New Music Monday 2

author: headbang123 date: 09/26/2011 category: artists' discussions

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Hello ladies and gents. Time for my spin on some of the new music that's been coming out. And I'm proofreading this time so no worries. Ok so yeah we've got a verity of bands. Most of them are on Fearless Records because they've been releasing lost of good music lately and honestly...they are one kick-ass label. They aren't like Victory where they just sign any five-man band with good looks and some instruments. They are actually a good label and every band they sign seems to be a standout in their genre. Be it pop punk, scremo, you name it! Every time I see a new Fearless band I just have to look them up. And there are a lot of new Fearless bands lately. And here are some of the best... Static Jacks: First up we have the Static Jacks. They've just released their debut, If You're Young and they're actually doing something new for a change and I like it. They have sort of that world influence to their sound along with a punk influence too. They sorta bring back that Hot Water Music/Against Me! sound. But with almost like a Sublime-ish sort of world/raggae influence. They have that beat that makes you wanna start taping your foot and nodding your head slightly. I mean lets face it as much as I love em, you don't get that on bands like Asking Alexandria or Avenged Sevenfold. They just seem sort of chill like they aren't writing angry songs about shit that pisses everyone off. They just...write. Although I'm into those angry, screaming songs about the music industry being dead as much as they next guy, this is a good break from that. To hear them: They're on Facebook and iTunes and probably everything else. Best Song: Mercy Hallelujah Chunk! No, Capetian Chunk!: Ok I know what you're thinking, weird name, the lettering in their name, cartoon cover art. Scene as hell right? Wrong. This band is a band from France and they are imitating the American sound and making it MUCH better. I didn't even know they were French until I read a small article about them in Alternative Press. Their sound is pretty much like Set Your Goals and those types of bands but with some scremo in there a little bit. Their singer has some CRAZY vocals to. He can sing his clean vocals really fast, add a touch of electronics (not too much though), and just make the band sound insane. I know this genre is getting way to many artists who don't know what the hell they're doing but these guys really do stand out. To hear them: Facebook, iTunes...the usual. Best Song: Captain Blood letlive. Ok raise your hand if you want some hard, raw music that ISN'T on Fearless. Ok yeah I thought so. Well here you go. letlive. are on Epitaph and are pretty much combining progressive, scremo, and scene-like music into one band. They've been a small part of the hardcore scene for awhile but they've REALLY broken through with their new album, Fake History. They have a really fast driving beat and a singer with a nasty high scream. They sound like the Refused and Godsmack trying to kill each other. It's just...awesome. They can go really hard and energetic in the verse but then come up with a very catchy chorus. Yeah most bands try to do this but how many do it effectively? letlive. do. They are really fun to listen to and just stand out from most hardcore bands I've heard lately. To hear them: Facebook and iTunes Best Song: Renegade '86 Anyways that's it. Stay tuned for more new bands, outspoken musical opinions, and more.
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