Wednesday Question: Worst Guitar Solo Ever Recorded

Actual studio stuff only, no Lil' Wayne and all that.

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Wednesday Question: Worst Guitar Solo Ever Recorded

For this week's traditional Wednesday Question, we'd like to kindly ask you folks to think of all the poor solos out there and answer this thing right here:

What's the worst guitar solo ever recorded?


  • Special rule: actual studio recordings only, no Lil' Wayne and all that.
  • Post only one suggestion per comment after checking that your favorite wasn't already nominated (Ctrl+F and all).
  • Multiple nominations of one solo create heavy confusion, since on one hand it's unfair to the given track to take into consideration only the most upvoted nomination, but seeing that multiple nominations allow one user to give two or more votes to the same piece, it's also unfair to other nominees not to discard it.
  • Vote up the ideas you support and vote down the ones you dislike.

We'll sum up your votes by Friday and bring you another traditional UG top list. Show us what you got now!

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    Jokes on you, UG. Within the rules, I present Lil Wayne's studio outro solo at 45 on Leather So Soft.
    Hmm. Who knew emoji's would pop up in the middle of a time stamp? 4m05s.
    This is the most hilarious use of a loop hole I have ever seen
    What a piece of crap. And the worst thing is that some producer said "Ok. It's done. We have a new song." after hearing that.
    Theres no way he recorded that shit and was serious about doesnt sound like anything...i played better than that the first time i picked up a guitar and i was 11.
    If he could take those hat-flipping skills at 2m50s and translate it to guitar, he might be able to make that 2 note solo sound better.
    It says no Lil Wayne.... that means of any kind whether it was his song or not.
    The rules create their own paradox by listing that as "Actual studio recordings only..." and then "no Lil Wayne and all that," implying that Lil' Wayne could not possibly be a studio recording. Yet evidenced above, it is. So do they honor their first rule, or stand on their contradictory attempt at barring a qualifying entrant?
    I read it as studio recordings only as one statement. And then on a separate note no lil Wayne at all of any kind. Perception is a bitch. Haha.
    Oh, you must hear this song! 02:41
    Didn´t expected them here, good call! Hate this kind of redneck agro metal that is bond so much to our country.
    Oh come on, people die to see this band live around here (central Europe). The solo sounds like something Tom Morello would write, but it is really odd in this song.
    This article is about bad solos, not bands. I never said if I like them or not. I just simply think that this is the worst solo I've ever heard. Nothing more.
    Korn - Haze starts at 1:45
    yeah... that's bad
    Oh man. It's like drunk Tom Morello. 
    Does it really count when it's deliberate? I mean, I know plenty of The Mars Volta songs that have the same kind of solos
    Can we do a poll for guitar solos that we love, but that are in songs that we hate? Like I like the sweet child o mine solo, but the I hate the song as a whole.
    I feel the same about the first November Rain solo. I don't like the second nor the rest of the song for that matter
    Pretty much all of Slash's work in GnR, I can't stand the band but damn he can play guitar.
    Awesome idea.  First song that comes to mind for me is Red Hot Chili Peppers - Wet Sand.  The solo is tits, rest of the song is elbow.
    I feel the same way about sweet child. I think had it not been ridiculously overplayed for the past 30 years I would enjoy it better, but damn. That song is on every classic rock radio station 12 times a day everyday
    Probably the worst solo ever recorded was me at our gig last friday. Completely duffed Hard 2 Handle and couldnt jump back in. it was so bad the drummer poured a beer on my head. 
    You guys haven't seen real shit, until you've seen this:
    Starts at 1:28, but I recommend listening to the whole thing.
    THE BEST THING THAT ANYONE CAN DO ON THIS PAGE IS TO LISTEN THIS SONG FROM TOP TO BOTTOM...   ... It's like the greatest BAD song ever... Thanks man for uploading this... I'm truly blessed 
    Please tell me they have more songs...
    I'm afraid they don't, since apparently they only made the band for a school project. I have plenty of more good shit if you want to, though.
    I love the camera angles of the pudgy singer.  Nothing more flattering than looking up into a guys double chin.
    Hahaha that made my day. Seth MacFarlane's little brother on vocals is great too!
    When I see something like this, I wonder - do they know it's bad and it's just a joke... or they think it's good...
    This is the best worst thing I have ever seen/heard. The girl is easily the most talented.
    MAGIC! - Rude
    It's basically a fart in a form of a guitar 
    All reggae guitars sound like people having sex on a creaky mattress. Enkke-enkke.
    Sorry but I have to disagree... Santeria and Stir It Up are perfect examples of reggae songs with kickass solos.
