best Top 40 songs from the past decade. You might have to dig a little, but there's some decent stuff to choose from in there somewhere
    Kurt Cobain was a genius.
    Or...the myth that Kurt Cobain was NOT a genius because he was a sloppy guitar player.
    "Or...the myth that Kurt Cobain was a genius regardless of the fact that he was a sloppy guitar player." Fixed.
    Get back to me when you write an album like Bleach, or Nevermind, or In Utero.
    BWAHAHAH!!! Butt-hurt much? First off, those are NOT the works of a genius. They are (mediocre, imo) albums that have a few good songs collectively (at best). Second, and I really can't believe I need to say this (though I guess I'm not shocked); we're not talking about me. I guess if I was a recording artist, or struggling to make a name for myself in the music world, your lame dismissal might actually mean something. However, and I can not stress this enough; we are talking about guitar myths. To help you out a bit, since you seem a bit confused, what this is, is "Most Annoying Myths About Guitars and Guitar Players". In this case, the myth that Cobain was a genius. You don't have to agree; but your ridiculous attempt to belittle someone because they didn't write a few albums is pointless. If all music sales and opinions were limited to only those who have ever written something that's actually sold, there would be a very limited amount of replies here. Including yours, I'm sure.
    Just because you don't understand the appeal of something doesn't mean it's fact that its not genius. He was an icon and still is today and always will be. You don't see the appeal that's fine that doesn't mean it's shit because your opinion speaks for the whole world. You don't like it that's fine but doesn't mean he wasn't a musical genius. The most simple music can still have so much feeling and heart and even the most technical music can sound boring and soulless.
    **Yawn** I understand quite well. I'm also not alone in the thought that he was no genius. Chill out? I'm as chill as a penguin, man. I'm just stating my opinion. That seems to rub some folks the wrong way, but oh well. I'll still sleep fine tonight. Calling him an icon is nothing more than an opinion as well. If you think he was, great; that also doesn't mean that he is, or that the "appeal" isn't shit either. Don't confuse yourselves; I am NOT talking about technical abilities (even after fixing a statement above) I simply pointed out that he was NOT a genius. Again, this is asking what the most annoying myths are, right? Well, to me (and others) the myth that "Kurt Cobain was a genius" is annoying. I remember when "...teen spirit" came out. I was in HS. To me, he WAS boring and soulless, but he had a few moments (like I said, collectively they had a few decent songs). Just nothing great enough to be considered genius. I don't give one shiny f#ck if anyone agrees or not, it's my opinion. Crazy how things that are subjective get so many panties in a bunch.
    Calling him an icon is fact as he has been an iconic figure in the music world. Countless bands and music fans cite him as an influence and an icon also the record sales don't lie, a spot in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame says otherwise. He was a musical genius whether you like his music or not. How many other people can play just 4 power chords and sound so good and take over the world with them? If it was that easy then couldn't every guitar player who only knows power chords have done it?
    R&R Hall of fame, really? So what? Again, it's all nothing more than subjective opinion. Whether or not I like his music isn't relevant. I'm simply saying that I do not think he was a genius. This is NOT a hard concept to grasp. The problem is that his fans don't like a differing opinion, and that's cool. It's STILL JUST AN OPINION. Of course, it's clear that you missed that part where I said that I think they have a few good songs, but that does not mean that he was a genius. What exactly is so hard to grasp here? You can't successfully argue against an opinion. Just because some people love the guy, or are even influenced by him means nothing to me, or my opinion. And as far as people "changing the world" with four chords, are you serious? MOST of them have. (Hmm... the 50s, 60s, 70s to some extent... anyone who has ever used a basic I, IV, V with any minor...) Again, you can argue all you want, it means nothing. It's an opinion. But, you seem to need the last word here, so... have at it. You are certainly entitled to your opinion, and that's fine. What you need to wrap your head around is that as far as we both are concerned, we're both right. You can think he's a genius, and I can disagree. IT'S OUR OPINION. That's all it is. People can and will agree with both sides, and that's fine. There is NO way to be wrong. If you love the guy, great! Not everyone does; regardless of who's been influenced by him!
    I don't mean to alter your concept,but, actually various tone woods have different tonal capabilities, I own 4 guitars....ALL are a different wood...ALL have different tones.
    Gray Lensman
    All solid body electrics? All with exactly the same pickups, bridges, nuts, strings and string guages, etc.??? If not, of course they have different tones, regardless of the woods.
    amen.too many people hilariously forget that the rest of the components of their guitars are ALSO different O_O
    "Less is more" How can that be? how can less be more? More is more.
    i may have a warlock and line 6, BUT i have my own basement
    But what about the Metal Zone??? That thing is important to get that "great" tone he's talking about for basement-practice!