You Didn't Expect This

An anonymous band in morphsuits successfully played an entire set in the heart of Bergen, Norway at around 17:15 PM on 20th July.

Ultimate Guitar

The clouds that had dominated the skies for days finally disappeared, and the sun was attracting people to the heart of Bergen.

As people layed down on the strips of grass around "Den Bl Sten", a white van stopped in front of it. The single most central part of Bergen was covered by a white van. Three persons wearing morphsuits came out of nowhere, and entered the white van. People were stopping to see what was going on, and before they knew it, a drumkit and several amplifiers were scattered around it. The microphones were in place, and there was sound.

The band didn't waste time, and just started playing. There were around thirty people watching before they had started, now there were about a hundred.

Some cheered, others left with hands on their ears.

When the song had finished, the vocalist and frontman talked about how the band had expected to be "plugged out" by the police before they had even finished. "Where is the police?"

The band played their second song, followed by more cheer. The frontman asked the audience whether or not they would like an encore. It apparently sounded like a yes to the band, and they played their final song.

When the song had finished, they thanked for themselves and responded to interviews and people asking for autographs. The ones not being interviewed packed.


Disclaimer: My info is provided from three sources:

- One: Witness, I was there. - Two: This reddit-post. - Three: Two norwegian articles.

This is also where I got my pictures.

This is my first article, have mercy.

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