Problems In Small Bands Music

author: a2sas2in date: 03/11/2013 category: artists' discussions

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Problems In Small Bands Music
Recently I've been writing reviews on small bands (on the forums), and I've discovered some others and developed some thoughts on problems that are fairly common. I will try my best to explain them, and give ways to prevent them. Thanks in advance :) The first thing that I want to clear up is vocals. Alot of bands have god awful vocalists. Either get a new singer, or get ur singer some vocals lessons. Half of the bad singers aren't confident enough to sing and be proud about what they are doing, and the other half just flat out suck. Another is that they're not in sync when they play live. If a band is off ever so slightly it can ruin the best part of a song. The only remedy for that is to practice as a group frequently. Next, their recordings suck. If your going to get to be a big band, you can't have a sucky background tailing you when you get big, and how do you expect to get big with sucky recordings? Examples are timings (again), poor music theory, and just no groove. Sadly the only one of these that can be fixed is the first. The other two, you just have to can your current stuff and start over. Another thing is trying to be trend setters. Yes, you do need to be original, but that doesn't mean making your screams sound like orgasms, or your normal singing voice sound like ur sick (not like Andy Six and sounding nasally but sore throat kind of stuff). I've also heard some guitar parts that you wouldn't believe that people think their fans will like. Try to be unique, but let it come naturally. As you grow as a band your music will become more defined. Drums... Oh the drums... Please have them at least properly tuned to where they don't sound like poop. Yes, poop. Just pure fecal matter. They their toms sounding like diarrhea. Mushy diarrhea. Too far? Okay my bad Music theory is a must, and alot of bands don't have the slightest clue as to what it is. For these bands I have a message... Just give up. Just kidding, but do some research on music theory and apply what you discover. Just a quick summary of the things I've seen, hopefully it assisted you some. Thanks!
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