12: Why Should You Wait for 'The Hunting Party?'

author: anton.averin1 date: 05/08/2014 category: artists' discussions

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12: Why Should You Wait for 'The Hunting Party?'
On June 17 the world will hear the sixth Linkin Park album. Titled "The Hunting Party," it is promised to "unleash the beast" and show the listeners the agressive, unapologetic and uncompromising side of the world-famous band.

So why should we wait for this album? I may be obvious as f--k here, but I promise to try bringing an awesome read.

There are 12 songs on the album, and there are 12 reasons in this list. And - this is strange, but true - not all of them are songs.

1) This is a new Linkin-Motherf--king-Park album!

The new Linkin Park release is always an event, more than that, it's the event, something you won't miss, even if you are a casual music listener. Remember their previous albums - "Hybrid Theory" was an open door for nu-metal, "Meteora" expanded the world of alternative rock and alternative metal, "Minutes to Midnight" showed their "f--k-off"-attitude to the genre changing fears, "A Thousand Suns" threw them into the world of Music with capital "M," opening the edges for everything new, and "Living Things" showed their ability to write strong and solid radio tunes. So why should "The Hunting Party" go different way? Of course, it will mark the new chapter in Linkin Park history, but where would it go?

2) "... we have to make the world write the article titled 'Everything but rock sucks now, and it's depressing.'"

This was the last line in Mike Shinoda's response to the P&P's article "Rock music sucks now, and it's depressing," which landmarks "The Hunting Party" origins. In this response Mike shares his thoughts on the current state of rock music, admitting that "rock became too herbivorous." He singled Vampire Weekend, Arcade Fire, Mumford & Sons and Foster the People as the perfect examples of that. Yes, those bands are good, especially Arcade Fire, who are one of the greatest bands nowadays, but listen, how can it even be called "rock?" And they are, more than that, they are the chart-topper among rock bands. Why?

Because there's no alternative. Listeners just became either too old for listening to raw agressive guitars and heavy tunes, or just smoothened their ears with eating a lot of Gotyes, Rihannas, Shakiras, Lordes and "le rock" bands like HAIM, London Grammar and Maroon 5.

So Mike called for the army of old school rock. With this record Linkin Park intend to bring the heaviness back to charts. This time old school rock should prove its right to wear the crown.

And now just imagine the album, which should prove that rock doesn't suck. Oh dear...

3) 4 in 1: guests

Could you imagine Linkin Park sharing their album with any artist (yes, I remember "Collision Course" and "Reanimation," but let's talk about the brand new material)? Have you ever wanted them to share the mic with Page Hamilton of Helmet? Did you ever dream about Daron Malakian (System of a Down) playing on Linkin Park song? Have you ever wanted to ask them to invite some of kicka-s-rappers to the mix, like Rakim? And just try to imagine the collaboration between Linkin Park and Tom Morello.

...... aaaaaaaaand all of those names are among "The Hunting Party" guests. If THIS POINT is not enough for you, you may read further.

Left to right: Page Hamilton, Rakim, Tom Morello, Daron Malakian

4) No producer.

That's it. The games are over, guys have grown up. They left Don Gilmore in the past, as well as Rick Rubin. Now that's time to go hard, and go themselves. The whole album is produced by the band with Mike Shinoda handling executive producer duties, and Brad Delson sitting in the chair of co-producer. The band got some help from Rob Cavallo, who gave his mastership to one of the tunes, "Wastelands," but the whole thing is their work this time. No additional views, no foreign experience. This is how Linkin Park see their sound and how they deliver the sound.

5) Andy Wallace at the mix.

Another name that will say nothing to the casual listener. But this is the world for music maniacs. This man produced the albums by Slayer, Sepultura and Bad Religion, and mixed a lot of greats and classics - "Reign in Blood," "Raising Hell," "Nevermind," "Toxicity," "Evil Empire," thousands of them! And now, he's mixing Linkin Park album again - after "Hybrid Theory" and "Meteora."

"The legend at the work," tweeted Mike with the pic (below). And, you know what? he's right.

6) "Polarising album."

Just like "A Thousand Suns" did back in 2010, this album is promised to be the Linkin Park fanbase's another apple of discord. They said, Linkin Park fans will either love or hate it, which, as for me, fits Linkin Park perfectly. Because the worse thing than having an album that's being hated by the whole fanbase, is to have an album that's being loved by the whole fanbase.

Besides, it may mean the same ideas of making the record, that were taken when "A Thousand Suns" was in the plans, which is also great.

7) "Hard for the casual listener."

No comments. Just know - they're taking all the accidential fans and f--king kick them out of their band train. All hail the core of Linkin Park!

8) The track titles.

