Hare And The Hounds

author: solitarygirl date: 01/31/2013 category: artists' discussions

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Hare And The Hounds
While wandering amidst the indie labyrinth side of YouTube, I came across a song called "Restless Me" by a band I'd never heard of: Hare And The Hounds. I was kind of unsure how good it'd be since it didn't have a whole lot of views or likes. But about thirty seconds in... I realized I'd come across something amazing. I don't know much about the band. They're from the US, and they seem to have a bit of a following. By the quality of their music, you'd think they'd be right up there on the Alternative rock scene - but they aren't. I don't even think they're on iTunes yet. They do have an EP, I downloaded it from their website, but they're so unheard of it's almost funny. How can a band be so good and nobody knows about them? I guess because they're new. But come on! Somebody sign them a record deal and put them on a tour already! Merci beaucoup! I love their sound. It's Fleet Foxes/Arcade Fire/Band Of Horses, rolled into a decently original package. The lead singer has a great voice. You can tell their recordings aren't that professional, and the drums are just a tiny bit sloppy, but otherwise - it's hard to find fault here. Their EP is only four songs, (why not more, come on?!), but they're all very good. Especially "A Mirrored City" which I think is the number two track. There's what I'm pretty sure is a clarinet playing alongside the guitars and drums on that one. I love that. Whenever a so-called 'rock band' integrates unusual instruments into their songs. Arcade Fire does that, and so does mewithoutYou. These Hare And The Hounds people are special. It doesn't take long to realize - I recommend you go check out "Restless Me"... And then download the EP. It's free. The link's here. Anyway. I love finding new bands. And I think Hare And The Hounds has real potential. They could very well be the next Fleet Foxes.
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