What Do Presidents Listen To?

People in power need powerful music.

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What Do Presidents Listen To?

With all that's going on in politics nowadays, it's easy to forget that presidents, kings, queens, prime ministers and other authority are people too. It's kind of hard to imagine a president rocking out to some tune before his bedroom mirror after a long day of work. But some of them do.

Donald Trump

One of the most scandalous presidents likes to talk about the music he listens to.

He claims to be a fan of Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, and Elton John, Eminem and … Toots & The Maytals. The president says that listening to music helps him to relax.

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Barack Obama

The 44th president of the U.S. is known to love Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye. But his favorite song is a hit from an American hip-hop band from the 90s that broke up too soon: “Ready or Not' by The Fugees.

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Vladimir Putin

The president of the Russian Federation, recently admitted that he listens to music every day. He seems more conservative with his tastes. His go-to playlists contain Sergei Rachmaninoff, Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Peter Tchaikovsky. Also he admits to be a loyal fan of Russian rock group Lyube. Lyube is a pompous mixture of such genres as Russian folk music, rock, Russian chanson, and Soviet military songs.

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Dmitriy Medvedev

Former Russian president shares the current president's love for rock music. But he is more into to the world classics, especially Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath.

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François Hollande

The current President of the French Republic (for the next week at least) during the election campaign admitted that he enjoys Anglo-Saxon music. He is a loyal fan of the young British singer Adele. «Rolling in the Deep» is his all-time favorite jam. Hollande also admires his compatriot, the French rocker and former lead singer of "Telephone" Jean-Louis Aubert.

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Angela Merkel

German Chancellor shared that currently, her favorite band is Karat from East Germany. She also enjoys listening to Wagner, Gustav Mahler, and The Beatles.

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Theresa May

Prime Minister of UK ’s tastes are quite predictable. She likes Elgar, ABBA and Frankie Vallie.

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David Cameron

But the previous Prime Minister David Cameron was down with the kids. He enjoyed The Killers, The Smiths, Blur, Radiohead, Bob Dylan and The Ramones. His predecessor Gordon Brown despite his age also had quite a relevant playlist. He enjoyed Arctic Monkeys and Coldplay. Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II, on the other hand, is more old-fashioned and prefers Gary Barlow, Vera Lynn, Dolores Gray and Bill Johnson.

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Do you know what your leader’s jam is? Please share in the comments.

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    Gordon Brown claimed to listen to the Arctic Monkeys but wasn't able to name a single song when asked.
    "I like the third track from the album with the blue cover" is how I recommend songs to my friends.
    what does kim-jong un listen to? recordings of the NK children's choir singing his praises, of course
    I thought The Trumpster would be a   [h]Hank Williams Jr and Lynyrd Skynyrd type of guy[/h]
    Thats exactly what he wants people to believe, that he is a simple blue collar guy whos just like you and I. However he is a snob born with a silver spoon up his ass and he is disgusted by the average joe.
    Haha the idea of him being blue collar is so laughable. I can't believe people actually bought that haha (I'm laughing but I'm actually really saddened by how many people bought that)
    Surprise: Obama only listens to black artists.
    Im pretty sure he loved Hamilton, so we can at least include Latin-Americans to the list.  
    I wouldn't say he is racist, he razed Libya to the ground and all those mass killings in Syria Yemen and Iraq. He has like 2 million deaths on his back, most of them non-whites.  
    Here's a video of Jack White playing a Paul McCartney song in front of the Obamas.
    I bet that was more of a PR move.  I bet obama doesn't listen to much jack white on his own time.
    No, but I bet he's aware of who Jack White is, and probably listens to Paul McCartney or the Beatles. I was mostly responding to what the op was implying, which I find silly. Stevie Wonder and​ Marvin Gaye are widely considered two of the best of all time, and just because Obama is who he is, it's fucked to imply he would only listen to black artists. Even if he did, a lot of white people mostly listen to white artists, and it has nothing to do with race.
    Jeesh, for years people were looking for a reason to impeach him, I'd say allowing that performance to continue would be #1.
    Surprise the man is from Chi-town do you not expect a lot of soul/hip hop? Plus this isn't very comprehensive so I'm pretty sure these people all listen to more than the single 1-3 artists or whatever that are on the lists.
    Trust Cameron to like utter shite (with the exception of the Raymones)
    Why is Barry even on this list? He's no longer president. And good riddance. He probably listens to some cheesy ass hip hop garbage and if any rock, probably nickleback
    martha616 · Apr 29, 2017 12:38 PM
    Trump, as far as i know, is friends with a whole host of rock-stars. Who would probably not admit to it now.  So fairly bad friends, i'd say.