Why To Hate The Music?

It seems that today's musicians/music lovers have succumbed to the believe that to truly enjoy one type of music, they have to hate all others.

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It's no astute obvservation of mine that music, to most people, can no longer be enjoyed for its own sake. If you merely take a glance at the average UG article nowadays, what will meet you is a torrent of "this genre sucks/rocks" and "that genre is dead/isn't dead." What I am about to write will inflame those of that mentality, as most likely they will be too close-minded to look past their own perceptions at the point I'm trying to make here.

One more not before I get started: my mention of the names of specific bands for this article is in no way meant to say that these are the only good bands for you, nor that you should even check them out. Mention of band names is merely to provide examples of certain points.

This, though not a word-for-word quote, summarizes my point very succinctly: "Most people miss out on great music because they try to define themselves by what they don't listen to, "--Mark Hoppus (I believe so, anyway). Now once again, just read and try to understand what it's saying, because I don't want to be attacked with a barrage of "Mark Hoppus/Blink-182 suck" comments.

My point is merely that there are people who are so concerned with being hardcore-[any genre] fans that they feel they must hurl death threats at those who like different music, both inside and outside UG forums. This is incredibly ignorant. To say that every genre but one is composed of phonies/sell-outs/whiners is laughable. I encounter this mostly with punk or metal fans. However, that's not to say I dislike punk or metal, because I love them both.

My next point is that even within particular genres, there is so much variation that it's hard to generalize them as "all bad" or "all good." A prime example of that is heavy metal. Black Sabbath, Led Zepplin, Van Halen, Iron Maiden, and Megadeth are all heavy metal bands, but none of them sound remotely the same. It is easily possible to like one without liking any of the others (this is of no consequence, but I love all the above bands). The same could be said of punk (how much do The Casualties sound like Rancid?) or of general purpose rock'n'roll (how much The Stones sound like Pink Floyd?). So to say one entire genre is the best or worst is an oversimplified, ridiculous statement.

Also I feel I must adress the idea that there is one exact right answer as to what type of music is good or bad. I think we all can agree that in the vast majority of cases, that is decided heavily by opinion. There is no one unanimously perfect band, so all we have is to weigh the strengths and weaknesses of bands according to our own tastes. Even Rap, distasteful and annoying though I think it is, does have a few songs I find entertaining (mostly Cypress Hill). In Country music I find absolutely nothing of worth. However, others do, and if it works for them, who am I to say that all country fans are stupid mother f***ers? Of course there are exceptions where bands or artists are merely crappy, mainly when it comes to someone else writing music for them to sing (a la Britney Spears) or issues of true selling out (for the best definition of actually selling out, consult the article by I think frigginjerk)

Finally, just for the sake of my own perverseness, let me add a list of my top ten favorite bands, just to get some outraged, "you're a bad person" style feedback. They're more in the order I thought of them than actual 1-10 order.

01. Pink Floyd - if you've ever watched and understood "The Wall" you'll see why, it's bloody brilliant. 02. Blink-182 - don't claim them to be good musicians, but it's good escapist music. 03. Van Halen - As a guitarist, there's really no way not to like them, in my opinion. 04. Led Zepplin - melodic heavy metal at its best. 05. The Rolling Stones - early rock'n'roll got no better. 06. Iron Maiden - purely for the sake of getting the pants rocked off me. 07. Rancid - my favorite punk band of all-time. 08. Midtown - a pop-punk band that's not childish or inane. 09. Alkaline Trio - some of the best lyricists today. 10. Metallica - for all their faults, they write good music.

