Why You Should NOT Go to Music School

If you're considering music school, let me play devil's advocate and explain why I think that's a waste.

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Going to college for music seems to be a fairly common goal. In our culture, many of us are taught practically from birth that college is an essential step in our lives. Some equate a college degree to some mystical key, the only thing that can unlock the door to well-paying jobs. It makes sense for many of us, therefore, that if we accept college as essential, we would also like to attend in a field in which we already possess knowledge and skill. So, many musicians turn their sights toward places like Musician's Institute, Full Sail, or Berklee. I believe that this is a waste of time and a substantial amount of money. In the following video, I'll discuss several arguments for that viewpoint, including the idea that a "music degree" is actually something of a misnomer, as music is by nature incompatible with the entire paradigm constructed around college degrees.

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    Hm...UG, I posted this in "lessons." Why is it in "articles?" I apologize, guys - there are far too few words in this submission for it to be fairly considered an article.
    Very valid points in the video. Realistically, you can apply these points to most (if not all) liberal arts degrees. As much as I love music, it doesn't pay the bills. Hence, I'll stick with my studies of computer science.