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Dirge Within Comment On Shockwave Festival 2012 : Dirge Within will embark on the high profile, Shockwave Festival 2012, this summer in support of their sophomore release, "There Will Be Blood." [NEWS]
Dirge Within: Force Fed Lies : Former Soil guitarist Shaun Glass got his start in death metal. He has retreated- in a good way- to his more metallic roots with Dirge Within, a Pantera-esque, mid-tempo metal band that grinds metalheads gears. [REVIEW]
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·   Forever The Martyr
·   Force Fed Lies
·   Last Goodbye

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  ·   Confession [ 3 ] Tab
  ·   Force Fed Lies Intro Tab
  ·   Forever The Martyr [ 5 ] Tab
  ·   Inhuman [ 4 ] Tab
  ·   Last Goodbye Intro Tab