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author: headbang123 date: 09/12/2011 category: artists' discussions

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Hello, I'm, as my user name would state, headbang123. I'm not saying my real name seeing as I don't want some internet stalker climbing through my basement window. I don't know I'm paranoid. Anyways I'm trying this idea out that I call New Music Monday. Pretty much every Monday I'm creating a blog to introduce some of the new artists I get my hands on. I'll try to represent as many music tastes as I can. I have a broad taste in music (I just don't do death metal, sorry folks). But I'm a huge fan of alternitive rock and post hardcore (dispite all the bullshit that genre gets). But I'll throw in some metal or punk bands just keep reading and you'll find something you like I'm sure. Anyways some of these bands you might've heard of. If you like 'em cool. If you don't then yeah I don't need a comment page full of hate so thanks. Anyways I've found some Danish Punk, a "scene" band that proves just how underrated the genre really is and more, so stick around. Iceage: Ok this is sort of a DIY punk band from, of all places, Denmark. Denmark, in case you didn't know, has a pretty good music scene. But this new band I found called Iceage is one I can't stop listening too. They just released their debute album New Brigade. The best way to describe them is honest to God, DIY, club punk. They have this really cool echo to their sound and some very obscure guitar riffs with a strong rythym section. Now this band takes a little bit to really get into if you're new this type of music. When I first heard it I was like "Ummm...ok then" but they grow on you, big time. They're sort of bringing back the Minor Threat/Suicidal Tendencies sound. But they're Danish which makes it really cool and just hard to stop listening to. The only place besides itunes to hear them is myspace. They have several Facebook pages by fans. Best song: White Ruin For All Those Sleeping: This is a "scene" band that's beginning to make a name for themselves in the realms of Hot Topic based scremo. Ok yeah yeah I know this is genre has pretty much gone to hell and that most of you hate this shit. But before you go and refer to me as a "Hot Topic poster boy" or something give this a chance. If you're too tempted to leave your two cents about how terrible "scene" music is then just skip this section and save us the trouble. Ok? Now this band is one of the few bands with a high voiced singer who can go from verse to breakdown EFFECTIVELY. They have a great running through their songs and are certainly one of a kind. They keep it simple and maybe its like something you've heard before but its BETTER. Even if you think this genre is shit, you have to give them some credit for making an effective and energetic breakdown and a VERY catchy chorus. This band is kinda like a guilty pleasure for metalheads. You just can't not listen to it. They're on itunes, Facebook, and pretty much everything else. Best Song: I'm Not Dead Yet. A Tragic Fake: Well, I really don't know how to describe this band. They're deffinatly pop-punk. But they have a really edgy sound with some cool and energetic vocals. This trio just released their first EP and really aren't too known yet but that will change deffinetly. They bring a new face to pop punk. It's like a modern influence from Fall Out Boy or Panic! At The Disco. Don't be fooled though! They also have that side of their sound like Story Of The Year or Soason. Then they can create their own sound. For a trio they sound really powerful and effective. Despite the cheesy Linkin Park-ish intro to Shoving Forever Into Temporary this band is really something new and fresh. Of all these band I beg you to go look these guys up. They just got on itunes and have a Facebook and Myspace page. Maybe Twitter but I don't know. Best Song: Chariot Awaits Sainthood Reps: Last but not least. We have Sainthood Reps. They have sort of a similer sound to that of Brand New or Jimmy Eat World but much harder (think harder Brand New). Though most might disagree with this their choruses sort of reminds me of bands like the Beastie Boys and Rage Against The Machine, especially "Monoculture". I first saw an add for this band in Alternitive Press. Now usually I ignore these adds not wanting to be led into another Escape The Fate wanna be again. But I was very intrigued by the band name and the album cover art. Very curious I listened to the title track for their debute, Monoculture. I was blown away by how angry they sounded, yet catchy. If you like bands who can do hard songs like DIGNUS or Monoculture to mellow-ish melodic songs like Hunter then definatly check them out. They're on itunes and Facebook and probably Myspace. Best Song: DIGNUS Well yeah thats it. I'm just sorta trying this. I might do more depending on the reacrion I'll try to incorpetate some more metal next time.
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