Destroy Louis

author: Trevor McCoy date: 05/13/2013 category: artists' discussions

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Destroy Louis
Destroy Louis started back in 2012 when Kramer Jensen and Aaron Balding (whose former band had just broken up) were looking for a vocalist to start a new band. As it happened Aaron worked with newly employed Lucas Elder who had just started learning how to scream a while back when he was unemployed. So Kramer and Aaron decided to invite him to join their band. After gaining and losing a few band members the current lineup stands at; Lucas Elder as vocalist, Kramer Jensen as guitarist, Randy Bekken as guitarist, Aaron Balding as drummer, Ray Budworth as bassist, and Trevor McCoy as keyboardist. Destroy Louis has a tight sound that resembles the likes of August Burns Red. Lucas though fairly new at screaming has a growl that will give bands in the big league a run for their money, and with Kramer's unique tapping technique and the addition of keys it is obvious that this young band has a bright future ahead of them. Currently Destroy Louis has one song out titled "I'm Alive" that was recorded at the Butcher Room Studio with Marco Mendoza. They also have two shows set up, their fist show as a band will be at the Live Room in Sumner Washington, June 22nd. Then not even a week later at El Corazon in Seattle Washington, June 28th with Says The Snake. Anyone interested in attending either event can get tickets by contacting Destroy Louis on their Facebook page.
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