Chemistry, Talent And Commitment

author: City1985 date: 11/22/2011 category: artists' discussions

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Over the past 9 years I have been so committed to playing in a band, so much to the extent where I build my own practice room while in college and gathered load of bands to practice there to pay for itself whilst auditioning many musicians from around the area. Eventually I understood that as long as a musician is willing to work at his talent he could prove to be a diamond part of the band, so with a great success I found an excellent drummer, and a good bassist to start off (with me playing the guitar and singing). This went very well, we wrote and jammed songs which we will always remember. This got to the point where we started creating music ideas that required more than 3 members. We were flying full steam ahead until this. I was making guitar melodies that required me to sing over it and it got too hard for me to keep up with what i was writing. So then it was one or the other, sing or play guitar.... At this stage, the bassist stepped up and said he would sing... this solved the problem for the time being. Then after this, the band had parted for a while.. until I got a phone call off the (formerly known bassist changed to singer) saying he had a new bassist a second guitarist, and he needed a guitarist/backing singer. i.e. me I was thrilled and excited! So to get the ball rolling we started with a list of covers to play and original material to throw in. This got us really far! We played a lot of good venues and got a lot of response from various press including radio and celebrities, which all exclaimed we are an upcoming band with a good future. However all the way through this period I always had people in the audience come up to me after each show asking me why am I not the lead singer... ? oh dear.. This burned me up a bit but the answer to that was because of the way it happened to come about, but people exclaimed that the band was very good but the singer was just a bit weak (but got better)... Anyhow after a lot of success, cash, recordings and gigs all the bands egos had been firmly stroked. and from this point a new attitude started to arise... ...Band members would book and not turn up to gigs and not notify the rest of the band about it, they would have arguments with owners of venues over our lack of organisation. There was a clear mis-communication within what all the band was supposed to be doing at a certain time and commitments were never followed up. This ended up upsetting me a lot and so I decided to hold a meeting in order to try and align our goals and set rules that would prevent any outbreaks of mis-communication or mis-behaviour. In result of this meeting I found that the new bassist was very defensive about me stepping up the hold the meeting obnoxious with the way I conducted it but in result it eventually worked a treat. Now later down the line we decided to scrap our covers and finally play all of our original material. The problem I'm having now, is that we don't write no where near as good as we did before. In rehearsals I often sit quietly waiting on the bassist, the drummer and the second guitarist to be quiet from making a racket and the bassist would play some absolute... and yes this is the correct word for it... SHITE!!! he would slap his bass randomly loudly and annoyingly. The Second guitarist has slowly become a riff maker and the drummer is most certainly an excellent 'yes man' if you get my impression but he can play literally anything! The singer never does practice his singing but can help right music brilliantly. Now I feel am very committed to push things forward as so is the new singer, however I am finding every time I try to do things for the right the bassist is very objectionable of me doing anything and the rest of the band is unsporting of me just to avoid an argument. Its like I'm carrying every burden myself when in conflict. I have been committed to creating this in particular band for 4 years now. We have achieved a lot and still could probably do more. Its starting to get the point now, where as when I have an idea likewise for a song it gets thrown to aside by the bassist and no one will support me just to avoid an argument. However what ever the singer makes is amazing to the bassist and gets pushed forward. when I have an idea to record it gets thrown to aside and the band is again unsupported, when the singer has an idea to record it gets pushed forward??? and this re occurs with a lot of stuff and still happens now. There was even a song I wrote where I sang it as a guest appearance, you know to mix things up little. And it wasn't a bad song, I know this because it probed a lot of question as to why I'm not the singer in the band by the fans... after a few months we scrapped the song from our set list for obvious reasons of making the singer look bad, however the bassist mocks it as if it was a poor quality song (even though we often got people complimenting it) and the band strangely back him up now. Its like his opinion means more than the rest of us. This upset me quite a bit to consider i put some effort into making a song (something which the new bassist has not done to date) and then being laughed at for it... All my ideas, even though I know are right now get disregarded and passed off until with proof they are right... I know this sounds big headed of me to say but this is whats been happening since the reformation I feel like im being pushed out of the band I started... Please bear in mind the bassist is a very average bassist, can't play anything really inspirational or creative, and is very lacking in his ability to play. The second guitarist I'm very chuffed to bits with, hes come a long way and put a lot of effort in. The singer, does not practice with his singing or lyric writing, we find the drummer is a good writer of lyrics. IF THIS WAS YOUR BAND AND YOU WAS ME, WHAT WOULD YOU DO??
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