Paul Weller: Modfather

author: AlexisVG date: 06/13/2013 category: artists' discussions

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Paul Weller: Modfather
Old man Weller has always been giving knowledge for young new band, we could saw him with Noel Gallagher in the early 2000s doing few live collaboration with him and he also play few live tracks with Amy Winehouse. Known as a Mod icon, Weller helps promote Oasis' leader, Liam Gallagher own clothing line "Pretty Green" back in 2011. Weller's contribution for music in U.K. make him deserves the NME Godlike Genius prize in 2010. In 2012, Weller's touring member, Andy Crofts released "Fables Of History." This LP for his band, The Moons, includes track "Something Soon." On this pure mod tune, Weller gave his voice to enhance Crofts' lyrics. The Modfather also recently told NME that he's "just started getting excited" about indie bands again, due to the return of guitar music. When asked on a possible Jam's reunion, Weller said: "No way will The Jam have a reunion." Rumors says that he refuses millions of pounds because he didn't want to reform it. He justifies his decision by the load of new good band pushing it up. He said, "It's been shit for the last few years. But there's just a few bands I've heard who seem to be doing it for the right reasons." Weller went on to say, "I loved the Palma Violets single, and I keep hearing a load of different things that are turning me on." Couples of months later he was playing the Royal Albert Hall with Palma Violets as a first set for Teenage Cancer Trust. Weller also told NME when he heard teen 4-pieces band The Strypes: "I saw that band The Strypes recently and it was just, 'Wow'. The guitarist is fucking amazing. Really raised my game, that did." Later, he played Rough Trade 2013 with The Strypes joining him to play cover and Weller's songs. One of the latest collabs of Weller is a tune with former Last Shadow Puppets, Miles Kane on his new album "Don't Forget Who You Are" for loud track "You're Gonna Get It." Weller is taking the time to raised new artists he loves. Kane declares to NME: "It does exactly what it says on the tin. We did about four songs together and we're gonna record one more... It's a slowie and we're gonna try and do that as a live thing in [London's] Sarm Studios." Weller helping the kids may be a plus for all those young bands growing up and learning from the Godlike Genius. Weller's latest album "Sonik Kicks" is out since 19 march 2012 and beats at his release on UK Album Chart at number "Nothing But The Beat" by David Guetta, a little win for real music.
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