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    This was alright and I see where you're coming from, but, at the end of the day, people will only like what they wanna like. I don't blame you one bit for liking any of those 10. Pink Floyd, Led Zep, Alkaline Trio etc. all good. To sum the point of this article up though: People have different tastes, don't just think that because a songs of a different genre to your favourite it'll be crap.
    Yeah I just got through reading the you know you're good for guitar article (I felt dumber for having read it). This was a nice change. Great article, 5/5.
    damm good article. even though i do generalize that pop "is composed of phonies/sell-outs/whiners ". I'm sorry but I can't follow your philosophy on that one. If I'm offending someone on this site (which i severely doubt it) I am sorry!
    very good article. i like the way you expressed people's opinions as a form of ignorance because thats what it is. i think people who like a type of music are afraid to like another type because of what people think. They follow the crowd....i think theres a word for that.....SELLOUT!. i love metal,punk,oldies,old rap...u name it.
    Good article man, even those who are against you have decent arguments or aren't being completely retarded on their responses. I like to look at everything from a guitarist standpoint. One of my best friends is a huge Metallica fan and I told him I really don't like their music, but I give major props to Kirk because the guy can pluck the strings. I'm not bashing them, I just don't like them, but then give credit where credit is due. That's just looking at it from a musician's standpoint.
    six string king
    when i saw the wall, there was a turd in my pants, and i was crying on the ground screamin for my daddy, but he wasn;t there. does ne body out there feel teh way i do?
    You made some good points and I agree with most of what you say - I don't like genres, I like songs.
    this is pretty amazing, really good points, but how can you say all country is worthless? what about lynrd skynrd? i give this article 4/5
    great article man, 10 out of 10. nice job on it. you also stated some very good points.
    Righteous article dude, rock on! And another thing, why the f*ck do people keep saying what bands should and shouldn't be on the list, its his opinion idiots, not some group consensus
    It's funny how we all agree with this guy but within a couple hours we're gonna be in some thread talking about how Metallica is better than Megadeth (or vice-versa) or how Slipknot sucks the cock. Good article though.
    peter hadad
    Wicked article i really enjoyed reading it and agreed with many of the points. 5 stars!
    Fantastic. 5 stars. It took WAAAAAY too long for someone to write an article like this. Like you said, hating one band from a particular genre doesn't mean you can't like another, and I've been in that situation before. Excellent work.
    finally, there is someone still open minded out there! nice article and yeah.. stop trying to put everything into one specific genre, everything has influences from all over and as long as it's the music you love then who cares
    Damicksta2k: Thank you!!! Point very well put across, I have experienced people who are so fanatical about one particular genre or music (hip hop in my personal case) that they point blank refused to accept that any other style of music could possibly be enjoyed, and I cannot tell you how ***ing aggrovated that makes me. Cheers for this man, keep it up!
    lol steve u wouldnt b referin to the girls would u? anyway 5 stars gr8 article so relevant wish all the little kids had the attention span to read it so they knew wot there doin isnt really big or clever... the only true comment from moi - h8rs suck
    fender rocker16
    nice article. it is so true. the style of music that someone writes/listens to has nothing to do with whether they are a good person or not. hopefully this article will correct all the steriotypical fags who like to bash people who are different than them (the nazis did that if i am not mistaken). some of the authors comments were hilarious too haha. nice job dude.
    johash: good article but led zep are what i always thot as classical rock
    not CLASSICAL...CLASSIC. as in of an earlier time period. But back to the article...much props. There is one genre, however, that I have never heard anyone blast (and this is not an invitation): reggae. You don't have to like it, but how can you hate it?
    im sure many people have called led zep heavy metal, but going by todays genre classifications, they are more rock and roll. their songs dont really much in common with the style of expression of metal music. annyways, i think this is a good article, cause what it basically reminds us of is that genre is not really important when you listen to music. its just a guideline for people to argue bout. take me for example...i love mettallica, finger eleven, alice in chains, dreamtheater(metal), but i also listen to the foo fighters, led zep, pearljam(rock) millencolin and ten foot pole(punk) and even stuff like lifehouse and the counting crows. now obviously mettalica and the counting crows are totaly opposite styles of music, but i can appreciate them both because they are them which work for me. so everyone who thinks that you cant like music because it isnt your genre, shut the f*** up!
