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  ·   Amongst Evil Tab
  ·   Anomalous Tab
  ·   Approaching End Tab
  ·   At The Cost Of Death Tab
  ·   Better Revelation
Tracks: tuba, harpsichord, piccolo, acoustic guitar (nylon) (x2), drums, string ensemble 1, viola, fretless bass, oboe
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  ·   Better Revelation Guitar Pro
  ·   Bloodline Of The Royal Tab
  ·   Chamber Of Kings Tab
  ·   Crystalline Palace Tab
  ·   Gone With The Wind Tab
  ·   Our Memories Tab
  ·   Oxezats Lament
Tracks: acoustic guitar (steel) (x2), acoustic guitar (nylon), string ensemble 2, string ensemble 1, flute, acoustic grand piano (x5), drums, taiko drum, fretless bass, tuba (x3), pizzicato strings, vibraphone, choir aahs
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  ·   Oxezats Lament Guitar Pro
  ·   Part I Lure Divine Mercy Intro Tab
  ·   Rise My King Tab
  ·   Summoning Fire Tab
  ·   The Demon Rises Tab
  ·   The Will Of Embracement Tab
  ·   Timeless Ballad Tab
  ·   When Glass Shatters
Tracks: flute (x6), drums, choir aahs, synth brass 1 (x3), taiko drum, fretless bass, string ensemble 1, trombone (x3), acoustic guitar (nylon), string ensemble 2, reverse cymbal
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  ·   When Glass Shatters Guitar Pro
  ·   Wish Upon The Fountain Of Eternity Tab