Well, this IS the reason. What the titles like "Keys to the Kingdom," "War," "Rebellion," "Wastelands," "Mark the Graves," "Final Masquerade" and "A Line in the Sand" can tell you? How do you imagine those tracks? How do you hear "The Summoning?" What about "Drawbar?" Or "All for Nothing?"

As we see, like the already mentioned "A Thousand Suns," which included tracks like "The Catalyst," "The Messenger," "Wretches & Kings," "Robot Boy," "Jornada Del Muerto" and "When They Come for Me," just to name a few, those titles are kind of non-typical for Linkin Park.

Pushing boundaries again? Doubtless.

Oh, by the way, the tracklist:

1) Keys to the Kingdom
2) All for Nothing (feat. Page Hamilton)
3) Guilty All the Same (feat. Rakim)
4) The Summoning
5) War
6) Wastelands
7) Until It's Gone
8) Rebellion (feat. Daron Malakian)
9) Mark the Graves
10) Drawbar (feat. Tom Morello)
11) Final Masquerade
12) A Line in the Sand

9) The diversity.

Weren't you sure that "The Hunting Party" will be monotonous as the most metal albums? Because it won't be! No, sir, it's not about Linkin Park!

Just listen to "Guilty All the Same" and "Until It's Gone" - two songs released off the album so far - and realize that, despite the hardcoreness of the record it will also be really diversed and fun. Also, check out the description of those tracks, which were available for press pre-release listening sessions back in April - "Keys to the Kingdom," as they say, features "the fastest drums Linkin Park ever done," also called "a cousin to 'Victimized' (off 'Living Things' effort)," "All for Nothing" (featuring the guest spot from Page Hamilton) is full of Helmet vibe, while "Wastelands" will be an eargasm for Fort Minor fans. As for "Rebellion" ... what do you expect from the track with the title like that? The insanity, chaos and craziness? Well, you'll be granted, because it HAS insanity, chaos and craziness, as well as having Daron Malakian in the mix. It's also said that "Rebellion" will sound like first two System of a Down albums, while "Until It's Gone" was reviewed as "A Thousand Suns"-atmosphere track, with "Guilty All the Same" dubbed as Avenged Sevenfold-esque-vibed song.

Helmet, "Victimized," Avenged Sevenfold, Fort Minor, "A Thousand Suns" and System of a Down - isn't it great? And there're only six songs! The other six can be even cooler.

P.S. The very ending of the album version of "Until It's Gone" features the interlude, which is very awesome listen - reminded me of "Part of Me" hidden track.

10) The album structure.

Four of five Linkin Park albums had 11 songs and one instrumental track (we won't take "Foreword" seriously, guys), three of them were kind of "10 songs - instrumental - closing song." Looks like, "The Hunting Party" will break the tradition. As it was revealed earlier, "Final Masquerade," which stands on the usual place for the instrumental track, counts in 3:37, which makes it not instrumental track. It's also known that "Keys to the Kingdom" also won't be instrumental intro - bye-bye, "Minutes to Midnight."

As we can see on the picture above, "Drawbar" is the working title for its tracklist follower "Final Masquerade," which makes it being possible instrumental track, like "Tinfoil," "Living Things" instrumental, was originally the demo for its tracklist follower, "Powerless." But, as we see in the tracklist (above), "Drawbar" features Tom Morello.

Instrumental track with Morello? Whoa...

(I, personally, think that "The Summoning" will be the instrumental track. Who knows...)

11) "A prequel to 'Hybrid Theory.'"

This line gave all the fans, who are praying for new nu-metal songs from Linkin Park, jizzes in their pants. "This is the album we would write if we wouldn't write 'Hybrid Theory,'" said Brad Delson once. The band also revealed going back to the times they started creating music - exactly, to 1996, that time inspirations and bands, who made them grab guitars and start making music.

Really? Wait, you mean ... really? But ... this is more than Linkin Park album. This is the rebirth of the band! This statement proves that Linkin Park have finished the first cycle of their music writing and started it over again. This reason, I think, crosses the other reasons. 'Cause it's awesome!

12) This is their rawest and heaviest album yet.

And that's for real. "Guilty All the Same" is "in the middle of the tone of the album," while "Until It's Gone" is the softest song on the record. Just try imaging this heaviness.

Shinoda reveled saying to Delson, "What do you think the 15-year-old you would say to the present you if he would hear the music you're writing?" That's the point. "Just make music that would make the 15-year-old-version of you grab the f--king guitar and start playing," Mike said. And I think there will be a lot of BradDelsons all over the world who will grab guitar and start playing...

"The Hunting Party" will be released on June 17 worldwide.

Do you still have doubts you should wait for it?

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