Rising Sleaze Bands

author: TomiiScarlett date: 04/17/2012 category: artists' discussions

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If you're like me, there's simply no alternative to sleaze/glam/hair metal. Unfortunately, most of those bands died out in the 90's with the introduction of grunge and other forms of music. One would be inclined to just accept that fact and listen to the same ole Motley Crue, Poison, Skid Row, etc. songs (not that there's anything wrong with that). Needing a change in sound, I began to look for more, newer sleaze bands, with limited luck. I am stubborn however, and through the course of several days, found a wide variety of underground bands, mostly hailing from Sweden. So, here's a guide of some of the best I could find! 1. Crashdiet: By far my favorite new sleaze band, these Swedish rockers have been shaking things up since the early 2000's. They have three albums to date (Rest in Sleaze, The Unattractive Revolution, and Generation Wild) and are currently recording a fourth, which is due to be released by the end of this year. Each album features a different singer, making this fourth album the first to feature the same singer twice. Despite the shaky vocal lineup (due to suicide and commitment issues), all albums are awesome in my opinion. http://crashdiet.org/ 2. Crazy Lixx: Another Swedish band, they rank up there with Crashdiet and Motley Crue in my list of favorites. They currently have two albums, Loud Minority and New Religion. They just finished recording a third, titled, "Riot Avenue," which is to be released on April 24th. The single off of this album, In the Night, has been released, as long as a teaser with rougly a minute and a half clips of three songs. Riot Avenue looks promising! http://crazylixx.com/ 3. Vains of Jenna: Yet ANOTHER Swedish band (seriously Sweden...don't stop). Vains of Jenna is a more blues rooted band, almost resembling Guns n' Roses or Great White to some degree. I got to see them live, in a tiny (and I do mean TINY) bar, and they put on possibly the most energetic show that I have seen. They have several albums, featuring the original singer Lizzy DeVine and their most recent singer, Jesse Forte. One of their albums was actually being produced by Bam Margera at one point. Unfortunatley, they broke up a few months ago, but their music is still worth looking into. http://www.myspace.com/vainsofjenna 4. Hardcore Superstar: Sweden strikes again. This band, with more punk elements in it, features the original guitar player from Crazy Lixx (Vic Zino). They too have several albums to date, progressively getting a heavier, more full sound. Also worth checking into. http://www.hardcoresuperstar.com/ 5. Reckless Love: Just when you thought Sweden couldn't get better, you hear this band. But then you find out that they're Finnish. Reckless Love is a more of a glam/pop metal band, with several VERY noticeable pop components in it. Their singer, H. Olliver Twisted, sang for Crashdiet after their original singer's suicide, appearing in The Unattractive Revolution. He left/got fired from Crashdiet to spend more time with Reckless Love. They currently have two albums I believe, the self titled "Reckless Love," and the recently released "Animal Attraction." http://recklesslove.com/ 6. Sister Sin: A female fronted band rooted in Sweden. Yes. Female fronted. Many people (including myself) can't grasp the concept of a female fronted sleaze band. I, admittedly, found myself hesitant to give it a shot. But wow, I'm sure glad I did, and I hope you will be too. http://www.sistersin.com/ 7. Shotgun Alley: We're gonna shake things up a bit and move to New Zealand. This band provides a new, heavy, and bluesy take on sleaze. They currently have a self titled debut album, which is full of promise. http://www.shotgunalleyrock.com/fr_home.cfm 8. Santa Cruz: I don't honestly know that much about this band. But there are two things that I do know: they're Finnish, and they rock. I don't know if its their Skid Row esque riffs or the powerful vocals, but I was hooked immediately. https://www.facebook.com/#!/santacruzband/info I hope that this article can help to expand your horizons and musical tastes. I know that these bands have helped to color my playlists!
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