Monkeys With Machetes

author: Colbay Simms date: 09/10/2013 category: artists' discussions

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Monkeys With Machetes
Monkeys With Machetes is a four-piece, experimental heavy rock band straight of the downtown Hamilton area. The three original members consist of Keith Terry-Anderson(lead guitar, vocals), Marcus Perry (drums), and founding member Colby Simms (rhythm guitar, lead vocals). (2010) High school friends turned band mate brothers. The three would go on to duke it out all over the Hamilton rock and metal club scene. It was later decided in the winter of 2011 that the band needed to expand its contrast. Expanding, from a 3 piece to a four with the addition of new bassist Bennett Scarrat and switching Keith Anderson to lead guitarist and additional vocalist. Spawning another, thicker, layer to what would then be known as the Monkeys With Machetes sound. (2012) With the birth of the new band name, the addition of a new player and the new dynamic. Monkeys With Machetes, went on to invade any and all shows. Playing gigs of all caliber, from the rock, punk and grunge scene, to deathcore and heavy metal. This would truly effect the MwM sound. The songs grew heavier. Lyrical content began to take a new turn, as Colby Simms became obsessed with writing about the philosophical, political, and metaphysical world. While Keith Anderson would keep the band grounded by providing his flare for blues, and metal styled lyrics. In the summer of 2012, Bennett Scarrat was unfortunately removed from the band. Due to complications with gathering for rehearsals and shows. But by a stoke of luck, through a mutual friend, Colby would meet MwM current bassist and back up vocalist Eric Baldry. Within days Eric Would be accepted into the brotherhood and would go on to play shows with the band. Monkeys with Machetes became more determined with the addition of Eric Baldry. Playing more and more venues by the month. After a gig at Toronto's Lee's Palace. Colby would meet record producer and co-owner of Porcelain Records. However, this was not fated for the band. After several meetings and laying demo work, the record producer would come to pass on the band. Morale was at a all time low. The band was reaching its two year mark and no record had been made. The means to make a record on their own we're repetitively dismissed. Several weeks had gone by since the abandonment of Porcelain Records when MwM would be contacted by Andrew Darby of B-Town Sound Records in Burlington. It wasn't long before the members of MwM and Darby had a instant rapport, and would sign to B-Town for their first EP (December 2012). August 29th 2013. A mile stone for Monkeys With Machetes. The release of their first works. An EP containing the embodiment of the early days of MwM. More their earlier work then the new, the band goes on that it is just a glimpse from where they started, to where they are now.
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