    Lol, parts of it really does sound like an underwater fart!  Spot on description.  Call me crazy, but the majority of the song, in my opinion, is catchy as fuck!  Too bad that solo literally craps all over the rest of the song.
    I have to respectfully disagree. The tone is pretty crap but the solo itself isn't that bad. If it was played note for note with any other tone, it would be a decent solo. 
    oh my fucking christ, I work in a shop where this song is played on the playlist maybe twice a day, though I'd never actually paid attention to it, because customers, other noises etc and I;ve managed to not actually listen properly until now. That solo is fucking horribly produced for such a modern track
    Metallica- ManUNkind.  Seriously, go listen to it again before downvoting. It's an abomination.  
    Here's the solo, starts at 4:44 (don't know why I couldn't post it so it would start there)
    Agreed. It's just pure, sloppy, pentatonic garbage. It's like a solo my uncle would write.
    I think the song overall is pretty cool, but yeah, that solo is probably the worst in Metallica history. To make it even worse, the way James sings "all the dark days of your life" just before really sets it all up for a phenomenal solo. And then we get... this.
    That solo is really bad, especially compared to what Kirk has done in the past. I quite like ManUNkind though, despite the silly title and awful solo (I also think it's a bit too long, something that goes for the entire Hardwired... album) but I really love that groovy main-riff!
    Is this this really the same Kirk that recorded solos like Ride The Lightning, Fade To Black, Blackened, One etc? What happened???
    was wondering how long it would take metallicas new album to get nominated kinda like lars snare sound on another one so crappy it stands out
    Complete crap
    That's what happens when you spent too much time applying make-up instead of practising.
    I dunno, I feel like it's the perfect archetype of 80's just never ends.
    Good old Vinnie trying a solo career after getting fired from KISS. That's Mark Slaughter singing for him. You know, the guy who then went on to start a band called Slaughter.
    that guitarist looks like he's trying to have really awkward sex with his guitar
    Slayer - Raining Blood.
    Aren't most Slayer solos "anti-solos" anyway? Y'know, they're supposed to sound the way they sound.
    Solo ain't that good, but it works in this song. But yeah, solo itself isnt' the best.
    I'm glad I'm not alone on this one. Sounds like someone has shoved a kitten on helium into a blender
    Beastie Boys - (You gotta) fight for your right (to party) Even though it fits the song in my opinion, it just sounds like they let someone who just started out playing last week record their solo. Sorry beastie boys.
    I don't agree, but probably the winner will be the whole last album from Metallica.
    The one I think is worst on that album is in ManUNkind. This song has such a great groove and the solo is shit, parts of it sound like a kid got his first guitar and just made random noises with it.
    murder one has an insane solo! fits the track so well
    Not sure whether this is meant ironically or not but to me Murder One has got the worst solo of the whole album. It is played super sloppy, has no melody or any original phrasing and just does not fit in the song (in contrast to e. g. Hardwired in which the "punkish" soloing actually makes sense).
    I guess I'd also like to nominate, "Vamos" by Pixies. It's objectively terrible. Don't get me wrong, I love the song haha. But like...I mean anyone who doesn't really "get" Pixies would hear this and reach for the mute button. Come to think of it, you could say that of the entire guitar part throughout the song.
    Led Zeppelin - HEARTBREAKER
    It's one of the most iconic solos ever recorded. I't the Eruption of the seventies. But it's sloppy as hell and one reason I sometimes skip that song.
    I wasn't the biggest fan of Zeppelin for the longest time and that solo is exactly why. Back before I knew much about them people kept telling me "go listen to the Heartbreaker solo and you'll love them." I gave it a chance because why not. It's just sloppy, amelodic wankery. If I didn't discover other, better songs on my own I would have never listened to them again.
    And the last nail in the coffin for Heartbreaker is Living loving maid riff just right after it...
    Living Loving Maid is great song
    @Soundwash22 @tom11 Oh, I meant: "what a great melodic riff Living loving maid is, it just puts more shame on Heartbreaker"
    The second half of the solo is always overlooked tho - imo it's great and not sloppy at all, and I think you should mind it when nominating this one for the "worst guitar solo ever recorded".
    You're actually right. Had to give it another listen, but the part where the rest of the band is back in is a lot cleaner, more melodic and fitting to the song.
    The first solo was added in after the song was finished. I think it was the producer decided the song could do with something extra, so, I think it was whilst touring, page laid out 3 solos in a studio and picked the best one to go in, probably why it doesn't sound like it fits. Also sorry if there's any of that information I got wrong, it's been a while since I read about it.
