What Equipment You Can Have For Guitars

This is just to show you what equipment you can add to your guitar.

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Hey, I'm Scott, if your not sure if what equipment you can get for guitar I'll show you. Let's start with the varieties of pedals you can get for electric:

Distortion pedals: very effective if like to rock out to music like: Nirvana, Rage Against Machine or Foo Fighters.

Overdrive pedal: this is a pedal that has got distortion but lighter and not as dirty as the distortion pedal

Chorus pedal: this is a very cool device indeed, it is used in a song EVERYBODY knows, 'Come As You Are' it's not a heavy metal guitar sound but just jazz, blues, pop, you know, those things

Flanger pedal: this gives a awesome sound, it makes the noise you make when you go 'wow wow' into a electric toothbrush, but it's probably the coolest sound ever

Tremolo pedal: This isn't my favourite, cause when ever I play a F5 or something my ear drums vibrate, it is quite cool though. A tremolo is a sound that stop starts stop starts and continues in that cycle.

Echo pedals:

Room: room pedal gives it that sound that's almost acoustic, if you heard alll apologies that the room echo sound

Tape echo: this is just a pedal that is used in songs of any genre and of chorse echoes

Fat boost pedal: this is used if you want to make another noise without distorion, it really just gives he guitar a volume boost.

Wah wah: this a cool pedal, it's punk sorta noise in a way that's lots of fun to use.

Now for accessories:

Capo: this is used if you want to make a higher pich on chords without changing the tuning.

Whammy bar: this item is used if you want to make a vibrato ith out using your fingers.

Tuner: this is used to tune our guitar.

There you go. I know it's not everything but it will do.

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    Amp? Strap? Picks? Strings? These are a few of my favourite things.
    Octavers, shifters and ring modulators, Screamers and flangers and tube saturators, Bright active pickups and low-bottom strings, These are a few of my favorite things.
    Black Mustangs
    Man I hate to be negative but this was just really bad, a good idea for a column but you probably should have expanded more and maybe checked your spelling and grammar a couple of times.
    yeah i know, i tried doing it better but you know i got bored half way through
    If you got bored writing it, then stop writing it instead of posting shit.
    dude i know all that but like im only begining on this website posting thing and i am just giving it ago