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Combichrist: Making Monsters : Although sticking with a generally darker theme on Making Monsters, the new Combichrist album still offers fresh ideas within the industrial genre. [REVIEW]
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·   Get Your Body Beat
·   No Redemption
·   Blut Royal

Combichrist Chords & Tabs

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  ·   Blut Royal
Tracks: lead 2 (sawtooth) (x2), lead 8 (bass + lead), drums (x3)
Tab Pro
  ·   Blut Royal Guitar Pro
  ·   Follow The Trail Of Blood
Tracks: lead 2 (sawtooth) (x2), synth strings 1, lead 8 (bass + lead), synth drum, drums, melodic tom
Tab Pro
  ·   Follow The Trail Of Blood Guitar Pro
  ·   Get Your Body Beat Bass
  ·   No Redemption Tab
  ·   Scarred
Tracks: rock organ, synth bass 1 (x2), agogo, telephone ring, drums (x2), synth drum, applause
Tab Pro
  ·   Scarred Guitar Pro
  ·   The Evil In Me Chords
  ·   Throat Full Of Glass Bass