What To Expect Of a Rock Concert?

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Haha, I found this article browsing Net tonight. I've highlited interesting parts with bold font. Never saw such amount of s**t in one article :)

Attending a rock music concert for the first time can be quite an experience. You are able to listen to the music live, and see the musicians perform before your very eyes. Rock music is full of energy, and when played live, it enlivens audience, encouraging them to dance and shout with excitement. The crowd serves as the meter by which musicians gauge their performance, and the fans serve to keep the musicians going strong.

Not every concert allows you to see the performers as close as you'd like, but the music sounds dynamite no matter where you are sitting, and thanks to technology, huge screens can assist in bringing you up close and personal with the musicians. Some concerts are performed indoors, with the crowd seated, others out in the open, with the crowd standing in front of a stage. When fans are standing up, they are more likely to expend their energy in the form of dancing or jumping about excitedly. Sometimes, this can become dangerous, as in the case of slam dancing, and if you've never been to a rock music concert before, it is a good idea to steer clear of mosh pits and slam dancers because you could become seriously injured. ["Probably it's better to buy Britney concert ticket then? ;)" - Zappp] There are people from all walks of life that attend such concerts, and as with any large gathering, it is a good idea to keep your personal belongings close to you at all times. Try to leave valuables at home if possible. They could be stolen or lost quite easily in the crowd.

Occasionally, people even bring drugs to rock music concerts, either to use them openly or to attempt to sell them to others. Fortunately, law enforcement officers are on the scene in most cases, to deter such occurrences. Avoid contact with drugs at all costs because they could land you in serious trouble or cause significant injury or impairment.

For the most part, people have a mutual respect for one another at such gatherings, as most of the people are fans who have come out to enjoy the music of a well-liked musician or band ["Brilliant!" - Zappp]. Come with a friend, or better yet group of friends, to ensure safety. Stay away from dangerous activities, and keep your eyes open to possible dangers at all times. You don't have to be full of fear at every moment, just be wise to your surroundings. After all, you are there to have fun and enjoy the music. ["Urghh, REALLY?" - Zappp]

Tickets to rock music concerts range in price, usually anywhere from twenty dollars to fifty dollars, or more depending on the popularity of the musician, location, etc. Also, tickets tend to sell out quickly, so you'll want to get them as early as possible. Be prepared for loud noise at the concert. Dress comfortably according to the weather. Cameras are discouraged as they are somewhat of a hindrance to carry around, and could be lost or damaged. Bring some money for T-shirts and other memorabilia, and snacks and sodas if you prefer. Above all else, have fun and be safe!

- Zappp

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    dont be priks man the only reason he wrote this thing is so that a parent of a kid whose going to their first rock concert can lern wats going to happen. so wat if some of it is kinda out dated it makes it more wholesome
    All i can say is wow, the person who wrote this must have been at a good charlotte concert!!!!lol
    maybe there was some drugs involved when they wrote the article.eh?i quite liked it though, kinda quaint in a sad way!
    hey, i wrote this article. I am an esteemed writer and..... wot a load of bull s*it
    gimme a source to that site i wanna hack their everloving brains out
    OMG forbid that when I go to my next Poison the Well concert, Warped Tour, or Ozzfest, that I might come in contact with OMG Drugs! I'll be sure to stay way in the back with my mommy daddy and I won't bring a camera, since I'm a lil weakling and a fag who wears crotch lovin tight pants, so the pockets are useless. And I'll bring earplugs, because loud music hurts my lil ears.
    well anybody could say something like that, but how many could do something about it? and are you really thinking of the restrictions your momma is gon' be put'n on you when VR sex is here? hey and since your so cool maybe you could enlighten me with some of it and tell me about your beautifull life im sure you would be pleased.
    rock concert and drugs? whoda thunk it. i think ill go spread the news
    you shouldn't go to concerts with "slam dancing" and drugs because you'll go to hell
    i dont think the writers of this realized that anyone who is going to a "rock concert" already knows this and if they dont then they shouldnt' be going. Yeah, like i'm gonna go to a Rolling Stones or AcDc concert and expect people to be sitting down quietly like its a god damn piano recital. Some one should seriously kick whose every *** wrote that useless piece.
    The best concerts to go to BY FAR are local shindigs, because they're free, you know everyone, and the music is honkin' awesome. Elevator Tribe R0X0RZ... apparently vegan restaurants throw really good parties. Common Ground Restaurant, Brattleboro VT
    avoid mosh pits, lol, i was 14 and i went into the pit, just make sure u hit ppl who are off balance from a previous hit and ur okay, 'cept when u get smoked by a 6'4 guy
    haha, one of my mates is 6ft sumpthing and in a mosh pit he lost a shoe (lol) so him being a huge guy (huge to me, i'm only 5 10) he jus shouted out "stoooppppp" at the top of his lungs. Now, this being a mosh pit u gotta stop incase some1's (seriously) hurt. Wiv every1 stopped he hunted round for his shoe. Wen he found it it was like "oh ok, u can carry on now" and every1 continued moshing....jus one of my random stories i thought u'd like to hear
    While watching out for the dangerous "slam dancing", shall we all stay clear of girls who use sex as a weapon? My god!!!! What if she has beer?!?!?!?!?!? We might find ourselves trapped in satan's alchohol prison! Yes, kids, rock concerts are not a safe place. They are a place where rock musicians NOT ONLY play loud instruments, but also SING! omfg. Stay clear, stay clear dear jesus... Thanks for posting this article, me and my family got a good laugh. Side note: my parents go to rock concerts, and enjoy the loud atmosphere. It is a great way to enjoy teen culture, and even adults have a great time at rock concerts. When it gets to a point that people "DIE regularly" at rock concerts, then there is cause for concern. Until then, enjoy life, and laughter. -Ryan-
    canadian bobbit
    yeah i missed all the concerts in canada.... because i live here in Saudi Arabia!!!.....yaaay. ..
    omg i knew this already. half of it is obvious. but informative for the n00bs of concerts...
    Redwing_suck i always thought you were intelligent...
    OK this article is great! if i ever go to a rock concert i'll know exactly what to do. Haha no im just jokin this is an OK article but it kinda sucks becauses its like giving you instructions on what to do at a concert. i mean what the hell?! it's like, Step 1: stand up Step 2: wave your arms likes you just don't care Step 3: Rinse and repeat
    All i can say is wow, the person who wrote this must have been at a good charlotte concert!!!!lol
    lol, "I'm a happy camper... oh I'm a happy camper... I'm a happy camper"... I can imagine them singing something along those lines, ; (would go to show their musical talent is just as brilliant an ***et as their naivety of musical forms of entertainment, )
    omg i knew this already. half of it is obvious. but informative for the n00bs of concerts...
    Rock? Concert? Slam dancing? Oh my, I don't think I'm ready to partake in such a risky event, I mean, I could come in contact with *gasp* DRUGS!
    ummm do you have a PROBLEM with peter paul and mary?????!??!?!!?!?!?!?! lol slam dancing...neways cy'all
    What? DRUGS? AT A CONCERT? I WILL NOT BELIEVE THIS! Jesus loves me, "The Internet" is the devils work, and now you are telling me that there are drugs at rock concerts? Blasphemy, i say.