    Yes thank you. The worst part is how it is edited in, like they could have taken a million times to redo it! Were they cutting into their engineer's overtime?
    Isn't it a halfstep lower than the rest of the song?
    The Heartbreaker solo is a quarter step sharp than standard tuning,it was recorded separately than dropped onto the track.Page didn't know his guitar was out of tune until an interviewer point this out in a Guitar World interview(Jan/1998).
    "Were not gonna take it" This ¿Solo? Is the same melodic pattern used in the voice. Boring.
    THANK YOU!!! lol I commented before you and everyone down voted me man lol that whole solo blows hard cock
    This will be interesting... For me, lot of super-shred solos are fucking awful and I would prefer...let's say, Smells like teen spirit solo. It depends whether you look for technical ability or emotional impact. I can't really think of "the worst" solo. Yeah, there may be some solos I don't dig as other solos, but that doesn't mean it's the worst. Which makes me a very useful commenter, right? I think I'll grab some popcorn and see where this goes. *spoler alert* There will be Metallica hate
    Great approach mate. Anyone can learn to be a technical master, but only few can make a guitar sing.
    The best can do both. It doesn't need to be a dichotomy by any means. Honestly, though, I think it's silly to say anyone can become a technical master. I don't like what Michael Angelo Batio does, but to get to his level took discipline way beyond what most of us could manage.
    Dr. Hook- Cover of the Rolling Stone
    Solo starts at 1:40. I know it's made to be ironic, but the solo is just terrible.
    All ypu need is love's solo was so bad that on the actual recording john lennon pulled the plug in the middle of george harrisons guitar solo because it was so bad.
    Overkill -Changes(Black Sabbath cover) Always hated this, it was like he was given a different backing to solo over. Does not fit the song, just Guitar Center wankery
    John Mayer's solo on the Fallout Boy version of Beat It. Love his playing usually but he really phoned that one in, it's horrendous. 
    Vernon Reid - Cult of Personality Say what you want about the song, but the solo is grotesque. Being this old, I guess it's awfulness has become somewhat of a character because we've heard it so many times.  But when this came was hard to listen to.  Still is to me.
    Here's the actual solo
    I agree it's pretty bad.
    I love Living Colour, respect the hell out of Vernon Reid, and this song is a stone cold and criminally underrated classic. But yeah the shreddy parts of the solo are just annoying. I remember when everyone used to rave about Reid's jazz chops and speed, but every time I heard this solo I'd shake my head at what a waste it was, especially when the whammy and the actually melodic parts of it sound so good.
    Ole' Nessie
    Black Flag - thirsty and miserable. Yes I know it's punk, but the solo is brutal. Great song and album though. Starts at 1 min in
    This one is going to be too obscure for votes, but Sondre Lerche's most recent album has what I can only assume is an intentionally bad solo in the song Violent Game.  
    In all honesty...the fuck is this?
    He's a Norwegian indie/jazz singer-songwriter. He's actually pretty cool, this was probably the worst way to be introduced to him, haha, although he's probably also the wrong demographic for this site. I recommend his album Duper Session if you want to hear a chill jazz/lounge album. 
    Dragonforce - Body Breakdown, the last solo that serves as outtro. Not because it's bad just because it is fucking awkward and unnecessary when it comes in.
    I have always felt that way. I shit you not. One of my favorite power metal tracks ever. But that outro just takes it somewhere it doesn't need to go. I always find myself clicking "next" right as the final chorus kicks out.
    I don't mind this but one of my friends hates the "Laughing Monkey" solo with a passion. Original Fire Solo @ 2:29
    Oh man, "laughing monkey" describes that perfectly. I think it's my new favorite solo just cuz I can laugh at it.
    No Vacancy - Fight (School of Rock soundtrack):
    So bad and also so perfect. I laugh every time. One of my bandmtes jumped off stage one time and broke his ass. He earned hte nickname "Dewey Finn" forever afterwards <3
    I have always hated the solo on "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" by Pat Benatar. Starts at 1:20.
    William Sitnin
    Metallica - The End Of The Line is pretty terrible.  First time me and my friend heard we just couldn't stop laughing. Starts at 4:39
    You know how I discovered that it was bad? I was playing Guitar Hero Metallica and slowed the song down (for practice purposes). I chose the solo section and heard all the wrong notes all over the place...Wow
    Supermassive Black Hole - Muse It's kind of cool, I get that he was going for like a freaky feedback-ish kind of solo, but it really doesn't stand out and just leaves a void. Especially since he blows it out of the water with what he does live on the Wembley recording.
    I love Muse and this song and I kind of get what you are doing here. Love the solo section live though
    I liked the studio version way more though. The live one was just showing off the touchpad area on his guitar.
