Why Do People Love Music

I was wondering why people love music so much. I decided to do a little research and let you guys know what I found.

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I was wondering why people love music so much. I decided to do a little research and let you guys know what I found.

I found. Then I want to ask you a question.

1. An Escape.

A lot of people find that music can make them forget about everything around them. They forget about what they are feeling, and they just feel better when listening to the music they love. They say it is an escape.

Christopher said: "Music for me is an escape from daily life. If i am having a bad day I listen to some of my heavy metal if i am feeling fun i will play some punk rock and bounce around my apartment if I am feeling light hearted i will play some U2."

Bulbasaurus Rex. said: "Music feeds my ears. It keeps me going. Music is my everything. It's my escape.. It has brought me out of the darkest of times.. It inspires me.."

lazy panda :D said: "I think it's important to me because it lets me escape my worries, and focus on the songs."

Jasanin said: "I love music because it is one of the only things that makes sense in the world. It expresses emotion, deep meanings, it helps soothe me. Music is my escape. I can immerse myself in a song and everything will seem better. It's also a creative outlet...there's just too many reasons to list."

There were many other people who went along with similar things to say, but enough with that reason.

2. Helps Get Through Emotions.

Everyone goes through different emotions, just depending on the person of how they deal with them. While looking through different peoples reasons for their love of music, a lot of them mentioned how they love listening to it when they are down or mad. They said it helps them forget why they were feeling the way they were, and it helps them feel happy inside.

Taryn Nicole said: "I love music because it helps me get through how I feel. Music for me is how I self-medicate myself. Without it, I don't know how I would deal with my feelings."

3/776~ΨρנατσΨ~ said: "I love music because it gives me a kind of outlet to release my feelings and thats also why its important to me."

0o0SatansEmoChild0o0 said: "I love music because sometimes it can understand the things your going through..the emotions you are feeling."

meganator said: "i love music cause for me depending on the genre it either creates a new emotion or takes it away i like screamo and alternitive cause it makes me have like no feeling i could be super sad or pissed the andn i listen to some screamo and it just goes away. its important to me cause idrk its im my life i love it i cant really survive without it i need it to function."

Moving on.

3. The Way It Sounds & Helps To Relax.

Okay, so this is the last reason I'm going to do before asking a question. We all know that one main reason we started listening to music is because we liked the way it sounds. If we didn't like the way it sounded, then why would we listen to it. Well, that is one reason people love it so much.

0o0SatansEmoChild0o0 also said: "Plus it's a pleasure to the ears :)"

And when you are listening to it, don't you just become relaxed, well StarStruckk Is A Monstur!!! sure does. That was his reason for his love for music. He said, "To me it does relax me a lot. its like better than sex."

Okay, those were just a few of the reasons people said for why they love music. And like I said in the beginning, I have a question I want to ask you.

Why Do You Love Music?

Please comment to let me know what your love for music is. I really want to know.

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    Love it. I saw something recently before this that said "Music is what feelings sound like." And I was taken aback. It was so simple, but so true and profound. "Music is the voice of God."-Flea
    Music is one of those things that makes us human. We used our pattern-identifying skills to figure out that certain patterns of sounds made us feel certain ways, and after a few thousand years of research and development, the final culmination of all the millions of different patterns we've made in that spirit will be ready at last. I'm talking about the new Wintersun album. Serious answer: Actually, I don't. Music is great once in a while, but there's just too much of it. Before audio recording was invented, even the most clich, derivative song was special, because it was fleeting and ephemeral; you couldn't just capture it in a bottle and drink it later. Then we discovered that yeah, actually, you kind of can. Now it's 2013, and with affordable home recording technology and free internet publishing (and YouTube and Spotify and Pandora and all that other stuff), unsigned bands are practically throwing free music at you (I'm guilty of this too). And the worst part is that it's actually good . I'm trying to unplug from everything (getting Spotify Premium a few months ago was probably a bad idea), but I write music too, and you can't just turn off inspiration. Yeah, that's right. Bow down to your new king, hipsters. I'm so indie that music itself is too mainstream for me. Give me ALL the Pabst.
    Nero Galon
    Music can help bring people together, although on the other hand it causes a lot of arguments.
    Haha. You are so right. Whoever said that music brings people together never read the comment section of a UG Top 10 article.
    Nero Galon
    Haha yeah, as I was typing it I suddenly thought "Wait a minute, that can't be always be true" haha.
    I appreciate music for releasing emotion, yes, and also I find myself looking at an artists technique and ability, stage performance and personality, as an artist I look at them and reflect on my own traits, enjoying the process
    Kate Daniel
    Thank you guys for all of your comments and reasons, and everything else. Love reading what you guys have to say.
    Captions were okay, but is it so hard to pick the ones that have at least some kind of grammar and words written correctly. It's kind of hard to understand what the writer has wanted to say when you have to guess most of the words when English ain't your native language. (This was mostly due the meganator..)
    Music is a mind-buggering beast of anti-logic. Every theory as to why people listen to music is demonstratably wrong because the sheer nature of the inquiry is self-defeating. Music has no logic, that is the beauty of it, not just of music but of art in general, there is no logic that can be applied to it. You can apply logic to playing an instrument or mixing your paints, but what comes out when you put brush to canvas defies all logic, and if it were any other way, what interest could we truly find in it?
    i wouldn't say it is anti-logic...more like it exists apart from logic. in that when an audience enjoys it, logic is not necessarily a factor. i don't like treating music as such a mysterious thing though. it's just the engagement of one of our senses. everything we perceive is colored by our past experiences, and since all humans share similar experiences, music turns out to be some kind of universal language.
    I was just engaging in some poetic hyperbole Yeah I'd say you summed it up pretty well, although I'd like to think the element of mystery and intrigue factors into our experience of music, the curiosity that drives us to find new things and the explorative impulse that leaves us disatisfied with the familiar and predictable.
    Music is a reflection of culture that shows what people believed and cared about at a certain point in history.
    Music is the soul of an artist expressed in sound form. When a musician uses his or her instrument it's almost like its taking the essence of their soul and expressing it to the world. It's there for us to enjoy and love. May the beauty of music lead us through hard times.
    it's just a thing i like. under different circumstances i might like something else the most.
    I love it because i can relate literally anything to it and it also gives me many emotions and doesn't anyone enjoy playing their air instruments from time to time. I still remember once when i started to tie my shoes my mp3 played Frantic Dismbowelment by Cannibal Corpse and i would start air drumming or randomly hitting my shoes to the song lol good days. PS: I still do it
    Kate Daniel
    I always loved playing air instruments. One of my favorite things to do. haha.
    Why I love music? well.. sometimes im sad, and think that there is no way out anymore. And than only music can make me happyer! And than I grap my guitar and play for 2 hours straight. That's the only way out, it gives me power.. And maybe other people have the same with sport, or with other stuff.