    i quickly scan the article to see if anyone would do exactly what this guy was against and well the weren't any blatent cases so thats good
    FINALLY someone agress. U have to like all genres and appreiciate all sorts of genres because if you are a true music fan you would find that all genres are good. SOme are better than others and one more thing ZEPPLIN ISN"T METAL they are rock
    true, zeppelin arent metal. anyone who thinks so needs to actually listen to them.
    There's nothing wring with flaming individual bands, bands can be crap, its when people start on entire genres that they get really annoying.
    I am not a big Blink-182 fan, but Mark's comment was vey true, and to all those kids who worship Blink-182 and ONLY listen to them, well your God tells you to open up your musical tastes.
    Just to repeat... YES! lol I think all the flamers on boards are just 12 year olds to be honest...
    You have overcome the greatest of all tests for all ppl, knowing that one persons trash is anothers treasure in a manner of speaking of course. Excellent article.
    I'm a newbie here and you are the very first person who shows that they have enough brain cells to even type... I agree with you completely. I listen to anything from Evanescence to Exodus.
    Tim Woodrow
    Some very good points, I think were almost there - maybe one day some one will write somthing that doesn't take any abuse, it's just a dream, but we all have to dream or you'll go mad watch Nightmare on Elm street part three for the proof...
    well...i dont consider polka music...there...i said it...its my secret shame...i wish i could play accordian...
    what i dont understand is how people havent figured out that the cant tell someone else their own opinion. if you're like me, your sick of hearing everyone tell each other, oh, this sucks, its got shity whatever. go straight to hell, assrammer.music is about people expressing themselves, or usually starts that way. personally, i listen to everything. my list- blink 182 pantera or mettalica....cant decide anything with clapton in it outkast nofx led zepplin john mayer goo goo dolls linkin park by the by, your article was groozy, zone ya on the flip, and the groovy will just flow. dig?
    I think that this was one of the best article i ve read. I liked all the things u pointed out that closemind person who only listen to one band and think they are gods, should do. Its good to know that this world isn't all full of just ignornt simple mined people. keep up the good work and heres my list: 1 Blink 182 2 Nirvana 3 Smashing Pumpkins 4 Greenday 5 Mana 6 Jaguares or Caifaines 7 The cure 8 Coldplay 9 AFI 10 Yeah Yeahs
    my list: 1 Metallica 2 Nirvana 3 Guns N Roses 4 The Beatles 5 Blink 182 6 Black Sabbath 7 Ozzy Osbourne 8 Pink Floyd 9 Led Zeppelin 10 Audioslave and my question is: What was the point of this article?
    WOW I'm now on article 3 of the "cant sleep so I'll read UG colums" marathon, 57am. Almost ready to write my own! :oI just cant believe there are so many responses to this article and there are no "ur a f***ing dumb*** you f***ing f***er"...to generalize what most people say. BUT...people will like what they like, whether it is all one kind of music or everything. I personally like all kinds of music, country, metal, soft rock, punk, rap, etc. Sometimes I like everything from one band (Dashboard Confessional), sometimes I only like one song(Addicted by Enrique) People will listen to whatever makes them feel good, whatever helps them sleep at night, whatever communicates their feelings louder than they can. Most of the songs I like are for the rhythms they play, or the lyrics the band sings. Any rockin dancing rhythm is good where I'm concerned. Any song that can sing lyrics that touch me, the part of me that's hurting or happy, I love and listen to faithfully. Ha, I'm still amazed that there's no hate comments on here yet. I just had to say that again. Anyway, enough about me, props to whoever wrote this article, you should register yourself and write some more, I give this one a 5. Vogs
    This article rocks man... you summed up my feelings EXACTLY and made the point better than I could have... righteous!! your statement that just becuase you dont like a certain type of music doesnt mean that you have to attack the people who do... you are awesome! I personally cant stand rap or country, but I have several friends who love both. And do I hate these people? OF COURSE NOT!! I think that people just need to realize that its JUST music and that you cant stereotype people for liking a certain band or artist. whenever i find a way to rate this, I'm giving you 5 out of 5!!! ROCK ON!