You Are Not Only a Musician, You Are an Artist

It is one thing to know that you picked up a guitar at 13, then you started to learn your favorite band's songs and maybe you hooked up with a couple friends to jam. But actually, what did you just do there?

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You see, people take music very lightly. But it's a powerful mean of self-expression and world-alteration. When you were a prepubescent little boy (If you weren't, that's OK. But I hope you understand my general approach) you made a choice and picked up an instrument.

That incentive, that little push that you had when you wanted to learn, when you wanted to do. It's a very powerful thing.

Well, maybe people didn't like you at school, or maybe you just went along with everybody just fine. Maybe you just hung out with your friends all the time and you happened to practice your music every once in a while. You could have started to learn whichever song you'd like; something from the artist that made you pick an instrument. Maybe it was "Wonderwall," maybe it was something else; there's a huge array of things to learn in this amazing website we all have here at our free and limitless disposal (For that, I am so thankful, guys).

After a while, after learning some songs and having some ground, perhaps you realized "I could play this with another person." There it is again, that push, that thing that makes you go and do other things.

Here is where most people fail. This is where you have to meet with another guy, another dumb goof like you that maybe does not play any better than you. Or maybe he knows more than you do, or whatever. Maybe it's a guy with some drums, maybe it's a guy that has a rusty bass or even another guitar. You know who I'm talking about.

It happens, we cross sometimes. Now you play along with your friend, and you just play songs together. You're jamming.

But it's possible that you don't choose to find more people to play, more complex people just like yourself; it's hard to accommodate them into your own Universe, and that's fine. You can keep your guitar skills as a complete thing for you. You can grow and teach, and write and be a whole musician of sorts yourself. You can record your own material, your own lessons, your own songs. Or you can shelf it up and have your amazing shredding skills for show at family reunions or at a friend's wedding.


But if you get with people, if you go out there and jam... The result is incredible.

You move people, you can convince them to do something, something beautiful, to do some music. You can do it, you picked up that guitar at your first day. You managed to learn how to play a weird wood-box-thing with 6 strings (what the hell, who in their sane mind would learn this nonsense?!); why can't you do this?

Yes you can, but it's something big. Something bigger than anything you can imagine, greater than anything regular people can do with their lives. You can choose to live with whatever you got: a nice career or degree, a steady job to go to. But if you want to get more, if you want to have the world at your feet, to have a huge canvas for you to paint with whichever color you desire: you're an artist.

And music is just one of the best ways to express yourself. You can write songs, poems, do paintings. You can do it. All you have to do is IT. Go and do it, to have the initiative, the push, that hunger, to crave more of what makes you happy and what makes people around you happy. Because trust me, it will make you happy.

And who am I? I'm just another goof who picked up a guitar and went on from there, now I have a band and we're getting some places. Maybe in a couple years I'll have something cool to tell. Don't let me catch you staring at your iPhone screen, downloading some app, being a consumer rather than a creator. Or who knows, perhaps I'm just another failure waiting to happen.

But I just don't care, until now, music has just brought only happiness into my life, and I intend to go at it balls to the wall. And music is an amazing mean of self-expression. I can be me; my music is me, I am my music. People like my music and it makes them happy, so I become happier. It's just perfect. I want that for everyone, for all of you.

Well, you may think "Oh, but the music industry is garbage and stuff".

Then stand up and do something about it. Because you can.

It takes commitment, it takes responsibility and strength of mind to manage to accomplish something of that size. It can happen, it's all possible; it's hard and it's overwhelming. You just have to know where you stand, and where is your push, wherever it resides. It may be in your sorrows or in your joys, it may be in your past loves or in your old stories. You will somehow realize that it's all you.

Then, just play and the world will follow.

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    The best feeling is know that people like our music. Look to the face of Matt Bellamy at minute 3: 00. It can be the best sensation for a musician.
    Today I thought in finally write some music and now I saw ths touching text, all I have to say is thank you to give force.