Cage The Elephant Out Of The Cage

author: hiwaychild1 date: 12/01/2011 category: artists' discussions

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After Cage the Elephant's self-titled first album (released May 19th 2008 in US, June 23rd in UK), they brought their style hard onto the Indie Rock scene. They struck gold after they laid down "Ain't No Rest for the Wicked" which reached number 3 on the US rock/alternative charts. the song was also featured on the videogame "Badlands." There songs "Back Against the Wall" and critics hard-hitter "In One Ear" even hit the US rock/alternative chart at number 1. So we have all faced the facts. Cage the Elephant has definately made a name for themselves with only their first album. Which begs the question... "Did their second album live up to the true indie style of CTE?" let's go to the charts. peek positions on their deput album:
-US Charts.............59
-US Alternative........18
-US Rock...............23
-UK Charts.............38
-Hard Rock chart........6
-Heatseekers Albums.....1
-Top Catalog Albums.....1
-Independant Albums.....7
-Digital Albums........22
So far, they have sold over 375,000 copies. For an american underground band from the south, this band has done quite well for themselves. The fans seem to like that the band has a flowing energy coming from their album and live performances. Between their first and second album, Cage the Elephant began adding new material to their live acts. Their management wasn't happy about playing an abundance of new material constantly before any new albums were published, but that just goe swith the spirit of the band. At one point, they were playing all new songs in their live act, before they got a call from management that eneded their campaign of fun. Shultz's simply says that Cage the Elephant's process for making their new album meant that the band had to wait until it had exhausted all the possibilities from its first album to keep things fresh. Now for the Comparison of their new album. "Thank you, Happy Birthday" hit the shelves on Here are the stats for "Birthday":
-Billboard 200..........2
-Rock Albums............2
-Digital Albums.........2
-Independant Albums.....2
-Alternatuve Albums.....2
-Canadian Albums........7
The stats for their new album is definately impressive. With songs like "Shake Me Down" "Right Before My Eyes" and "Around My Head", they widened their horizon in the studio. In a music world, where time equals money, they had little of either to lay down their first album. Bassist Daniel Tichenor said in an interview with The Interface: "I think we wrote all the songs in about four months and recorded it all in ten days." This isnt normal practice for artists but they got it done and recieved a ton of positive feedback. Now that they had four years to spend on the next album (x12 more time) they were able to kick the charts all the way to the top. Cage The Elephant is working on a third studio album now and is planning on stopping the world yet again. however the their manager Cliff Burnstein warns that Cage is never just sitting around. They are always up on their feet. Even though the rawness of the first album and the perfection of the second album differ greatly, They never stopped doing what their good at. "Most of this is just a continuation of what they have been doing. At this point, the cycle never stops. They are not ever not doing anything." Thanks for the info
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