    I'm not sure anything tops Leather So Soft... however, at least ensure me I am not alone in finding this solo awful... 1:47 Led Zeppelin - Hot Dog
    I love Frusciante but the Californication solo is really half-arsed when everything else on that album is pretty much perfect.  EDIT: i can't believe how many down votes this is getting, can people honestly say it's good? 
    Matter of personal taste. I believe the solo fits perfectly with the song, even the apathetic bends seem to get along with the song as a whole. I like it.
    I wholeheartedly agree. Frusciante's bending just sounds unpleasant on that solo in my opinion, I understand he was just getting back into playing guitar but surely he could have done better than that. Nowhere near the power of solos like I Could Have Lied, Don't Forget Me, Dani California etc.
    I'm a huge Frusciante fan, but I absolutely agree. The rhythm guitar and composition on most of that album is pretty impressive for a guy re-learning after spending such a long time away from the guitar, but pretty much all of the solos suck really badly. It's not just the technical aspect, but it goes absolutely nowhere. It sounds like a beginner practicing a bunch of stock licks over a backing track without knowing what the chords are or why they matter.
    Well, it may be simple, but i think people like it because its effective, its one of those solo's that people can learn when they are first starting out,
    Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit solo was always ear ache to me. It just sounded completely out of tune!
    reliable master
    Slipknot - All Hope Is Gone Pretty terrible. It's clearly just wanking for the sake of wanking.
    When you're talking about "just wanking for the sake of wanking", from all the songs on this whole album, Gematria is definitely the track that takes the wankery to a whole new level
    reliable master
    While both are bland and lifeless, I think the Gematria solo fits the song a bit better. The All Hope Is Gone solo just seems like it doesn't belong. They should have just left it out IMO.
    adam cogan
    Gemetria is my favourite slipknot song, the build up in the intro is fucking insane and they way it leads into the verses and chorus... oh man it's a fucking tour de force
    I dunno, I kind of liked the solos on this album.  For starters...I always felt like solos were the things missing from Slipknot. Kept me from liking them for a long time. Also yeah they're very very fast, but a lot of the solos are interesting because they're in major...which I wasn't expecting. And they're all very well executed. It was cool for me to see them do that. And generally, the solo fit the song and help it get from one theme to the next. Granted, I'm not really a Slipknot fan though.
    reliable master
    I'm not saying the whole album sucked for solos, just the title track in particular (closely followed by Gematria as discussed with Skrazor). I am a Slipknot fan, I was all up for solos in their music, but this one is just a terrible solo for this song. If it were in a different song it might have served a better purpose. Here, however, it just doesn't work.
    "Sympathy for the Devil" has always been my least favorite. Crappy playing and even worse production. 
    I'd say the worst studio solo I have ever heard would have to be :were not gonna take it" by Twisted Sister... All the guitarist did was mimic the lyricla melody and then it was over. It didn't add to the song all too much and the vibe didn't add up to me. Don't get me wrong it's not a bad one but theres alot of potential there that isn't used. (this was hard to even find one for me lol)
    Twisted Sister is famous because they brought the sound of metal to the simple minded masses. The entire experience of the band is pure genius, and this solo embodies them perfectly.
    When I watched the documentary on them on Netflix, I was surprised how good of a guitarist Jay Jay French was before they got signed. Their most famous songs don't reflect his capabilities, that's for sure. 
    I saw that too, and came away with the same feeling.. I saw TS live once, I was about 19 years old and the only people there older than me were the parents who's kids begged them to see TS..  First they got blown away by one of the openers which was Y&T and second while TS was playing the fans started ripping the place to shreds, leaving Dee Snider to beg them to stop because they were going to have to pay for all the destroyed shit. It was weird, and awkward, and while TS fans tore the place up physically Y&T destroyed it musically. 
    I wish they all would have been in another band and recorded some more serious songs, but hey they were thought provoking in their own way so I still love them.
    Ive always hated the zeppelin heartbreaker solo. Is pretty bad in the middle guys and gals. JP is the pope. But even the pope can slip up. Hes a brilliant musician and producer but that solo has always made me cringe
    Deep Purple - Knocking At Your Backdoor Terrible EVH knock off. Doesn't make sense, doesn't flow well. Just sucks.
    Oh boy I can just see this comment section turning red (literally). Is UG trying to lower everyone's UGIQ? Don't matter what you nomination you make you're going to get downvoted.